An Adventure With Bruce Lipton in the Beatles Ashram

An Adventure With Bruce Lipton in the Beatles Ashram

Cutting Edge Science and Spirituality in India

The UPLIFT Community is known for bringing diverse voices together while using art and media to inspire. We work within an “emergent” cooperative space that allows for creativity to arise unscripted. Last spring when the team visited India, nothing could have prepared me for the surprise of sitting down to breakfast and tea with Bruce Lipton on my first morning.

Bruce had been one of my greatest inspirations for many years before I started writing for UPLIFT, and I continue to quote and reference his amazing work regularly. We instantly hit it off like old friends talking about muscle cars, hotrods, the Beatles, and the exciting times we live in today. I noticed early on though that when science came up, we couldn’t just flow in a conversation because he kept going off on long, detailed explanations about stuff that barely seemed to relate to the conversation.

Then it dawned on me… He had spent so many years being challenged in the scientific community (because his research turned conventional thinking about genetics on its head) that he felt like he needed to back up every statement with research information. I asked him about it, and he agreed that this was the case indeed. He told me that despite his rigorous research, the scientific establishment had a hard time believing what he was saying early on in his career. It has been many decades since then and his work is now accepted and central to the study of epigenetics.

I recognise how important his work is for individuals outside of the scientific community, and so we embarked on a multi-week journey of condensing down the most important aspects of it for general consumption. He was so gracious as I interrupted him trying to clarify his statements, and the synergy grew daily into more creative and playful expressions. Then one morning while at Parmarth Niketon Ashram in Rishikesh, Campbell Wilson, an UPLIFT Videographer, mentioned having visited the Beatles Ashram the previous day.

I instantly knew I wanted to go see it, and Bruce agreed that it would be a fun adventure. Mark Heley, UPLIFT’s Director of Media who had joined many lively morning conversations, then suggested that we bring a small camera crew and video the journey. It is these types of collaborative experiences that allow for the emergence of much of our work and this video is the end result!


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