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By UPLIFT on Wednesday December 16th, 2015

Join us as our Collective Journey unfolds in 2016

To the ever expanding UPLIFT Community,

It is December, the time of year that UPLIFT has held Gatherings and a Festival in Byron Bay Australia for the last 3 years. UPLIFT began in the midst of the ‘End of the World’ prophecies for December 21st 2012, with an intention that humanity could re-imagine, from our hearts, a new way of being in the world.

We sent an invitation that brought together visionaries, evolutionary leaders, conscious scientists, inspired youth, Indigenous Elders, artists, healers, musicians and people from all walks of life to gather for 8 days in a sacred meadow, with a plan to share what had emerged at a 4-day Festival that immediately followed.

This we did. But something miraculous happened that we couldn’t plan or produce. Something happened that we didn’t DO. The closing ceremony of this inspiring festival spontaneously emerged as a wild celebration of the Love and Oneness that we are. We experienced BEING and the creative, intelligent nature of the self-organizing principle of LOVE. For many of us present, the direct experience of Oneness became a reality. We were gifted with a glimpse of a new paradigm that is already here, in which the human family is free and able to co-create a world in tune with our true nature.

Alt text hereBeing in tune with our true nature

Gratitude and New Co-Creations

Two more transformative gatherings and festivals followed in the next two years, revealing Truth, Simplicity and Love as the most effortless expressions of our collective ‘beingness’. Many new participants joined from around the world, and the UPLIFT Festival became a precious time of deep connection within ourselves and with each other.

It is with this at heart, we wish to share our immense gratitude for each and every one who has participated in this journey so far. We are grateful beyond words for your presence and the contribution that you have made to ‘Universal Peace and Love in a Field of Transcendence’. By taking part and sharing your unique gifts, each of you has participated in the emergence of a new way of Being, a fresh vibration of reality.

Through our collective Love and Grace, UPLIFT has evolved into a global movement of Unity, Peace and Conscious Evolution. Throughout 2015 we have shared inspiration, collaborations and projects via our media channel in support of Unity and Consciousness that are reaching millions of people and sprouting new possibilities and alliances around the world.

In 2016 inspiring Gatherings and Festivals will take place in Rishikesh, India and Cambridge, UK culminating in a mega-event on Peace Day, the 21st September, in Jerusalem. Inspired by UPLIFT’s vision, a coalition of organisations are collaborating to co-create a festival of Peace, Love and Unity in one of the places on the planet that needs it the most, the sacred city of Jerusalem. Spiritual leaders of many religions, scientists, artists, peace lovers, entrepreneurs, educators, healers, musicians and people from many countries and all walks of life are answering the call to take part in this transformative event.

Alt text hereLaying the groundwork for an inspiring gathering in India in 2016

Let us Journey Together

This ever-expanding circle of LOVE in ACTION is an open invitation for all to join, express our unique gifts and participate in service of conscious evolution. Now is the time to celebrate our diversity and genius, the mystery and the endless expressions of the creative intelligence. This is the moment to recognize that we are no longer limited by the appearance of separation, but are free to be embraced by a deeper reality where we are already One. And from here, everything is possible..

All are welcome. Let us journey together.

Om Shalom Salam Amen,

The Founders and Team at UPLIFT

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Laura Lok
Laura Lok

Who are the founders? I would like to also know when is the next festival?

Salochanee T
Salochanee T

Greetings from South Africa, I have searched for email contact details for the Uplift Festival committee managing the event, unfortunately, I am unable to locate. I have a coalition proposal to present to the organizing committees, I would appreciate any assistance in locating contact details.
Best of wishes,
Salochanee Reddy

Danniel Galovan
Danniel Galovan

When and where is the next festival?


what are the date for 2018 – festival in Byron Bay? I can’t find any information. thank you