What if Drought is a Choice?

What if Drought is a Choice?

Perhaps all we really need is respect for our water resources.

Over the past few years California has become the face of the global problem of how we manage water resources on this planet.  Mother Jones recently reported that according to the United States Drought Monitor, most of the state is experiencing “extreme drought,” the second highest of six rankings. About 10 percent of the state is experiencing “exceptional drought,” the highest possible level.In short, this could be the worst drought California has seen in 500 years.

But does it have to be this way?  Is it simply that we are at the whims of nature and droughts are unavoidable, or that this is a consequence of global warming that can only be dealt with by mass international consensus and rapid policy change on a global scale?  Not according to anyone with a basic understanding of permaculture.

What if drought is a choice? Perhaps not all droughts, but what if this kind of drought was actually a direct result of people not respecting the water resources that already exist.  What this video explores is the lack of development of local, long term, sustainable methods of water capture and distribution, and the relative simplicity of permanent solutions.

Here’s a great article on drought-proofing California.


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