Catherine Ingram: Why Courage is Better than Hope

By UPLIFT on Thursday December 21st, 2017

Does 'hope’ have the potential to do more harm than good?

Catherine Ingram has been thinking a lot of late about courage and hope. So much so that the founder of Living Dharma has had a complete change of mind about the word hope. Courage, she now believes, is what the world needs more.

It is not to say that there is definitely no cause for hope in this world but rather that we cannot know or assume that things are going to work out and therefore hope may simply be false hope.

She also warns against falling into magical thinking and instead encourages us to accept the ‘suchness’ of life.

I have come to a phase in my life when the Taoist perspective has a great appeal. Things are as they are. I simply see the ‘suchness’ of life’s unfolding without any sense that it has to be, or even can be, directed in any way.

Of course, knowing the difference between what should and can be changed, and what can’t, requires great wisdom and discernment.

Listen here to Catherine Ingram explain dharma resilience.

December 21st 2017

About Our Guest:

Catherine Ingram is a spiritual teacher, author of In The Footsteps of Gandhi and Passionate Presence, and founder of Living Dharma.

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6 Responses to Catherine Ingram: Why Courage is Better than Hope

  1. I listen to your words Sam and am compelled to suggest that when you need – you stay in need. Perhaps you can create the life you want, whether it is similar to what it was or a new vibrant creation and then focus your attention on creating it. This takes courage and it takes being clear about what you want.

  2. I AM LOSING HOPE My journey has been long and I find emptiness in my sole. I need to become what I once was. Whole, abundent,cheerful,at peace with myself. Whee did I go. Lost and confused, my strengths are hidden, life offends me.

    • Sam, none of us are who we were yesterday and tomorrow we will not be who we are today. Be observant to yourself, embrace it and let it fall away.

    • Sam.. the above podcast gives incredible insights and strategies to change those feelings..I wish you well..it is a remarkable journey we live in this thing called life! Embrace it ..before it ends I reckon. <3

    • Hey Sam, your words resonate loudly with my life. I’m withdrawn dreaming aboiut how to fix Australia’s failing status quo. Yes where did the super beautiful vibrant me go. I figure it’s wasnt the true me to start with and the me Now needs to be built. One breath at time, who do you want to be? If you can figure that out then you can work toward becoming vibrant and free again.

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