Unifying Vision and Action for the Water

By UPLIFT on Monday February 23rd, 2015

Water is the life blood of our planet

In one drop of water are found all the secrets of the oceans. – Khalil Gibran

Water is the rhythm keeper, the valley forger, the carrier of energy and sustenance. Born from the cooling steam of ancient volcanic fires, water covers over 70% of the surface of the globe and fills nearly 70% of our bodies. We are all water beings living on a water planet.

From tiny ice crystals fused to the peaks of our highest mountains down to the silent centre of our deepest oceanic caverns, water is the holder, the guardian and giver of life. Water cleanses, renews and connects. Water flows through obstacles, removes barriers, breaks down mountains and awakens life. As a supreme channel of sound and vibration, the water of our planet carries the migration songs of whales and the whispered prayers of all who bring their message to its shores.

To many cultures (both ancient and present), water is revered as our planet’s most vital, life-giving element. At this time water is also one of our greatest causes for planetary concern. Presently 750 million people around the world lack access to safe water and each year over 840,000 people die from water related disease (approximately one child every minute).

In most places on this planet and in most times, it was taken as a given that water was sacred and essential to life. And it was treated with reverence.  We seem to have forgotten that, and started treating it as a repository of waste or simply as a “natural resource” which means that it is here for us to use or to abuse.  That view point is killing us, and killing everything around us. So maybe it is time to see what differently. – Charles Eisenstein

In many ways, the challenges facing our planets’ most vital waterways seem insurmountable. And yet, at this time there is a rising wave of pioneering global initiatives devoted to embracing this crisis as a profound opportunity to discover what’s possible when we unify our gifts, visions and commitment for the greater good of all.

Over the past several years, the element of Water has found champions and visionary activists in many walks of life – science, art, sport, government, entertainment, religion and indigenous communities – each devoted to preserving the vitality of our water for future generations.

Now these separate streams of water consciousness are being called to converge into an integrated movement which is drawing upon the wisdom of all, and the power of ONE…where the strengths of each initiative can be woven together with others in service of healing our planet’s water and initiating a lasting wave of positive water stewardship across the globe.

One great example of this is the Global Interfaith Wash Alliance GIWA is the world’s first initiative that is particularly focused on engaging the planet’s many faiths – leaders of the world’s many religions, as well as captains of industry, political luminaries, top entertainers and representatives from NGOs, foundations and international bodies – with a commitment to creating a world where every human being has access to safe drinking water, sanitation and hygiene.

On March 22, 2015, in partnership with GIWA, UNIFY, The Shift Network and the global community (YOU!), UPLIFT the Water is inspired to create an online focal point of global connection, collaboration and inspiration with the celebration of World Water Day.

As millions of people come together around the globe, will share a full day of water-inspired audio and video, culminating in a synchronized global meditation (6pm PDT) focusing on bringing love and healing to the water.

We are all water babies. We were born in water. Water is our first medicine.  We’ve got to wake up and cherish this water, starting with the H2O in our own body. Thank the water for giving us life. – Grandma Agnes Pilgrim, 13 Indigenous Grandmother Council

World Water Day will also present inspiring ways to take action, highlighting projects and initiatives that people can get involved and stay connected year round.

Charles Eisenstein on “seeing water differently” at UPLIFT 2014

As we move toward the 2015 World Water Day celebration, may each of us take time to observe water’s graceful power and natural, effortless way. Let it be our teacher and a clear reflection of the infinite possibilities now available to us. In this time of great change and great creative possibility let us come to the water. Share our prayers, intentions and new inspired action for the good of all.

I give thanks to energy of Water. I am one with the ocean of life. I flow with the river of all possibility and I sing my songs with the tides. Divine water, move through my body and bring the gift of life to my whole being!

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