How to find Compassion for Yourself

How to find Compassion for Yourself

An Exercise in Lessening Your Critical Voices

We learn to tell ourselves off for our failures, and for not working hard or smart enough, but we are so good at this that we are sometimes in danger of falling prey to an excessive version of self-criticism. This is a dangerous state that can usher in depression and a lack of confidence.

It’s all too easy to be extremely tough on ourselves. What we need is to get better at self-compassion. This quirky video is an exercise in how to lessen the critical voices in your head.

Watch the premiere of the new UPLIFT film, Building Compassion, on The International Day of Peace, September 21.  The film shares cutting-edge research into the neurology and cultural practices of compassion and features interviews with a range of experts including Dr James Doty, Saamdu Chetri, Dr. David Vago, Scarlett Lewis and many more. Building Compassion explores how compassion is key to understanding what it is to be truly human and to creating a loving world.


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