African Solutions for Ending Hunger

By UPLIFT on Monday May 22nd, 2017

Powerful Success Stories from Africa

In this podcast, we explore two African success stories of people working to end hunger. Rowlands Kaotcha from the Hunger Project in Malawi discusses the importance of mindset when tackling poverty and chronic hunger. Plus, we meet Chido Govera, an extraordinary young woman from Zimbabwe creating solutions for world hunger…with mushrooms.

These unlikely leaders are stepping forward and coming up with creative ways of resolving the problem of global hunger – solutions which work best when the people most affected are empowered. This empowerment can be done through: education, rights, putting women at the centre of decision-making, creating legal changes, giving people business skills, and more.

Rowlands Kaotcha says the wrong mindset (one where people feel helpless, give up, and then hand over the power to change their life) keeps people in difficult situations.

The right mindset views the hungry person as a primary resource for the end of hunger.

By empowering communities to resolve their own problems, and supporting them with the right skills and tools, hunger is slowly ending.

May 22nd 2017

About Our Guests:

Rowlands Kaotcha is the Country Director of The Hunger Project in Malawi.

Chido Govera is the Founder of the Future of Hope Foundation.


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