Why You Should Define Your Fears Instead of Your Goals

Why You Should Define Your Fears Instead of Your Goals

The simple practice of Fear Setting

The hard choices (yes, those ones we most fear) are so very often the exact thing we need to do in life. Yet, it can be extremely difficult to muster up the courage to take the leap and do the things that will extend us in extraordinary ways. Dreams and exciting ideas seem amazing in our heads, but how can we overcome self-paralysis and actually take action?

Author, entrepreneur, self-proclaimed “human guinea pig”, and public speaker, Tim Ferriss, encourages us to fully envision and write down our fears in detail, in a simple but powerful exercise he calls “fear-setting.”

Why play it safe in life, when the world is waiting for you? Learn how this simple practice can help you thrive in high-stress environments and separate what you can control from what you cannot.


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