A Teen Scientist’s Invention to Help Wounds Heal

A Teen Scientist’s Invention to Help Wounds Heal

A 13-Year-Old Making a Huge Difference

Working out of her garage, Anushka Naiknaware designed a sensor that tracks wound healing, making her the youngest winner (at age 13) of the Google Science Fair. Her clever invention addresses the global challenge of chronic wounds, which don’t heal properly due to pre-existing conditions, like diabetes, and account for billions in medical costs world-wide. Anushka’s creative ‘smart bandage’ is embedded with tiny monitors that allow medical workers to ‘see’ whether a dressing needs changing without disturbing the wound.

The best part of designing the bandage for her was realizing that her invention could work in the real world:

That moment when you finally realise, wait, I’m a 13-year-old and I finally made something that can change the entire world—that was definitely, like, the best moment for me.

Here she explains how her  ‘smart bandage’ works, and how she’s sharing her story to inspire others to make a difference.


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