Lauren Tober: The Common Traits of Happy People

By UPLIFT on Monday March 13th, 2017

Understanding the keys to happiness

In some way or another we are all pursuing the elusive phenomenon of happiness. But what is it?  And is happiness all it’s cracked up to be?

Psychologist, Dr Lauren Tober, distinguishes two kinds of happiness: caused happiness and uncaused happiness. The first happiness is something that comes as a result of something happening, while uncaused happiness is what yogis would call ‘ananda’ or ‘bliss’. It is our birthright and is always with us, and we can tap into it whenever we want to as it’s always there. So perhaps we don’t need to search for happiness as hard as we’d previously thought.

Happy people have certain qualities that make them happy, says Dr Tober, and in this interesting episode she reveals those important traits as well as methods for tapping into our innate sense of happiness. We also have some good news to help you on the road to happiness from UPLIFT correspondent, Vanessa Hill, who reports on positive initiatives from around the globe that you might have missed.

March 13th 2017

About Our Guests:

Dr Lauren Tober is a psychologist and yoga teacher on a mission to encourage others to live a life of joy, happiness, and authenticity. She combines yogic knowledge and western psychology to help people tap into their innate sense of happiness and live a life that isn’t ruled by emotions and self-limiting beliefs. Here she reveals the secrets of happy people.

UPLIFT producer and correspondent, Vanessa Hill, gives an antidote for the blues with some heartening news, sharing the world’s inspiring stories of environmental action and the success of endangered animal protection.  If you’ve got a good news story, contact Vanessa on www.facebook.com/TheUpliftPodcast

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