Alan Watts Breaks Down What’s Wrong with the World

Alan Watts Breaks Down What’s Wrong with the World

It's up to us to create unity, peace and love in the world

Nearly 50 years ago, philosopher and writer, Alan Watts, precisely analysed what’s wrong with the world, along with powerful and simple solutions for setting things right. His visionary predictions and foreshadowing of the future, including the manipulation of the food supply through high yield crops, is eerie and so very true, along with his precise wisdom for the survival of the human race.

Now, more than ever, at this time in our global evolution, we must listen to his powerful and poignant words, especially about how we can change our attitudes towards life and the planet. We must alter our thinking and start going in a new direction. A potent message which, if we heed it, will give us a chance to set things right and fulfil Alan Watts’ dream of unity, peace and love on earth.



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