I Promise Asking a Woman for Permission Isn’t Lame

By Dave Booda on Thursday January 12th, 2017

A Lack of Objection Doesn't Imply Consent

Six years ago a woman accused me of rape.

Here’s the story. I met a woman in Houston while on tour as a musician. We exchanged numbers and when I came back to town a few years later, I looked her up. We met for food, then went back to her place and decided to have sex.

Actually, I assume we decided to have sex because clothes were coming off and body parts were being pushed together, but there were never any words exchanged, nor enthusiastic consent or verbal confirmation that we both wanted to have sex. I simply made a move, and she didn’t say no.

I leaned in for a kiss, she didn’t say no.
I put my hands on her breasts, she didn’t say no.
I reached down her pants, she didn’t say no.

Man undressing woman“I simply made a move, and she didn’t say no.”

“You Raped Me”

I went through the motions, all the way up to, and through, intercourse and she didn’t say no, so I assumed she was enjoying herself and everything was good. Then after sex was over (it didn’t take long), she turned to me and said the three words no decent man ever wants to hear.

You raped me.

I was stunned. It was like she told me “you have a carrot growing out of your forehead”. I was very clear I didn’t have a carrot growing out of my forehead, and I was equally as clear I didn’t rape her, at least according to my definition (I’ll talk about that later).

Thankfully, what I decided to do next was more helpful than my previous decision to have sex. I stuck around and listened. On the surface, I wanted to help her feel better, but the reality was I felt scared and I needed reassurance that I wasn’t a bad guy.

NO girlMost women fear that saying “no” could lead to violence.

What Went Wrong

I didn’t defend myself, mostly because I was still in shock that I could even be capable of such a thing. I knew I screwed something up, but I also knew that I had no intention of hurting her, so I stayed and listened, desperately trying to demonstrate that I wasn’t the guy she thought I was.

Six hours later and me making a few runs to the local convenience store for cigarettes and snacks, we seemed to be at peace with everything (or maybe we just gave up trying). The sun was coming up and we parted ways. Although I still felt confused, I felt I had communicated that I genuinely cared about her, which at that point was all I could hope for.

I wish I could say I immediately turned things around, but the truth was I had no idea what I did wrong. I thought that because she didn’t say no, I did my job, but I was wrong. I realized that to understand consent and permission I didn’t just need to get an unequivocal “yes”, but I also needed to understand a woman’s experience, and when yes really means yes.

Man listening to womanClear communication is vital for any kind of intimacy.

When Yes Doesn’t Mean Yes

The more I talked to women about their experience, the more I realized it wasn’t at all like mine. I rarely feel unsafe. When I leave a bar at two in the morning, I’m mostly thinking about where I can find an all-night taco shop, not “will I get assaulted on the way to my car”.

I’ve never said no to someone and been afraid they would become violent. I’ve never walked through a crowded bar and been afraid someone will grope me.

When I began to understand this, it changed the way I talked to women about sex. I wanted them to understand that my standard of “yes” was no longer “I’m ok with this” as it was in the past, but nothing short of a 100% enthusiastic, full-body yes.

I was also clear that I would celebrate their “no” if that was true for them.

Women live with the threat of sexual harassment.Women live with the threat of sexual harassment.

A Woman’s Experience

“No” was just as valuable to me as “yes”, because the goal wasn’t to move things forward sexually, it was to create an environment where we felt both the freedom to speak into what we wanted and the patience to discover what that was. Using our voices to communicate was the foundation on which anything we did together was built, and if that wasn’t there, nothing was possible.

A funny thing started happening after I communicated this to women. I would hear things like:

“I’ve never had anyone actually care about what I wanted.”
“So you mean I can tell you what I want and you’ll listen?!”
“I wish more men communicated like this.”
“What a relief, thank you.”

The more I talked to women about permission and consent, the more I saw how rare it was, even for “good” men or “conscious” men to show this kind of concern over a woman’s experience. Often I would talk to women for hours before we had sex, because I refused to move forward if there was even the slightest doubt about it being a true “yes”.

Emotional intimacy.Emotional intimacy means truly connecting with one another.

Making it Better

The more I stressed the importance of communication with romantic partners, the better my experiences became. The more I slowed down our interaction and brought awareness to speaking our desires, the hotter we would get for each other.

I started having experiences that were incredibly fulfilling both sexually and emotionally. Women would tell their friends about me. One even joked about starting a yelp page and writing me a 5-star review.

The more I stressed the importance of communication with romantic partners, the better my experiences became.

I don’t say this to make myself look good, I say it because I’m desperately trying to help men understand that emphasizing communication doesn’t make sex worse, it makes it better, and it makes both people want to do it again afterwards.

Open communication makes sex better.Open communication with romantic partners makes sex better.

It Won’t Kill the Mood

We need to challenge the commonly held belief that asking for permission will “kill the mood” because it’s the biggest complaint I hear from men when I tell them my story.

They tell me “but it’s lame” and I get it. I used to believe that too. I used to see movies where men forced themselves on women until they said yes, and believe that was how things should be.

There was no stopping and checking in, there was no asking her what she wanted, there was only persistence and aggressive behavior, and here’s the thing…I can still be persistent or aggressive, but what happens before is a conversation where the woman makes it clear that she would like me to be persistent or aggressive, then that’s what we do.

Enthusiastic consent is what changed, not the kind of sex we have.

Asking for permission is not going to kill the mood.Asking for permission is not going to kill the mood.

Checking In

I also realized that before I slowed things down, not only was I not checking in with her, but I wasn’t checking in with myself either. Am I really ready to move things forward sexually?

Once I started asking myself that question honestly, I found there were a lot of things I wanted to communicate, especially because I wanted to create something special, instead of just checking the boxes.

I wanted to know if there was anyone who would be upset if we were together. I wanted to know when the last time she got tested was, and I wanted to share my results. I wanted to know a few things that really turn her on and a few things that turn her off, and I wanted to share my own.

Most of all, I wanted to know that she had a clear mind, and I wanted to know what might be in the way of her being a 100% yes, not because I had an agenda to get somewhere, but because it would help us feel safe with each other.

Checking inChecking in ensures that both partners are on the same page.

What We Both Want

If I could insert myself into the brains of every man on earth and drop one piece of wisdom it would be this:

When women don’t have a voice, everyone loses.

That’s the thing I never got, until I did. Everything I wanted sexually, everything I worked so hard to get in my twenties was available all along, and it wasn’t because I didn’t have enough “game”, it was because I believed on some level that I had to convince women to want to have sex with me.

Well my friends, this may not come as a big surprise, but it’s worth repeating.


In fact, I’ve found that women love sex even more than men, but they only love sex under the right conditions. Much like a garden won’t grow without the right soil, water and care, women won’t express themselves sexually unless they feel safe, and we as men have the brilliant opportunity to create that, and when we don’t, we’re simply shooting ourselves in the foot.

When women have a voice, everyone wins.When women have a voice, everyone wins.

Women with a Voice

When women don’t feel safe, they don’t want to have sex. Then because no one is having sex it becomes scarce, and men chase after it more, and women withhold it more, and we have to play games to coerce each other to get something we both already wanted in the first place.

Welcome to the insanity of today’s culture.

It doesn’t have to be this way. There are places on earth where women feel safe and men take a stand for things like permission and true consent. I’ve been there, and you know what happens at these places? People have a lot of sex, and they feel great afterwards.

When women don’t have a voice, everyone loses.

But when women have a voice, everyone wins.

Which world are you helping create?

Words By Dave Booda

Originally posted on Boodaism



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7 Comments on "I Promise Asking a Woman for Permission Isn’t Lame"

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Ina Marx
Ina Marx

At last. A man tell the world that men are not ‘divinely entitled’ to have their way. Woman love sex. But not under that inherited entitled banner. Woman loves wholeness. And enjoy having the …her voice of her own.

Best ever article on sex!

Dave Booda

Thanks Ina!


This is really excellent. People act like consent will be this huge buzzkill, but I love how you pointed out that it actually does the opposite. People forget that part of the fun of sex is the emotional intimacy that should be a part of it. Thank you for writing this!

Dave Booda

Thank you Rose 🙂


Absolutely love this article. I am a 63 years young female and I love sex… but only when it’s mutually agreed upon, like what is being said here. I wish more men realized that communicating with females really isn’t that difficult.

Babies Can Read Body Language, Can\'t You?
Babies Can Read Body Language, Can\'t You?

Actually, it is lame.


Beware of women who imagine themselves the victim after being rejected.
We all saw what Lena Dunham did to Odel Beckham.