Dadirri: an Indigenous Approach to Healing Trauma

Dadirri: an Indigenous Approach to Healing Trauma

Creating A Safe Space for Healing Trauma

Do Indigenous people carry a key to healing trauma? ‘Dadirri’ is an Indigenous Australian concept of inner deep listening and quiet, still awareness. It’s a practice used for deep connection to the natural world, and by doing so we allow ourselves to come back into alignment.

Healing ourselves heals country, healing country heals ourselves. – Prof. Judy Atkinson – Jiman / Bunjalung woman, author of Trauma Trails: Recreating The Songlines

By learning to listen deeply, with acceptance and without any judgement, we create a safe space for healing to happen. Learn more about the neuroscience of how and why Dadirri is an effective practice for healing trauma in the article: An Indigenous Approach to Healing Trauma.

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