Anita Moorjani: The Power of Living Your Purpose

By UPLIFT on Thursday March 29th, 2018

Why Empathetic People Need to Embrace their Ego

When Anita Moorjani died she realised she’d been living her life all wrong. Taught from a young age to shun her ego and ambitions, it wasn’t until her near death experience that she finally learnt the importance of ego. Empathetic and sensitive people naturally shy away from ego and limelight, but Anita says they’re exactly the type of people that need to embrace the ego.

 When the sensitive amongst us, when the conscious among us, when the empathic among us are all afraid to take leadership positions, the leadership in our world gets taken by the foolish, the narcissistic.

She says there’s a crucial difference between embracing your ego and being egocentric. Egocentrics are only aware of their own ego and don’t consider the impact of they’re behaviour on anyone else around them. They’re only thinking about whether they’re getting what they want. But those who constantly question their ego are exactly the people who need to embrace it.

The fact that you are like that already means you are not egocentric, you are never going to be egocentric. Someone who is egocentric wouldn’t even ask the question.

March 29th 2018

About Our Guest:

Anita Moorjani is a New York Times best-selling author of the book Dying to be Me,  speaker, and intercultural consultant for multinational corporations.

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JK Callahan
JK Callahan

I love listening to Anita Moorjani and enjoyed this interview. Thank you.

Eva Irene Berg
Eva Irene Berg

Listening in from Norway. Thank you so very very much! Deep truth. Such love and care you both generate from what is being shared.
Gratitude from my heart. ??


Awesome thanks