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Violence is a Preventable Brain Disorder

By Jacob Devaney on Saturday January 24th, 2015
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Violence is a Preventable Brain Disorder

Think of a world without war, a world of social justice, a world of ecological sustainability.

Grille starts his talk at TEDX Pittwater. Robin Grille is a psychologist, author, educator and advocate for children who is not alone in his dream for a better world. For those interested, you will find that what he has to share is one of the most crucial keys to creating the future we aspire towards.

How do we unlock the peace code in the human brain and help it to find its’ full expression?

I had the pleasure of collaborating with Robin many years ago in promoting The Children’s Well-Being Manifesto, and his work continues to inspire great hope. For those in the UPLIFT community, the notion of creating a new story of healing is deeply entrenched and also backed by science as seen in the research of Bruce Lipton, PhD.


We literally have the ability to change the world we live in by addressing our core belief systems. This logic can be applied to our deeply held beliefs that human-beings are wired for violence, which the science of epigenetics refutes completely. Human behavior is much more a product of our environment and conditioning than it is dictated by genes. This points directly to child-rearing practices, and the ways that it affects the developing brain.

Harsh, punitive, and cold environments along with chronic stress cause the brain to release a neurotoxin known as cortisol. Cortisol literally destroys brain cells in the area of the brain connected to emotional regulation and impulse control causing the prefrontal lobes to atrophy. Whereas, loving supportive connection in a safe environment causes the brain to secrete oxytocin which developed these centers and cultivates the capacity for empathy, which is the neurological foundation for peace. The conclusion is that Violence is a Preventable Brain Disorder.

In his talk (below) Robin Grille also explores the fascinating historical and cultural roots of our story of violence along with a 7-step plan to re-write the code and create a peaceful planet where we are less violent to each other and towards our environment. In a recent uplift blog post titled, How to Stop the 6th Mass Extinction Bruce Lipton states:

…the realization that we can change the whole story right now. We don’t need to try to fight the old story. We simply need to walk outside the old story and build a new story. People will leave the old story when they see a new story working.  Every individual who changes their own story, is changing the vibrational environment within which we live.  We can have the spontaneous remission of the planet’s ills and we can change the environment by just changing who we are.

Clearly we are living in a potent time where science and spirituality give us the tools to change our ways of creating and interacting with the world around us. Please make some time in your day to watch this enlightening talk and share the inspiration with your networks. More importantly, make the effort to help that single-parent in your community and open your heart to embrace the children in your life with love, connection, support, and safety!

Robin Grille explains how our treatment of children can affect the fate of the world.

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Words By Jacob Devaney

Founder and director of Culture Collective, creative activist, musician, and producer.




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  • When people first hear that human war and violent crime can end, they are surprised – not surprisingly. There is protest. “Humans are born with violence inside them, just like every other animal” – that’s usually how it goes. And it seems perfectly reasonable. In fact, it is true. But…………the fact that all humans have violence potential is not the same as saying that war and crime are inevitable facts of life. The fact is that those two truths are incredibly separate. All healthy humans have the capacity for violent self-defense, or violent protection of their children. All can be provoked, in a state of emergency. But when this CAPACITY begins to perpetrate, when it becomes pathological, and even more: when it becomes ORGANIZED and calculated….that is, in no uncertain terms, symptomatic. Organized and premeditated violence is a symptom of brain damage, sometimes also epigenetic damage. And it is entirely preventable. The science behind this realization is dominant and mainstream today.

  • Kathe Gogolewski

    A quick comment to the author, Jacob Devaney: While I thank you for the wonderful and needed information in your article, I would like to make one point. I was a single mom and a very happy one. As a single mom, I networked with other single moms, who often expressed their own satisfaction about being moms, too. The point being that we, collectively, expressed a belief that we don’t fit the stereotype of the single mom having a difficult life. Life for all has its difficulties at times, but generally we all felt extremely blessed. I think it can be insulting to some single moms that are approached by well-meaning people who offer their sympathy without first checking to see if it is warranted. I understand the good intentions and appreciate it, yet I’m hoping to raise awareness just another notch. Thank you! Guess that wasn’t too quick!! 🙂


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