Celebrating Thanksgiving with Rumi

By Paul C Pritchard on Thursday November 28th, 2019

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How Might it be if We Took the Time to Look at ‘ThanksBeing’?

There is a force within that gives you life. Seek that. – Rumi

It’s Thanksgiving time … the holiday of humility and togetherness. The holiday that asks us to look within toward that ever-present beacon of gratitude which is often obscured by the frenetic world we’ve created. It reminds us to give, to make amends, to repair ruptured friendships and family ties. It leans into sustenance and nourishment. The table becomes the altar. The family become precious guests. Around the table there is a feeling of remembrance of our true nature and purpose. We are asked to put differences aside and become one … to lean into Unity, Peace and Love.

I sail with you on the ocean of my dreams 

to a far away distant Place of great beauty and tranquillity. 

where suffering and pain do not exist, 

where we give praises for our joy and happiness, 

where our Love intertwines with Love for all things. – Rumi

I am not American. I only know this tradition from movies, TV, novels and friends etc. When I look at the definition, it’s really quite beautiful. 



  •     the act of giving thanks; grateful acknowledgment of benefits or favours, especially to God.
  •     an expression of thanks, especially to God.
  •     a public celebration in acknowledgment of divine favour or kindness.
  •     a day set apart for giving thanks to God.
ThanksgivingRemembering the contemplation; the essence of Thanksgiving.

But I wonder in all the feasting and the football and busyness, how much time there is for true contemplation. Happily, we are more and more attuned to the concepts of random acts of kindness, paying it forward and anonymous altruism. It’s so inspiring that these buzzwords are part of our common lexicon. But I can’t help wonder how instead of listing all the things we are grateful for (which I believe is vital to maintain a true sense of perspective, especially in challenging times) that we look more to the essential qualities within one another. 

How might it be if we took the time to look at ‘ThanksBeing’?



  •     the act of contemplation for the restoration and benefit of Mother Earth 
  •     an exploration of qualities within ourselves which support Unity Peace and Love 
  •     a public celebration and recognition of one another’s unique essence
  •     a day set apart for actively giving thanks for just Being.

It’s important to be seen in who we truly are and what we truly bring to this life-tapestry. Big and small. It’s never just about what we have or what we do. It’s how we navigate through this life … how we hold ourselves in times of growth and expansion, as well as pain and contraction. It’s our essential qualities, our divine essence, that are the pillars of our individual lives.

Everything you see has its roots in the unseen world. 

The forms may change, yet the essence remains the same. 

Every wonderful sight will vanish, every sweet word will fade, 

But do not be disheartened, 

The source they come from is eternal, growing, 

Branching out, giving new life and new joy. 

Why do you weep? 

The source is within you 

And this whole world is springing up from it. – Rumi

ThanksBEINGIt’s not about what we have but about how we navigate through this life.

I wonder how it would be if we took the time to acknowledge those often unsung qualities? It seems they are only expressed during eulogies. Let’s begin to share our recognition of what really matters. Let’s cultivate this practise into our daily lives so that it becomes second nature. 

Here are a few examples of how to truly see your beloved circle …

I love your humility.

I appreciate how you value friendship.

I see your willingness to forgive.

I respect your honesty.

In your presence, I feel safe.

Your resilience and courage blows me away.

UPLIFT Challenge

Perhaps at this Thanksgiving’s table you might want to start a new tradition; the naming of what you are grateful for, on the material plane as well as the spiritual plane, but also fine-tuning your appreciation of how we all show-up in the world and what we have to offer. Every single human-BEING is gifted with a capacity for kindness. Every human-BEING has essential qualities of goodness. Reflect back those qualities that you are grateful for within your circle of friends and family and watch what happens.

You are the Essence of the Essence,

The intoxication of Love.

I long to sing Your Praises. – Rumi


We’d love to know how you feel about this topic? We’d love to read how it was for you at Thanksgiving … could you find the qualities in others as well as yourself?

Happy Thanksgiving. Joyous ThanksBeing. And thank you for your openness to participate in the UPLIFT conversations to share Unity, Peace and Love.

We love you …


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37 Responses to Celebrating Thanksgiving with Rumi

  1. I don’t need a made up day to be thankful. I am thankful. The Thanksgiving day is like if the nazi’s had won World War ll and they made up a holiday to celebrate killing all the Jews.

  2. Dear friends!

    It’s always so wonderful to read about love, peace and unity. In Germany we don’t have any Thanksgiving in the American way, but the qualities of Thanksgiving are included in the Feast of Love (that’s how I love to call Christmas, because I’ve left the Christian church) that we celebrate in our family in a very small circle. I also celebrate the feast of light (21st of December) and make a “light&love” mixture.

    I did this experiment with one of my English classes some years ago (writing qualities on a little leaflet, giving them to the person anonymously) There was a wonderful smile on every face, when they opened their little leaflets.

    Lots of Love,

    PS: Thanks for this lovely reminder – I will do this again!!

  3. I’m so very grateful for “thankfulness”! And for “thanksbeing”!! (After all, we’re human BEINGS, not human DOINGS, and our worth is in our being, not in what we can manage to do or achieve!!). Times of focusing on thankfulness will always lift me out of my daily struggles, and allow me a more honest perspective of myself…AND of my blessings! Those blessings serve to carry me through the rough patches in life, with more joy and peace…and a firm sense of abundance! And I believe this all starts with first being thankful for ourselves…and loving and respecting ourselves! We are told it’s good to love our neighbors, yet the often overlooked part of this is…”AS we love OURSELVES”!! The world…and our lives…would be very different if we were all more generous to ourselves and realized that we are lovable AND beloved…flaws and all!! For only then can we honestly and wholly love others…and be thankful for their unique individuality and giftedness…without fearing our differences or judging their flaws!!! It’s not at all selfish to love and care for ourselves, or to appreciate our strengths and and the abilities we have been given or have worked to develop! And it’s not selfish for us to kindly forgive our “imperfections”! We are all flawed human beings…yet our flaws can be a source of growth and also point to our gifts!! In fact, loving ourselves is what helps us truly love and care for others, and to appreciate their abilities! Plus this allows us to ALSO forgive their “imperfect” actions and reactions! So on this day set aside for being thankful, consider listing yourself…IN PERMANENT INK…,and embrace the invisible sentence we are all given at birth…
    “You are a wonderful and worthy creation, a child of the Universe…lovingly made and cherished by your Creator!!”

    • It amazes me how so many people are so enthralled in Rumi’s works, but fail to mention that he is a believing Monotheistic Muslim. In his many writings he made sure to mention that. He didn’t write in order that people must at what he shared,but to ponder on the oneness of the CREATOR. Most of you lose the message. Please don’t do him a disservice.⚘

  4. Thank you for sharing Rumi’s love! We love Rumi – our firstborn is named after him (not Rumi, which only means “the Roman”, because he was in Turkey, and anything “out west” like Turkey was referred to as Rome! but Jalál, Rumi’s actual name.

    • It amazes me how so many people are so enthralled in Rumi’s works, but fail to mention that he is a believing Monotheistic Muslim. In his many writings he made sure to mention that. He didn’t write in order that people must at what he shared,but to ponder on the oneness of the CREATOR. Most of you lose the message. Please don’t do him a disservice.⚘

  5. well rumi thanksgiving in the usa is thanksgiving every day for me
    i attend mass in the morning and i thanks the lord for all i have specially
    health….i also talk to the lord about my sister who passed away why she did not
    speak to me for 20 years and he answered ths is the lord PRAY FOR HER AND FORGIVE HER
    lords i am working on it very hard….lors you know i am a good person why is it that
    my family dragged me down for 70 years????the talked about me bad they gossip about
    me bad in ther words lord according to them i am the black sheep of the family…lord
    i tried to have the love me i gave mney, gifts, i hide inside of me what i wanted
    to say was YOU ARE A HYPOCRITE as soon as i leave you will drag me down with all the fauts that i do not have….forgive them said the lord yes i am trying lord i do good things for my fellow men i visit the hospices 5 times a wk, i took care of my mother as
    much as i could i came instead of taking vacations to clean her house she was nice to me
    for the first 2 days i was in quebec but the 3rd day she insulted me saying i look and i am ugly like my grand mther belanger i begged her to stop or i would leave this is when i rubbed her legs with cream she was judging me instead of leaving it up to you lord you are the judge and we will be all judged at our death…i am doing my best lord to forgive her and my sister ginette never invited me to stay at her house for the funeral of my mom yes lord i am trying she even told me i could not use her car so i rented one for the time my mother was utinized it cost me 300.00 lord i kept it to myself i just said lord i am done you gave me the grace of having my mother died in my arms and i do thank you today lord and every day lord for this grace and miracle since air canada did not have a seat for me 1 came by your grace lord…that was a big gift lord i pray every day for my mother who humiliated me all my life till she died lord yes lord i am trying to forgive my family well now i have no more family only 1 sister lord and she did me a lot of wrong lord she owes me lots of apology but i pray for her and her health she and my other sister were talking about me when my mom last moments i had to interrupt their phone call they should have been nxt to her for her last breath lord….i cried so many times at the chapel with the saint sacrement exposed and asked you to help me yes you did lord and i thank you every day because my faith in you is so big….and the blessed mother lord i try every day to cope with the death of my sister yes i cry lord and you dry my tears i also cried a lot to my mother when we spoke on the phone and cried and told her my sister and her husband were at 45 min from me while they visited san diego ca. i asked my sister can we have a coffee or a meal together she flattly said NO lord and it was painful they just continued their destination in california without saying hi to me yes lord it was painful to this day but mother said i understand your tears but she did not lord she said i am between 3 of you she takes care of me and i cannot say anything so here it goes lord i was always a belanger lise yes she wanted me as a baby but it only las 16 months lord then she started hitting me letting me cry with the door close in my bassinette slap my ass kicked me on the head with a glass of water i was too short to reach the champlure lord and on and on lord i had a knife thrown at me it hit me close to me eye that was a steak knife lord i had a black eye for 2 wks lord so it continued my father beat me up lord for taking a ride from uptown with his client jerry labranche i walked in the door and he jumped me on the floor mny ears were blue lord my mother jumped on him to stop him from killing me lord yes lord i am trying to forgive him as i want you to forgive me lord for all my sins…now i will be 80 years old aand i want to be with you in heaven i want to be with sister liliann aand my aunt rita and grand ma maheux…the rest lord i do not know where they are my mother asked me for forginess before the process of her decision to be utinize that she did me lots of injustices lord well i told her she was going in the right place that i was not in the forgiven business only uou lord forgive and jusge and for that today thansgiving i will have souper with a close friend of 40 years with her family and we will pray and thnk you for the graces you give me every day and i promise yu lord i will not give up i will pray for all my past ennemies for what they do not know what they are doing as long as you think lord i am a good person and i follow your rules the 10 commandements you know i am a good person i am clean inside i do not hurt anyone on purpose or speak bad of anyone….i take my bible class on tuesdat night with father packwa and i read the bible at least 1 versus every day plus the gospel and i love the gospel according to paul MAKE PEACE WITH YOUR BROTHER well lord i sure have tried but maybe it was the wrong way but now its the right way i am keeping you in my heart and soul every day and you sent my guardian angel to protect me against evil so lord today thank you for all you do for me //////love you lise belanger

    • I am here for you in spirit. I see you have suffered and I hope that you are serious in your wish to have peace. It is yours. You must see that they are weak and you are strong. Oh yes you are. You have forgiven them in times most would not. You are a good human being that has suffered. I ask you to, please I beg, to suffer no more. Let yourself rejoice in your awareness of your loving self. I wish you were moly friend. You are someone I could learn from and take care of by reminding you who you are. Stay strong. You have made it. They, I include your mother, struggle and suffer. Move away from that. Be you. Wonderful you.

        • Lisa God Bless your soul NO ONE deserves that kind of mistreatment or out ongoing right abuse. Faith as you say is a cornerstone of what it means a to be a Good person… But is it really? Can we have too much faith and not enough reality?
          Maybe there’s more to this picture. A way of seeing that free’s our hearts to stand strong in who we are.
          Praying and hoping and wishing for bettter while NOTHING In our situation changes? Are we perhaps giving too much power to an externalised model of divinity that renders us apathetic to meaningful change? There is nothing wrong with saying ENOUGH.
          Throwing in the towel if it’s ruining your soul is healthy. Why not kick up some dust and flip the bird while your at it.
          You have been through so much Lisa…YOU deserve all the love and forgiveness in the world…. Your own.
          Dearest woman Turn to yourself and say,, it’s my turn now. My time to be loved and seen. God, asks nothing but our own authenticity…
          God is inside you
          God bless your beautiful soul and may you find peace.

  6. Namaste. I live in a shelter in New York City which highlight community, that is community of suffering, we are all homeless. In this day I will go around thanking my fellow “hobos” for the accidental smile they offered me once in the elevator. I want to thank the staff for enduring difficult situations and yet deliver the ‘shelter” we all need. I want to thank you all at Uplift for creating such a wonderful platform for sharing, as I truly believe, sharing is love.
    Much metta, may all being be surrounded by joy, peace and happiness, every breath.

    • Bodhivata happy Thanksgiving. I am grateful for your message and your strength to move forward when you are unfortunate in the way you haven’t a home that is yours. You have strength.

  7. We lost a person of peace and walked her talk,as she traveled all over the world with the 13 indigenous GRANDMOTHERS,
    She died yesterday at 90 years old AGNAS BAKER PILGRIM

  8. Black Algonquin natives greeted the pilgrims at Plymouth. Persecuted Pilgrims left their homeland. Where? Persecution never ended as my Norwegian and Swedish emigrants were forced off their farms from 1848 to 1867. Who fought those European wars? Who served those emperors and Christian kings every two years on the battle field as canon fodder?

    Today we host feast as one family, six Baha’i’s.

  9. Caroline… Bless you too dearest
    But no… The world as we know it needs to burn and voices need to be raised. Silent, heads in the sand time is over.

    • Mike why I agree on the importance of thanksliving. But the indicative precedes the imperative. Thanksbeing precedes thanksliving.

  10. Timothy Dodd?
    Gentler way of seeing and living? You speak for ‘us all’
    Perhaps you could personalise that comment by stating how uncomfortable a woman on fire makes you feel…?
    I’m guessing you don’t like it?
    What’ve ‘you’ got to hide ? 🙂

  11. Those who preach froma position of higher knowledge or psychic connection, only emphasise separateness. You are NOT separate from The Source…..you are the Source…..if you follow those who claim greater knowledge or power then you are increasing your separateness and giving your power to them.
    Be still…..go within….ask and the door will open…..you are the Source! All the answers you need are already within you……go and look for yourself!

  12. Those who preach spiritual and moral prestige whilst ‘consciously’ operating from the swamps of brokenness aren’t to be forgiven, they are to be exposed & brought to justice.

    • Ingrid, Justice and forgiveness are not opposed. They walk hand in hand and side by side. That is the path of Restorative Justice. Justice without forgiveness restores little if anything. It is merely organized vengeance. It is an attempt to get our pound of flesh.

      We are all “Preachers.” Our lives are our sermons and they speak loudly. The state and condition of the Earth is our collective sermon. Love is not only to be shared between humans. It is a power that heals all matter when given life and breath. THIS day in this NOW, I forgive you. Will you forgive (give forward) me for my transgressions (for I imagine they are many)? Can we, together with all conscious and responsible human beings work justly together to multiply and strengthen the Love made manifest? For Justice is a recognition and acceptance that there is “Just Us” and we are stronger when united in forgiving Love. Only then can we co-create a just peace.

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