How the Fourth Phase of Water Affects Our Health

By UPLIFT on Wednesday March 15th, 2017

Can water change form?

Dr. Gerald Pollack says that water is not a liquid. The Professor of Bioengineering, whose research has been described as ‘revolutionary,’ will challenge everything you thought you knew about water. Not only is this information important for our understanding of the world but also for understanding our own bodies and health. The professor says that to comprehend the inner workings of our body, we must first understand the ‘fourth phase’ of water.

Plus, meet the self-appointed Sea Janitor, Kate Wilkins. This incredible person has decided to devote her weekends to cleaning up the ocean. What can we learn from her?

March 15th 2017

About Our Guests

Dr Gerald Pollack, a Professor of Bioengineering at the University of Washington, has spent the past decade convincing people that water is not a liquid. He’s the author of The Fourth Phase of Water: Beyond Solid, Liquid and Vapor and founding Editor-in-Chief of the scientific journal Water.

Deep sea diver, Kate Wilkins, has decided to spend her weekends cleaning up the ocean and is encouraging others to do the same. Visit her fundraising page here.

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