Ancient Tibetan Murals Revealed for the First Time

Ancient Tibetan Murals Revealed for the First Time

Bringing 1000 Years of Sacred Art to Light

Tibetan mural masterpieces, some painted as long as 1000 years ago, have come to life in a wonderful new book revealing artistic works never seen by the public before.

The enormous publication gathers the most precious surviving murals of Tibetan Buddhist culture. For more than a decade, photographer Thomas Laird has compiled the world’s first archive of these artworks, some walls as wide as 10 meters, in life-size resolution. This publication, featuring both complete murals and copious details, immerses readers into these precious, extraordinary masterpieces.

The book displays the staggering beauty and detail of these gigantic works of art which are crumbling and could one day be lost forever. His Holiness the Dalai Lama has lent his support to the project and signed 900 copies of the book. Many murals, temples and precious religious artworks were destroyed during the Cultural Revolution and the systematic destruction of the Tibetan culture, so the book will help secure the preservation of this unique cultural treasure.



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