Courageous 12 Year Old Comes Out to Her Church

Courageous 12 Year Old Comes Out to Her Church

This Young Girl Has an Important Message to Share

Savannah is much like most other preteens, she enjoys dancing, reading and drawing, and wants to be an animator when she grows up. She also happens to be gay.

Last month she stood up in front of everyone in her Mormon Church community and told them she was gay and that God made her that way.

“God loves me just this way, because I believe that he loves all his creations…I do believe he made me this way on purpose,”

Savannah’s mother says that her courageous daughter had been asking to share her story in front of the Church for months, as she wanted to let any other possible closeted young gay church members know she was an ally.

“I believe that God wants us to treat each other with kindness, even if people are different — especially if they are different.”


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