Dadirri: an Indigenous Approach to Healing Trauma

Dadirri: an Indigenous Approach to Healing Trauma

By learning to listen deeply we can create a safe space for sharing

Do Indigenous people carry a key to healing trauma? ‘Dadirri’ is an Indigenous Australian concept of inner deep listening and quiet, still awareness. It’s a practice used for deep connection to the natural world, and by doing so we allow ourselves to come back into alignment.

Healing ourselves heals country, healing country heals ourselves.  РProf. Judy Atkinson РJiman / Bunjalung woman, author of Trauma Trails: Recreating The Songlines

By learning to listen deeply, with acceptance and without any judgement, we create a safe space for healing to happen. Learn more about the neuroscience of how and why Dadirri is an effective as practice for healing trauma in the article: An Indigenous Approach to Healing Trauma.

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