Casually Suicidal

Casually Suicidal

When will we start talking about things that really matter?

“I avoca-don’t want to live.”  “Every day is just 24 hours of not trying to kill myself.”   “Just reminding everyone I want to die.”  “Stab me already.”  or  “Sometimes I want to die for a day just to see who really cares.”

These are social media posts collected by musician and university student Sarah Liberti by scrolling through social media.

“It was heartbreaking to realise how many people passively or actively post about death,” she said. “Social media is a credible way of interacting with others and expressing yourself in the 21st century. It seems like writing or joking about wanting to die has become just as ‘normal’ as posting about your day.”

She shares her own experience with anxiety and suicidal thoughts as she believes we need to stop oversharing online and undersharing in life, and reach out.

It’s time we learnt to express ourselves, feel safe and solve suicidal ideation by finding solutions to the serious internal and external struggles we all experience.


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