Another Chance to Live on Earth (If Only for a While)      

By Dorothy Kolomeisky on Monday January 20th, 2020

The Moment I Started Truly Living

Do every act of your life as though it were the very last act of your life. – Marcus Aurelius 

Born just an hour before, my new baby boy slept soundly next to me in the hospital room when I got up to go to the bathroom. I had no idea that I would die and come back before I saw him again, and how that experience would transform me. 

The nurse held my elbow as we crossed the room, neither of us realizing my blood pressure was plummeting. Walking past the picture window I noticed the February night sky twinkling with stars, wisps of cold air seeping in through the glass. 

By the time we reached the bathroom, her distant chatter sounded soupy to my ears and the world felt like it was moving in slow motion. I tried to tell her but the words stuck in my mouth — my legs weak, gray splotches filled my vision. I remember my cheek brushing against her silky brown hair as I slid to the floor. 

Then everything went dark. The kind of dark where you can’t see your hand in front of your face, like passing out but without that sickening feeling in your stomach. 

Vaguely aware that the nurse had positioned me up against the corner of the bathtub, I could feel my head pressed between my knees. She was calling to me as if from across a valley. It was all swimmy, like the ocean, like surfing and suddenly being underwater. Yet even in the blackness I knew I wasn’t alone, and there was no fear. 

The Great Unravelling

By this time my Earthly identity disappeared: my name, my spouse, my life, my parents, even my children — all forgotten, something like waking from a dream.

“…”“…like waking from a dream.” Image: Johannes Plenio

Moving quickly from one density to another, out of heaviness and into a lighter atmosphere, I began to accelerate like a rocket leaving Earth’s orbit, the darkness giving way to light. And again, there was no fear. 

I began to travel through a brilliant tunnel that coursed with vibrant energy made of intricate webs of interwoven fibers glowing with life-force. Every particle, every tiny thread constructing the crystalline passageway was like a massive connected body. The sum of the body held the deepest sense of love. I breathed Love, it was like the air of this place. In and out, like a heart beating, breathing, all in impeccable order.  

I traveled towards an enormous white sun.

Everything permeated intelligence: the light, the tunnel, the darkness, the diamond grid crystalline geometric structures all around and within the tunnel. That intelligence had a sense of infinite wellbeing. A sense of the highest consciousness. Utter safety. The emptiness wasn’t void but wired like a massive, gently shifting, multifaceted matrix—responding, adjusting, and ever-expanding. 

God. Spirit. The Field. Universal intelligence. Prime Creative Energy. How do you name that which cannot be named? The feeling for me was that God was me and I was God. One unified being. No difference, no separation. Yet I had an energy signature, a distinctive expression of my own. 

Maybe hours passed, days, years, or just seconds. Time evaporated. 

I came to a threshold. 

A great Spirit stood with me, who smelled like summer rain and felt familiar. This Spirit had a form, like a regal person, a silhouette against the brightest light but without clear features. 

Meeting the Real Me

For the first time, I knew Who I Really Am. An extraordinary being, complete and perfect simply ‘as is’. Part of a thriving Universe of Love. I felt at equilibrium yet ecstatic. Satiated yet emerging. Rapturous yet grounded. A balance of polarities. 

“…”For the first time, I knew who I really was. Part of a thriving Universe of Love. Image: Justice Dodson

Telepathically we communed together. The language was full of images, colors, an orchestra of feelings simultaneously shared. The intimacy was indescribable— like having someone see directly into me with nothing to hide, and loving me completely, beyond judgment, seeing only that I’m perfect and whole. And I too could see into myself and into Spirit.

A flame within my heart center lit up, radiating magenta, now violet. It was burning and merged with the Great Spirit’s flame, too. Powerful passionate energy pulsed out from this shared heart flame between us in every direction in waves. Like being part of a rose gold sun, warmth filled everything. Wave after wave of pure energy poured through us, extending out to the edges of infinite space, like making love with our souls. 

This Great Spirit gave me something, a memory, like a holographic image animated within my crown. Then I recalled ‘myself’, my children, my life on Earth, and many other faces, known and unknown, lives I had touched and would touch, lives that had touched mine and would touch mine. I didn’t recall my own name, but I knew I wasn’t finished on my Earthly journey. 

Back to Life on Earth

Instantly I was moving back through the tunnel at high speed, returning.

I could hear someone calling from a trillion miles away, the voice getting ever closer. My name came back to me then. Like driving a motorcycle at 500 mph and slamming into a brick wall, all of a sudden I felt shocked back in my body. I opened my eyes, air forced itself into my lungs. Blaring lights hurt my head and the antiseptic hospital odor burned my nose. My skin felt icy cold and rubbery, unreal. 

I looked up at the nurse and saw her face wet with tears. She told me I’d gone out, no breath, no pulse. She held me to her chest. Stroking my hair, she said, “Thank God, I thought we’d lost you.”  

“…”My Earthly journey wasn’t finished. Image: Bruce Christianson

I wonder if it was her determination that pulled me back through the tunnel of light, as she called and called my name, pulling me back to Earth. 

Words didn’t come for a long time. Finally, she asked me if I could speak. I looked into her eyes and said, “I want to do that every day.”  

“Not on my shift!” she blurted out, wiping her tears away. She wrapped her arms more tightly around me and rocked back and forth as we sat huddled together on the cold gray tile in the middle of the night. 

I thought of the new baby sleeping in the other room. I thought of the great journey he had just taken to be with us. I thought of my daughter sleeping at home and her long curls that bounced when she skipped and the little songs she sang to our Golden Retriever when she dressed him up for tea parties. I thought of my family, my loved ones, my friends. 

Like liquid poured from a pitcher into a tall glass, I could feel my spirit coming back into my body. The shivering slowed. I moved my fingers and toes and looked around. My heart beat quickly in my chest. 

It felt like a miracle. 

Making Peace with Death

Since I came back, I have often imagined a world where everyone has slipped over to glimpse the other side of life, a world where each and every person knows beyond a doubt that they’re good enough just as they are — that they’re god-beings in human form. No exceptions. 

I imagine a world where Death isn’t feared, and the wrapping is torn off of the gift of life. 

I imagine that I may die again without warning, and not come back. 

“…”Death’s awareness helps me catch myself when I’m taking life too seriously. Image: Laurencia Soesanto

Death’s ever-present possibility can make me more willing to take risks, speak my truth, be more curious, and less resistant. When I’m lucky, Death’s awareness helps me catch myself when I’m taking life too seriously.   

Since then I’ve sat in the peaceful company of Palestinians and Israelis in the West Bank: repelled down a two-hundred-foot waterfall; gone skydiving; swam with dolphins; ziplined through the jungle; climbed mountains with my three children; learned to ride a horse without any gear; worked in prisons and met presidents … and so much more. 

You see, I probably would have done these things anyhow, but somehow I feel I appreciate them more knowing it may be the last time. 

And more importantly, the appreciation isn’t about the doing, it’s about the being

Being enlivened from moment to moment. Being present. Being with whoever I am with, whether it’s in a beautiful place with my favorite people, or standing in line at the store on a gray day. 

The magic of ordinary days aren’t lost on me as often since I died: the raspberry sky at sunset; the sound of my children’s laughter; the warm embrace of my beloved; the feel of the river’s water rushing against my skin in summer; the smell of fresh bread baking; the sound of a makeshift drum concert on a city corner … the list is endless …

I find that when I slow down to the speed of life, Life feels overflowing with connection and possibility. For me, each day is another chance to live on Earth, if only for a while, and I hope that each day I get a little closer to living as if I were dying.  


We would love to hear your thoughts and feelings after reading this piece. Have you had a similar experience? Does it give you comfort? Have you heard other stories like this? Have you ever felt as if ordinary days were magical? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below. We love sharing and exploring this wonderful life and death with you.

Much Love, 


Dorothy Kolomeisky is the director of the Bet Lev Foundation and a member of Team UPLIFT.

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63 Responses to Another Chance to Live on Earth (If Only for a While)      

  1. I feel like I walked it with you. I feel peace and gratitude for being on this earth. Thank you for sharing your journey i really felt the connection.

  2. My Dear Sister-Love in Spirit & in Truth, Dorothy Komomeisky, Peace to U & Urs!

    Ur own empowering, enlightening & expressing Ur experience of Love Divine in Urself & each & all of Us IS right on time, today, for me!

    I am a ‘daily revivor’, a ‘violated revivor’ from sexual assault in 2 seminary houses of studies, not ‘survivor’ per de, as well, as ‘revivor of esophageal cancer,’ now, 7-yrs, a lifetime in its own right of replacing not only all one’s cells but more so, living each day, every hour, moment to moment the miracle of which U de-Light-fully shine and share w/myself & all around U, in Ur cosmic conscientiousness.

    My own first miracle: seeing, hearing, living thru a plane w/6 others, the vision of veracity that we were not going to make it to the Ithaca, NY airport, came upon the Voice saying so; my saying silently the “Hail Mary”; before finishing the phrase, “Now, and at the hour (of our death); in that moment the engines coughed, all but one were still; mentally I said, “Silence!”; we went thru trees, skid on snow, turned in Time (Life) 6ft from 2 liquid propane tanks!

    [I hit another key & thought I lost all of this & after writing an email: HERE, I AM BACK ALIVE!]

    I’ll finish here for now, as finger fatigue has me a bit spent.

    I would welcome U & all at UPLIFT to keep sharing, shining & stilling oUr Light in whatever ways U cosmically can UPon, around & thru OUr One World!

    Today, U ARE an-Other Divine Soul Being Human to me, Dorothy: U ARE ONE-da-FULLY U: THANXXXOOO U from 6ft/2m away & then some, yet, like each & all of us, as I say, “As close to me as my Heart!”

    One Love: Me, U, Urs, Each & All of Us!

    Pastor Michael-Vincent Crea
    One World Life Systems

    “Serving One Love & Developing One World for the Common Good of Humanity”

  3. It was like reading an except from my own journal; a journal I kept following my own experience post cardiac arrest. Thank you. When you are alone in remembering an experience you sometimes feel as though it cannot be proven. Who, if not you, can lend words to convey what awaits; no better yet: what exists? I remember my journey though 2 years have past since. It’s as if it was stamped into memory. Cardiac arrest survivors call this day “A Rebirthday”
    Beautifully written!

    • Naydean, I never heard about the “rebirthday” (!!) — thanks for being here and for speaking about your own experiences.

  4. I thank you for the sharing of your experience. Been in a lot of health challenges. Was losing hope and saying life is not worth living. Just read your story completely by chance. It helps me looking at things more positively. Thank you so much for this

    • Hi Gladys, you’re welcome. I’m glad it helps you to look at things more positively. Me too! Reading other people’s inner reflections has been a life-changer for me at times.

  5. Thank you for this beautiful article. I read Anita Moirjani’s book Dying to Be Me which is her NDE, not dissimilar to yours and others here. It really resonated with me. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. I have a friend who passed away 2 days ago and her leaving was so peaceful and she had no fear and was excited about her transition. Thank you thank you thank you again for sharing. It’s filled my heart 💖

    • Hi Shauna, thank you too for being here! It looks to me like the most heartfelt communication doesn’t mean much if it’s not felt by another.

  6. Thank you for sharing your story Dorothy.
    My story isn’t so dramatic, yet I came away from the event, with a peace and calm that I still draw upon from time to time.
    I was a 14 year old boy and very foolish. I decided it would be adventurious to walk across a ‘dried out slurry lagoon near a brickworks. ( It’s what boys did back in the day)! I had almost reached the further bank when I started to sink into the slurry. My friends couldn’t reach me and for a while everything seemed to stand still. I was sinking deeper into the slurry and it was up to my chest, my arms had already disappeared into the sucking claylike slurry.
    Remember that I was only 14 years old…at that moment a great peace welled up within me, I looked around at the nearby tree cladded valley sides, everything seemed so vibrantly green. The birdsong was amazing and the daylight had such clarity, with the sun shining brightly overhead. A peace descended upon me and a thought arose which said, ‘Life has been good’ I felt joy in my heart, knowing somehow that I was ready and prepared to ‘move on’. It was an amazing feeling. I was ready for whatever came next! Suddenly my fingers touched a submerged branch that was still connected to the bank. I succeeded in pulling myself out of the slurry by heaving my body forward while cling tightly to the branch. Lying on the bank, covered in slime, it felt like an anti-climax to the almost ecstasy that I had been feeling just moments before. Many many years down the line (50)when things get tough and life brings it’s burdens, I still think about that day and it encourages me, that even during the darkest days, that there is still hope and that life doesn’t end but is continuous.

    • HI Reginald, it looks to me like your story is actually more dramatic than mine (at least I bet your mom would agree)! Something like the 14-year-old boy version of “leap and the net appears” comes to mind. And I totally relate to what you said: “Many many years down the line (50) when things get tough and life brings its burdens, I still think about that day and it encourages me, that even during the darkest days, that there is still hope and that life doesn’t end but is continuous.” Blessings.

  7. Nearly forty years ago, I met a man who said he had a Horatio Alger experience. He said he left the East Coast when he was in his early twenties. As with Alger, he had little money for the journey. He ultimately ended up in Los Angles. Conveniently, it was at the precise time when microelectronics were first starting to make their appearance but applied specifically to surgical equipment. He managed to secure a sales position with a new and emerging company producing such devices. In a relatively short period of time, he started generating significant sales numbers. In fact, they soon grew into millions of dollars.

    At some point, however, he took stock of where things stood. He realized that if he could stimulate that kind of robust sales for someone else, why not do it on his own? He soon quit and then started his own company. A few years later, he was literally swimming in success. He told us he owned several houses, was living an unimaginable lifestyle, and from all outer appearances had realized the American Dream.

    He went on to explain that with this added wealth, he’d also become an avid skier. The only problem with that, however, was that he was either a bit reckless or was a daredevil evidently taking on ski slopes beyond his skill level. Whatever the case, he had incurred multiple knee injuries requiring surgery. With that having been said, his knees had become exceptionally vulnerable as well as overly sensitive.

    One day, he was in Southern California fishing off a long pier. He said he reached down for something and seriously banged his damaged knee against the wood or metal railing. He said the pain was so severe that he lost his balance and fell off the pier. I can only assume that he was either a poor swimmer or immediately went into shock. Regardless, what came next was unexpected. Rather than drowning as a consequence, he said he was aware of being outside of his body. In fact, his conscious sense of awareness was above his body and was watching it floating in the water.

    In a matter of minutes, onlookers pulled his lifeless body out of the ocean. Paramedics soon arrived and began CPR. His body responded to a degree and a pulse was reestablished. But still, this man’s “spirit” did not reenter his body. Instead, he stayed above it and followed the ambulance to the hospital emergency room.

    Being that he was intimately involved with the medical side of things, he was a knowledgeable observer. He watched the procedures as well as knew the names of each attending doctor and nurse. I no longer recall how long his body lay comatose. It was long enough, however, for this man to take a careful assessment of his life (from a spirit perspective) up to that point. As is often the case with a near-death experience, a thorough life review is quite common.
    As might be expected, the doctors freaked out when this man regained consciousness. He called them each by their names as well as told them the medical procedures they’d employed to keep his body alive.

    But the important part of the story was this: he came to fully realize that the vast majority of people around him were there solely because of his wealth. They were his “friends” primarily due to what his money could provide for them. With that, he came to recognize that the only person who was faithfully there for him was his girlfriend.

    Once released from the hospital, his life took a radical turn. He sold all but one of his homes. He also sold his business. He then made the decision that he would give himself six months. He was going to travel the U.S. to see if he could find “real people.” His former entourage slipped away like a host of parasitical phantoms. Much like a contemporary version of the Greek philosopher Diogenes, this near-death survivor was ultimately searching for an honest man.

    In truth, what he was actually seeking was a sense of meaning beyond what defined worldly success. He had had it all but came up empty. What defined the common goal for many proved to be meaningless when seen from the perspective of his soul. He had lived what some might view as an enviable lifestyle. As a consequence of his experience, however, he knew there had to be more to life than making lots of money or living the life of the rich and famous.

    • Hi Estay, this line you wrote struck me: “What defined the common goal for many proved to be meaningless when seen from the perspective of his soul.” Thanks for being here and sharing.

  8. I’ve had 2 experiences similar to this.
    The first was on my 12th birthday when I slipped/flipped & did a face dive into concrete.
    I didn’t go through the tunnel, but coming out of the blackness/unconsciousness was very similar (with my friend’s screaming sounding so faint in the distance, but getting louder & louder).

    The “2nd” experience was in a semi-dream states (3 separate) during & right after a close friend (& coworker) died. I believe he was showing me – letting me experience what he was going through (in part to prove that we live on). Much of this was similar; beyond ability for humans to describe. After the pure nothingness/darkness (right at first – likely when he died; like nothing I have ever experienced before except after the accident when I was 12), then next: the unbelievable bright white (so blindingly bright, yet I could look at it), then the unearthly beautiful colors (more beautiful than any I’ve ever seen), then the infite love. The details of some of these experiences were later revealed to me described as in levels/planes in the book Astral Dynamics by Robert Bruce (which I told my friend I was reading right before he passed away; again proof to me that he lives on).

  9. Dorothy, Thank you for your beautiful story. It is such a gift to those of us who have never had such a wondrous experience. I will re-read from time to time so that I can remember your message. Much love,

  10. If this is death then I shall embrace it when my time come! But the beauty is that your article teaches us to savour life as well! ♥️♥️🙏🏻🙏🏻🕉🕉

  11. Thank you for this beautiful article. The words you wrote
    “This spirit had form, like a regal person, a silhouette against the brightest light.”, reminds me of an experience I had when my daughter Lily passed away in 2011 from cystic fibrosis.
    Ten years before Lily passed she began to experience more health challengers and as her Mum my heart would often break witnessing her struggle.
    One night during this time I had a dream that Lily had died or was going to die. As I was standing over her bed a woman (Hindu or indigenous) dressed in flowing veils of gold and orange came through the double door of her room. She was backlit by a very bright light and went and stood at the foot of Lily’s Bed. I was telling her what a blessing Lily was and how much we all loved her. The woman listened and telepathically told me she was Lily’s doctor.
    Ten years later when Lily died everything was as it was in the dream, the aspect of the room, the bed, the window, the double doors, silhouetted people and the words I was saying but a helium balloon flying high for two weeks tied to the foot of her bed deflated instantaneously just before she passed. Life is a mystery but I have never doubted Lily is being cared for.

    • Querida Judith,

      Eso toca mi corazón! Gracias por compartir. Hay una cita que me gustaría compartir contigo, del El Principito por Antoine De Saint-Exuprey, para mi lo dice todo:

      “Dijo el zorro–, He aquí mi secreto, que no puede ser más simple: sólo con el corazón se puede ver bien; lo esencial es invisible para los ojos.”

      Todo lo mejor del mundo para ti.

  12. I’ve always been fascinated by NDEs also. I have not had one of these, but I have had glimpses of what it sounds like you are describing via some of my dreams. I’ve seen beautiful colors and had the sense of traveling through a different kind of realm or reality. I feel light and nimble as I travel through whatever this time/space continuum might be. In addition to colors, I’ve also had flashes of what seem like religious icons. I’ve only disclosed this information to two people over the years—one was a trusted pastor and the other was a faculty member and teacher of spiritual formation and direction. Neither of these individuals doubted that these dreams were perhaps “real experiences” of a spiritual nature. The experiences feel affirming to me and I am a deep believer in the Holy Trinity, and I do sense a connection and deep awe of Mary, mother of Jesus. Thank you for sharing your story. It is exciting and inspiring.

    • Hi Claire, what an honor to hear about what you experienced, especially given that it sounds like you’ve kept it quite close to your heart up until now. I also don’t doubt that your experiences were, as you said, real and of a spiritual nature. It makes me think of that wonderful line from Shakespeare’s Hamlet, “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” Thanks for telling about the colors, and your feeling of lightness, and how it’s touched your life. What a gift for us to share so honestly.

    • Back in 1982, after night of drinking heavily and using cocaine, I took a friend home. After dropping him off I drove through early morning not knowing where I was. My only guess what happened next was the cocaine wore off the alcohol took over and I passed out, running a stop sign I skidded across the highway and rolled my car down a hill into the field. I was ejected out the sun roof with sustaining a massive head injury. I was told later that a nurse living in a house near the field heard the crash and called the ambulance. My mom had passed away one month to the day of my accident and to this day I believe my mom was my guardian angel that perhaps alerted the nurse that there was an accident. I can’t remember there being a N.D.E. however I had an awakening to a beautiful spiritual path that leads me to believe indeed there was a N.D.E. !!! I have been praying for a vision of a possible N.D.E. and a brief reunion with my beloved mother !!!

      • Hi Clint, it sounds like you were (literally) flung onto your spiritual path… the human being’s innate capacity for wellbeing and resilience is amazing! Even superhuman (or maybe that is human?). I loved reading what you wrote and about your love for your mother. Holding your vision of reunion with you. Really glad you’re here.

  13. Beautiful! I had an out-of-body when I was just 20 years old. It left me with a profound belief in Spirit and survival of bodily death. Since then, I have been a nurse for 47 years caring for the wounded and hurt.

    • Hi Judith, just yesterday I was in the ICU with a beloved relative. The nurse came in and began to speak about her own life experiences and how she went through healing and challenges. It lifted the heart of my loved one in a way that nothing else could, creating a beautiful connection with all of us– and the nurse kept saying that she was worried she was being unprofessional! I’m grateful to people like you who are dedicated to supporting others as they go through the recovery of body and soul. So glad you’re here.

  14. This is by far the most beautiful story/experience I have ever read from anyone. It does give me comfort and I feel like I know that yes, this is how it really must feel like…It just feels familiar somehow. Thank you for giving me/us the privilege to read it.

    • 🙏🏼 Your story of the experience is a blessing. It describes my vision of the other side. After 50 years of nursing and hospice work, this best describes what I firmly believe to be awaiting all spirits.

      A lady I cared for in the late 1970s came into my dreams across town and showed me amazing compassion and grace as she was dying in hospital 5 miles away at 430 am on a Sunday morning. She blessed my soul with sharing just the beginning of her transition. Rose had been transfigured into her original radian spirit and talked with me briefly just before crossing from this place to our stardust and spirit home.

      To attend or visit the soul in transition takes my words away.

      Blessings and peace be with all ~ 🕉

  15. I am healing from a 3.5 year journey with cancer and now have this time in the morning to ‘cleanse my colon’ which affords me a new and unusual time to spend with myself and see what shows up each morning. This morning I was drawn to your story and pulled right into it. So beautifully written and captivating. I was just in the hospital for 3 weeks from a big operation and I consciously gave my life to the Great Spirit, letting go into whatever will be will be. Through a lot of difficult physical challenges, I am still here, openly unconditionally loving this life of mine and accepting that all of these experiences are here for my soul to continue evolving. I mentally don’t understand a lot of it, however I do know in my heart that this is a Path that I had agreed to and it’s my responsibility to fully step into my soul expression in this life with trust and faith that I am supported by something much larger and more loving than my mind can ever imagine. I love your story so well written that reading it disarms any bits of fear that may be lingering around dying. I feel empowered to keep stepping up into the Light and follow where the stars have lit the way for me. Thank you for sharing a deeply personal experience 🙏♥️

    • Leslie, you’re welcome… your sharing touched my heart, it sounds like you’ve been through so much. And I love what you said: “I feel empowered to keep stepping up into the Light and follow where the stars have lit the way for me.” Much love to you!

  16. Thank you for your so eloquently written NDE experience. I know someone I must share this with as soon as possible. Sadly, he is experiencing a very serious health crisis. I hope that it will give him some hope, piece of mind and comfort in the coming days as he must make some important decisions regarding his life. I am grateful that you took the time to write about your NDE and to share it with the public on this platform. Wishing you continued good health, happiness, peace, love and prosperity.

    • Dear Joan, all the best to you and your friend as you walk together. Hoping for the most benevolent outcome for him, and for love and joy along the way every day. And thank you so much for the blessings– I receive them gratefully.

  17. I completely understand Irana’s fear of the medical profession. Dying doesn’t scare me … hope that doesn’t sound brash … but the path to dying is certainly a worrisome concern. At 86 years, I’ve had way too many painful, degrading, and sometimes harmful experiences at the hands of conventional medicine. If anyone out there knows the secret to dying peacefully in your sleep, please shout it to the heavens so we can all benefit!

    Dorothy, your writing is exquisitely beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing your experience with all of us.

    • Hi Patti, I love what you said about not being afraid to die and your desire to transition peacefully in your sleep. Please do post here if you find out! I’d love to know, too. All the very best to you.

  18. Thank you. We are truly All One with God. The more we share, the more we connect.💙 My NDE was after the birth of my 2nd daughter. But strangely, a week later. I almost bled to death, entered the void during the C-section. When I left the hospital. I saw auras around everyone and plants and trees. At day 7 I was awake, lying in bed smelling the coffee….when the room vegan to fill with bright white light…..it got brighter and I started to get afraid.
    But at that moment a robed being appeared in the light….the instant I saw Him I felt all peace and unconditional Love……then he said to me, “don’t worry Paula, I will always take care of both of you!”
    (My baby girl was lying next to me in bed). Then a bolt of electric energy hit me in the heart, then shot down my arms and legs and I jumped up from bed and He was gone. I had not been asleep, but rather in a slightly altered state. It felt as if the Being was Jesus. I have always spoken with him, both in prayer and awake….it seemed like Him. Obviously, this changed my life and put me on a path toward communion with All That Is.
    Love to all who read this. 💙💙💙💙

    • Hi Paula, your experience sounds absolutely amazing– and all of that with a new baby, too. I read and re-read it several times. When you wrote in vivid details about what you saw, and felt and the energy I felt like I was right there with you. What if we could all internalize that voice you heard, of unconditional love, saying, “Don’t worry, I will always take care of (both of) you”? What if we all knew, beyond doubt, that we are and always will be cared for? Powerful. Life transforming. A thousand thank yous for sharing this with us here. Blessings!

  19. Thank you, Dorothy, for writing your story. I will remember it. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have an exchange between people who have had this type of experience? There was a comment here about Anita Moorjani and I did listen to her speak about her experience on Dr. Laura Berman’s podcast. It was similar to your feeling of love. I was searching for answers in my mid-twenties and prayed very thoughtfully to feel connected to God. I recall feeling heard, as colors became more vivid to me and my body felt flushed with warmth. I don’t know if it was wishful thinking or connecting to a different dimension but I did feel a sharp distinction between the secular world and the one that I was experiencing. It didn’t last long, unfortunately, though I try to remember it when I feel disheartened.

    • Hi Jamie, you’re welcome! When I read about your prayer to feel more connected to God I felt you. It feels like so many of us are jumping into this conversation and confirming what we have experienced in our own unique ways. I also have that sense of “colors becoming more vivid to me and my body feeling flushed with warmth,” often when I meditate. It’s like seeing with my mind’s eye in the highest definition that is way beyond what my physical eyes see. I always wondered about that “seeing.” The only distinction that comes to mind is “seeing beyond” or “inner vision.” I wonder what you feel. Thanks for being here and joining in.

  20. I loved reading your beautiful story and the connection to mother, birth and all of the mothers who die and have died with child birth and your exquisite heavenly journey and how perhaps everyone knows all of these things and just need to be reminded of them. I haven’t read many near death experiences but all of this IS so familiar. That knowing. That there really is only love. You have articulated beautifully something beyond words. X

    • Thank you, Kymba, for your words about mothers and babies and birth. I hadn’t thought of that! I love what you said that it is all so familiar and that there really is only Love. All the best to you.

  21. A wonderful experience , thank you for the telling of it. On April 23, 2018 I suffered a cardiac arrest. 7 times they brought me back. Some wonderful soul stayed with me in the hospital room no one else could see. He was so reassuring!
    I now know for sure how nothing is by chance and love and God are one and the same.

    • Ed, I had to read this over again– that’s incredible that they brought you back 7 times– You must be part cat! I love that you say, “nothing is by chance.” It’s so reassuring to read your words, and to know we’re all in this beautiful life and after-life-on-Earth as One. I often go back to this in my heart when my mind is overwhelmed. Thanks!

  22. Beautifully expressed. Thank you for telling us your story. Others such as Eben Alexander and Anita Moorjani tell of their experiences that resonate with yours. I feel aware of soul energy’s embrace. I trust the deep love that permeates
    our lives, heart beats, and carries us through varied experiences. There is much to appreciate as a being who is in Earth School yet grows in awareness and resonates more and more with an understanding that our journeys inevitably lead us to embracing and being embraced by hidden but deeply personal yet universal love and care.

    • Oh, I love the way you expressed this, like you’re reading my heart. It’s funny you call it “Earth School”, I call my body my “Earth Suit.” Thanks, Mara, and I’m curious if you write and if so if you would be willing to post links here? I’d be interested in reading your work. All the very best to you.

  23. I have been reading about near-death experiences for many years. I always wished I had one, on the other hand, I’ve realized that I don’t need one as long as I believe in the Universal Force that loves us and has some mysterious reason for letting us live out our dramas. I’ve had many other experiences that tell me there is a God (generic name).
    I believe we are here to learn. It’s just one phase of the learning process. I have a feeling deep inside we agreed to do this ‘life’ at some point prior to our birth. We have always existed in some form or another because God has always existed. I’m not religious but religious texts do have nuggets of wisdom. Somewhere in the Bible, it tells us not to try to comprehend the incomprehensible (aka God).
    Thank you Dorothy for sharing your wonderful experience. You have shared something most people don’t believe in, that shows courage. Warmest wishes,

    • Hi Irene, first, you’re welcome. It took me a long time to get to the point of being open to writing about this ND experience– it was when I passed through the personal (it was such a remarkable experience I didn’t want to put it up for intellectual discussion) and into the knowing that we are all One (and yet so unique and that perhaps it would be helpful for someone to read about). What you wrote about not trying to comprehend the incomprehensible totally resonates… words seem so limited in trying to explain the infinite and Love. I wonder if you have had experiences that feel like that– so profound you want to tell everyone, and so indescribable you’re not sure how?

  24. Oh how lucky you are. I live with anxiety every day. I fear life and I fear death. Not because I have no faith in God but because I am terrified of hospitals, doctors, dentists. Anything medical. It has been this way forever with my Mother before me also with the fear. I am nearly eighty years old in quite good health physically but mentally I stagger from day to day. I sleep badly and wake badly to feelings of guilt that I am luckier than many other people but still feeling sorry for myself. I long to go to my maker, to stop thinking, to stop worrying but I also fear what will happen to me first. What happened to you sounds so wonderful and I know I wouldn’t have wanted to come back. I believe that we have many lives but I would really be so pleased if someone could say to me that I could stay with my maker and not have to return to this world of misery and fear.You are blessed.

    • Dearest Irana
      Blessings and love to you .. it is my prayer that you know peace.
      You are blessed. You are blessed. You are blessed.

      • Irana, I feel so much courage and honesty when I read your words. Thank you for being here with us. When I was having a very difficult time, I read some of Tosha Silver’s work, I’m not sure if that’s right for you, but I’ll share this one prayer that has helped lift me back up many times (from It’s Not Your Money, pg. 85, Hay House):

        Change me into one who can fully love, forgive and accept myself so I may carry Your light without restriction. Let everything that needs to go, go. Let everything that needs to come, come. I am utterly Your own.

        So much love and many blessings to you on your journey.

  25. Thank you for sharing your beautiful story. You said it all at the end of your story, when you said, “I hope that each day I get a little closer to living as if I were dying.”

    • Hi Ed, I was just laughing about this with a friend today as he said it was the title of a Country Western song… and if only I can keep this knowing close to my heart (that in a way I am dying), people and places look so beautiful to me. It’s a lens to look at Life through which can show me possibilities that I otherwise may miss. Take care!

  26. I love reading about Near Death Experiences! Thank you so much to Dorothy and Uplift for sharing her story. Very inspiring and heart-opening. Many blessings!

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