How to Heal Yourself by Talking to your Body

By Therese Wade on Wednesday April 27th, 2016

Heal Yourself

Your Cells are Listening

Every part of your body has its own consciousness or its own soul.

These transformative words, spoken by indigenous medicine women, began my journey within to discover the extraordinary healing capacity of the human body.

When this perspective was introduced to me, I was suffering from a severe chronic pain disorder. I suddenly imagined incorporating this concept into my meditation routine.

I thought, can my body hear me… can I talk to it to gain its cooperation in healing this condition?

Can my body hear me?Can my body hear me?

The Path to Freedom

That night, after reaching a state of deep calm through meditation, I inwardly engaged my body in a heartfelt conversation, with hope, but having no idea what to expect. After about one hour of this focused communication, something amazing happened.

My tissues began to respond. Connective tissue pulled and stretched apart layers of scar tissue. Nerves fired and my calf muscles began to perform flexion and extension exercises independently of my conscious control.

As this response continued, one of my calf muscles that had become paralyzed by the neuropathic condition — diagnosed as Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy — came back to life as electric-like jolts shot through the area.

My heart pounded as I realized that the path to my freedom from this condition had finally begun.

Nerves fired and my calf muscles began to perform flexion and extension exercises independently of my conscious control.Nerves fired and my calf muscles began to perform independently of my conscious control.

Guidelines for Dynamic Healing

With a background in acupuncture and Oriental medicine, I knew too well how prevalent chronic pain is in this country and I wondered what the implications of this phenomenon could mean to so many others who were suffering.

As I continued to make progress with my condition, I organized my approach into a system that I could teach to clients and shifted my professional focus to hypnotherapy.

When instructing my clients, I explain that a regular meditation practice is necessary to train the brain to enter alpha and theta brain wave states. While in these states, communication between the conscious mind and the physical body is dramatically enhanced.

A regular meditation practice is necessary to train the brain.A regular meditation practice is necessary to train the brain.

I have found that when communicating, there are three key steps to gaining the cooperation of the body:

  • Approach your body with genuine compassion, understanding that it is made up of conscious cells who experience emotions.
  • Build trust by engaging your body in mental conversations about your desire for the two of you to cooperate and overcome the ailment.
  • Allow changes in the conversation by using different thoughts and words that elicit spontaneous elevated emotions.

From my experience, the above guidelines are necessary to achieve dynamic healing responses in the body.

The above guidelines are necessary to achieve dynamic healing responses in the body.The above guidelines are necessary to achieve dynamic healing responses in the body.

The Force of human Intention

I recently came across a very similar set of factors that were discovered by researcher Cleve Backster, who spent 36 years studying biocommunication in plant, animal and human cells. He referred to these factors as real intent, attunement, and spontaneity.[1]

Backster, formerly an interrogation specialist for the CIA, wrote about the defining moment which led him to his real work in this world, in his book Primary Perception.[2]

This moment occurred one February morning in 1966 when he decided to monitor the Dracaena plant in his lab utilizing polygraph equipment.

Researcher Cleve Backstair spent 36 years studying biocommunication in plant, animal and human cellsCleve Backstair spent 36 years studying biocommunication in plant, animal and human cells.

He attached the electrodes to a leaf and began to think about ways that he might induce a surge in electrical activity in the plant. In humans this surge in electrical activity is associated with intense emotions.

He suddenly imagined burning the electroded leaf. The same instant this idea entered his mind, the polygraph pen shot to the top of the chart showing an extreme reaction on the part of the plant.

Amazed, he walked to his secretary’s desk to retrieve a set of matches while pondering the possibility that this plant was somehow detecting the force of human intention.

The plant reacted to the idea of being burnt.The plant reacted to the idea of being burnt.

Can Plants become Attuned to their Primary Care Takers?

When he returned with the matches, the plant was still showing the same high level reaction which would interfere with tracking additional changes on the chart. Backster decided to “remove the threat” by returning the matches to the desk.

At this point, the chart displayed a downward trend as the plant apparently began to calm down.[3] When Backster attempted to repeat the same results by pretending that he was going to burn the plant, there was no reaction. The plant seemed to sense the difference between real and artificial intent.

He eventually discovered that plants become attuned to their primary care takers, responding to both their positive and negative emotions and to their return after being away for a time.[4] Chart findings also showed that plants prioritize the emotions of their primary care takers over the emotions of others nearby.

Plants prioritize the emotions of their primary care takers over the emotions of others.Plants prioritize the emotions of their primary care takers over the emotions of others.

Signs of Consciousness

Backster later expanded his research to include testing human cells for signs of consciousness.

He collected white blood cells from human donors, electroded them in a test tube and then recorded the cells’ reactions as the donors experienced different emotional states. He found that spontaneous emotions were necessary in order to elicit an electrical reaction in the cells.

For instance, if a donor forced herself to feel an emotion, the cells would not respond. However, when she received a distressing phone call from her daughter, the cells reacted significantly.[5]

He noted that distance seemed to be irrelevant in these experiments. For example, a donor left his electroded cells behind in the lab, then kept a detailed log of any stressful emotions experienced on his trip home to another state, such as missing a turn on the freeway, standing in a long line at the airport, and the take-off of his plane.

Later, his logged incidents compared with the chart recording showed strong correlations between the timing of the stressful events and the electrical reactions in his cells. The chart became quiet again when he arrived home and went to sleep.[6]

Spontaneous emotions were necessary in order to elicit an electrical reaction in the cells.Spontaneous emotions were necessary in order to elicit an electrical reaction in the cells.

Raw Creative Healing Ability

These experiments were conducted while using equipment that screened out electromagnetic radiation — the usual energies used for information transmission. The cells behaved as if the screens weren’t there, suggesting that this communication is carried by a field still unidentified by conventional science.[7]

Some scientists believe that the further development of quantum physics may help guide us to understand this field that communicates emotional intent between living things.[8] Quantum Entanglement is a process where two particles of matter which have interacted with each other, still behave as if they are connected after being separated by many miles.

When an energetic change is made to the properties (position, momentum and rotational spin) of one of the particles, the properties of the other distant particle will change at the same instant.

Quantum Entanglement is a process where two particles of matter which have interacted with each other, still behave as if they are connected after being separated.Quantum Entanglement – two particles of matter still behave as if they are connected.

This scientific phenomenon and the research of Cleve Backster, point to the Eastern concept of oneness — the view that all of nature is interdependent. Ancient cultures understood this interconnection as a living universal energy field that sustains life while guiding the evolution of consciousness throughout the universe.

The meditation techniques involved in my practice bring the mind into attunement with this field. Energy from this field is then focused into a physical healing event through clear intention — delivered by means of a conversation that evokes spontaneous emotions — and attunes the physical body to the conscious mind.

This method which I call Antara (Sanskrit for within), enables one to experience the raw creative healing ability generated by an alliance of the mind and body with this living universal energy field.




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174 Responses to How to Heal Yourself by Talking to your Body

  1. I read this many years ago but now know that it is true and definitely works.
    I am currently practising Joe Dispenza’s meditations as described in ‘Becoming Supernatural’ I also follow the work of Anita Moorjani, Greg Braden, Bruce Lipton, Eckhat Tolle and Matt Khan. How blessed we are to have all this amazing information available to as as humanity’s consciousness evoles to the next level. We attract our reality to ourselce by our own thoughts and feelings
    and have the power to heal ourselves at all levels. Thank you Universe and Uplift Love, love and more love

  2. I think this is among the most significant info for me.
    And i’m happy studying your article. But should statement
    on some basic things, The site style is wonderful, the
    articles is in reality excellent : D. Just right process, cheers

    • We’re glad to hear you found value in this piece and our site 😀 We also encourage our followers to continue their own research. Much love and thanks so much for reading <3

      Team UPLIFT

  3. Type 2 Diabetis is curable by losing weight, the easiest way to do that is dont eat WHEAT products, (bread, pasta,etc) Ive fixed 2 friends with type 2, in 2 weeks, using that.

  4. to me Yoga is a complete science by itself, eventhough we have a rich heritage and legacy, very little has been done to elevate it. Those who need Yoga will approach Yoga and get benefited by it. Thats the charm.

    • Hi there,
      Thanks so much for reading, I would suggest doing a google search for some meditations.

      Best of luck on your journey 🙂
      Team UPLIFT

    • I’m sorry to hear that, you will find information on this through the work of Bruce Lipton, Lynne McTaggart and Joe Dispenza to name a few.

      Much love to you on your healing journey 🙂

      Team UPLIFT

  5. to me Yoga is a complete science by itself, eventhough we have a rich heritage and legacy, very little has been done to elevate it. Those who need Yoga will approach Yoga and get benefited by it. Thats the charm.

  6. Type 2 Diabetis is curable by losing weight, the easiest way to do that is dont eat WHEAT products, (bread, pasta,etc) Ive fixed 2 friends with type 2, in 2 weeks, using that.

  7. I got cured from Genital Herpes through herbal treatment from Dr abaka who I met through the internet, I actually couldn’t believe it at first because it sounded impossible to me knowing how far I have gone just to get rid of it. Dr abaka send me his medicine which I took as instructed and here I am living a happy life once again, a big thanks to Dr abaka, I am sure there are many herbal doctors out there but Dr timothy did it for me, contact drabakaspelltemple @ gmail. com.

    • I want to learn how to communicate with my body for healing. How can I learn that? Can you communicate in hindi language?

    • Hi Bhasweti, the article gives some advice on how to do this 🙂 Listening to your body is always a good place to start. Good luck!

      Team UPLIFT

  8. I have known this for a long time but really at this point needed a reminder. Thank you and peace be with you all.

  9. If your cells have their own consciousness and can cause organs and muscles to act without you doing anything then whats to stop them from conpletely taking over your body?

    • I have used this method and it has been very succesful for me for dealing with back pain and other issues with joints. I actually did a session with the lady who wrote this article, she also offers sessions where she helps to tune into what exactly it is that your body needs, which I found very helpful, also to get a better feeling of how to approach my body. Practice helps to establish the connection with your body so that the communication will also go more easily once you’ve trained yourself somewhat.
      I initially wanted to use it especially for some chronic issues that I have. It did have an effect on them but after a few months of being very disciplined, it got a bit too much (the amount of work it required) and I stopped. Maybe I should pick it up again. In any case, I applied the same method also to a (not very serious) back pain that I had had for years already and to a past wrist injury that was still causing some discomfort. The back pain was cured completely after only two ‘talks’. Many months later I got a pain in another part of my back, I walked around with it for weeks till I realized I should try the ‘talking’ again. Did that for 10 minutes, literally… It was GONE and has not come back.

  10. I tried for years to increase my healing power but I would always somehow “mess up” and end up trashing my health with bad choices. Then I found out about these simple herbs and now I feel healthier than I have in 20 years:


    Best of luck!

  11. When you turn 65 and old age ailments start hitting you one by one, you realize that the time has come to treat your body with gentleness and care. This is a good way to start. I feel better even after just reading this.

  12. That’s an interesting idea that if you build trust with your body it will heal better. I like the idea of having more cooperation from my body on getting better. I’ll have to take a look into ways to get my body to cooperate more with me.

  13. Does anyone have any info/links for theories relating to Quantum Entanglement and separation of parents from their children, such as in cases of adoption? Similarly separation of twins or other siblings?

  14. This article couldn’t have come at a better time. I have been struggling with arritmia , very scary, specially when my heart skip beats!! Definitely I am going to practice everything this article describes. What a gift!!

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  16. I first stumbled across self healing when I looked on the Internet to remove a wart. The four ways suggested were “burn,” “freeze,” “cut” or “sometimes they just go away.” I chose “sometimes they just go away.” I began communicating not with cells but with oxygen atoms, and developed a belief that all atoms have personalities. I assumed I was the commanding officer of my body and the oxygen atoms were my soldiers. Those in the wart were not doing their jobs. I imagined my soldiers in a bar shooting pool rather than at their posts. All I had to do was walk in and they knew… And as they resumed their responsible attitueds, the warts away. This happened twice. On the first wart I thought it was just coincidence. On the second, no. I now use self healing for everything and it seems to be working.

  17. You have not credited the artist for the image you used as header.

    Please do so.

    Her name is Else Krogh-Hansen and her art and illustrations are all part of her firm and portfolio called Artillus.

  18. Hello, I noticed myself over years As I starten yoga as a child and lezende how to work energie, in mediëval times they believen there where 4 souls For Stones, plants, animal and humans , as sjamans of different cultures do to so now sciences come to the samen pointes! Thanks!

  19. Hi All,

    Just wanted to know from those of you who have been able to heal their bodies, what meditation exactly do you do to achieve this. Any kind of help will be really appreciated.

    • Please read my comment above to Sandra about Yoga Nidra & Reiki; both separate practices of course, but the gentlest & deepest in their own ways. I have experience of both. Also, if you wish to learn more about Reiki, pls. feel free to read my blog http://antahsaara.com/blog/
      I am an Usui/Holy fire II Reiki Master, & also offer distance healing sessions.

  20. I need help with this as I am not sure what to say to my body while meditating to encourage it to heal itself. Can anyone who has success with this method of healing offer advice?

    • Try guided ‘Yoga Nidra’, the practice of yogic deep relaxation without actually sleeping. And, try to make your healing affirmations, while in that state. For beginners, it’s quite difficult to stay awake as it’s very easy to fall asleep, but if one can truly transcend to a level when they can do the entire yoga Nidra without falling asleep, it can be truly powerful, & can stir some powerful healing. Even in itself, it is a deeply de stressing practice. So, is Reiki. Not only is it deeply relaxing & de stressing but channels life energy into every aspect of your existence that needs it.

  21. I tried this conversation two yrs ago then I quit because I was afraid who talked to me.
    And last week I talked again and ask the ailment I have everytime I eat certain food and I got the answer which surprised me and when I google it turn out to be a game called Egg Nier?
    And 3days ago I talked again for the same question I got different answer when I kept asking the thing I sae or heard that I didnt understand finally my late uncle soul talked to me and asked me to stay home and do the spiritual work like a shaman or healer? I was surprised who talked to me? Is this a good or bad spirit?
    I wanna enjoy this worldly life I dont wanna be shaman I just wanna be a nice common person like others.
    So, who is that talking to me? Is that the real thing I have to follow? Because at the moment eventhough I have plans what to do, I also ask for God guidance to show me why I came to this world? What should I do for a living? Do my plans go along with my soul purpose? I realize Ive been confused about my life.
    Can you help me?
    Thanks a lot.

    • I would say it’s your spirit guides talking talking to you; giving you the guidance that you need. We all have spirit guides. It’s also quite possible you are clairaudient.

  22. Thank you so much for sharing this with us! I know that there is this connection but the authenticity of the feeling is new information…I will be mindful in my meditation to feel the joy and strength of my left wrist as it heals!

  23. I do 3rd eye meditation, higher consciousness meditation and then use this to help heal the body after doing my meditation…. heal while you sleep https://youtu.be/ty6MKNLnqAo
    There are plenty of videos on you tube to help guide you through the process and also ones that have meditation music to raise your bodies vibration frequency to help your own natural energy to heal you.

  24. I gotta say that this article raised several questions within my mind. Things respond with or to your intention, (Such as the leaf in this article) but do not respond if you are, “trying” to feel a certain way. So let’s say that you are wanting to heal yourself, and you coax yourself somehow into feeling that you are healed. The cells, according to this article, would not respond. It has to be real or the cells can tell. So my main question is, “How do you achieve a state of consciousness that will get the cells to respond, when you obviously have a physical condition or ailment?”

  25. I have advanced breast cancer -not known to be curable ! I’m very interested to learn more about healing .myself !!!

  26. I am certain that talking to our bodies’ cells is a great way to heal. It is remembering that we can that is important and also being in an open mind of acceptance. Much Love!

  27. Do you think the intellectual consciousness can communicate with the medulla oblongata more effectively than individual cells, since it reports to the upper level brain? The upper brain can affect the medulla oblongata to cause lower heart rate and blood pressure through concentrated meditation. The brain is not bypassing the medulla when it does this. What are your thoughts? I have been thanking my body after excellent workout performances, but I can’t prove that the internal organs are anything other than machines controlled by the medulla. When I was young, my mind was a dictator forcing the body to obey. Now at 60, my body seems to mysteriously communicate back to the mind what is feasible and what is not. It’s weird.

  28. The GLUE of this at Onement is GOD’S SACRED LOVE ENERGY which I know is TRUE because I have been gifted this experience on Valentine’s day about 50 years ago after I prayed for World Peace and wanted to know how this could happen,my prayer was answered.And I pray with every breath and heartbeat that ALL humanity is gifted this Sacred experience.

  29. Great article thanks for sharing. I also want to mention I know the artist of the painting you used for the article it is important to reference artists work when reusing there work. I know we live in a time of shared information but important to give credit where credit is due. If you like I can connect you to artist to make sure they are ok with her art being shared.

  30. This is very exciting for me. After some family trauma I developed asthma & severe eczema that began to increase to cover most of my arms, chest, neck & back. After finding the medics not able to help (& suggesting more invasive treatments such as oral steroids & ‘knocking out my immune system’ I decided to see if changing my diet would help. It has! It’s meant drastic changes but the healing has begun! I’ve done some healing meditations but since reading this I know I must do more & work with my body (healing foods & no processed rubbish) not against it! If anyone wants to hear more about my asthma & eczema recovery you can e-mail [email protected] but remember we are all different & there”s no ‘one size fits all’!

  31. I find this interesting as I have RSD as well and by coincidence just decided that this year I would try a physical solution to a physical problem instead of ever changing drugs and various treatments . I have had success with mirroring but that helps mobility , not the chronic pain. I like to find out more

  32. I have learned slowly and surely to talk leg cramps away. I get them less often now and the intensity eases with gentle conversation. I am planning to return to meditation and speak with other parts of my body in need of love and understandint. I am almost 73 years old. I am changing my food combining plan. I am also talking to myself about sleep cycles. Time to practice what I preach. I do notice amazing responses from my plants to my moods and tenderness. And I receive enormous healing from hugging the trees in the park nearby. An amazing and affirming article. Looking forward to learning more.

  33. I am convinced that the body has the inherent ability to heal itself from various chronic complaints, just to make my own connection to make it happen

    • You can download the app Insight timer from Google Play. Plenty of various meditation…I’m sure you’ll find some that suit you…

  34. I am excited to read this article and delighted to read something which throws more light on something I’ve been aware of and searching for over a long time. Many years ago I discovered the dramatic effects I could have on my plants by silently talking to them each day – praising, thanking, loving and encouraging them. People used to hang over my gate to stare with amazement at the enormous lush growth of my garden. Even now over 50 years later I plant dwarf varieties and they grow taller than me. The extra bonus I’ve got from this article is that genuine spontaneous emotion needs to be evoked to produce an effect on the human body and the need to learn to meditate. This is really going to help me sort out my chronic pain. Thank you so much.

  35. I found this quite intriguing. I believe in your theory that cells be it human or any other species are respondent. I futher think that even atoms react to negetive and positive energy around them.I wish to further research in this area. I am glad you brought this to our attention. Thanks

  36. This is fascinating, and completely in line with my belief and understanding. I thoroughly recommend two books which cover this subject – Bruce Lipton’s “Biology of belief” and Dr Joe Dispenza’s “I am Placebo”- both written by experts in this field of talking to your body, and acknowledging that your brain is the ‘mothership’ in the environmental impacts on your cells. We evolve through environment, and part of that environment is your brain communicating with your body. This is an amazing story, and one to take full notice of – to develop your own method (meditation being the key to this ability to communicate with your cells and your body), and to take control of the healing power that is a fundamental ability that your body contains. Lots of love to all of you, and my advice, for what it’s worth, is to take this subject very seriously.

  37. I have also learned this first hand; it works, and yoga is a beautiful way to honor the body. I had grown up with the warped body image plaguing my generation of ’70s, always felt too fat even though I had a perfect shape of 36-22-36 at 18 and weighed 130. What a waste of time! I now thank my bod for lugging me through time and pat and massage its middle age soft spots and imperfections. It is gift! It is the only thing I have to walk around in, so I listen now, and live in my earth suit with dignity and gratitude.

  38. Well spoken and is also a conclusion of The yoga Sutras and karma in general. That is, the effet of an action is inherently present in the act itself.

  39. Hi.. I use the Silva Method to heal myself and others.. I agree completely with your post.. I have been finally able to overcome fear n anxiety (my primary issue) and healed a lot of my emotional issues.. You are doing an amazing work and it is because of your valuable offerings to these world.. You are making a better world to pass on to the next generation.. More love and Gratitude to you..
    Ishan Kanodia

  40. A yogi told us about this a long time ago. He said that all the cells of our body are alive, and have their own feelings and lives too. They pray to their God, just like we pray to our God. How often do we spend the time to answer the prayers of our own cells? How much more busy God must be in answering all of our prayers!

  41. I remember many years ago, in my 30’s, when something ached or didn’t seem right with my body, I would lay down and wait for minutes, for my breathing to be calm and steady. Then I would mentally “speak’ to the various parts of my body with specific “commands” or requests. I would tell my arteries and veins to slowly open and allow my blood to freely pass through. I would tell my blood to flow freely and maintain an even pace. I would tell my heart to relax and beat slowly but evenly.

    Of course I didn’t really know what words to use to direct my body and organs to respond favorably. I did this on my own, never ever hearing of anyone else doing this. I didn’t share the with anyone for fear the would deem me a whacko.

    Now in my 60’s, I would like to seriously address my body and find that perfect communion. Are there specific words and functions that you might suggest, as I have no medical anatomical knowledge ? I firmly believe your article and findings to be true for I have experienced this before. What I lack are the correct words to use to rally the body, the organs, to align with my desires and requests. To be more clear, I wish my heart to regulate it’s rhythm (end the mild yet uncomfortable arrhythmia incidents). I’d like to speak to my liver, to motivate it to cleansing itself of any toxins, the stomach to let loose of the fatty cells it is holding onto. Yes I am on a restrictive diet to work on this myself, but I am convinced I can enlist the stomach to let loose of those cells it is holding, etc.
    I so much have enjoyed reading your article and ready to once again, seriously reconnect in a much deeper approach, with greater self healing expectations.
    Thank you for any suggestions you have to share. ?

    • my heart palpitations of 2 yrs, disappeared immediately when I started B12 shots, (as I couldnt afford to eat red meat anymore.) worth a try.

  42. Thank You for witnessing to the fact that we are powerful, that there is so much mystery, that we can heal each other and the planet. There is a documentary called THe Secret Life of Plants, used to be available on Netflix, that discusses research on plant communication.

  43. Thanks for this encouraging and inspiring article. As a trained Body Psychotherapist, I am fascinated by this whole idea and although I haven’t yet managed to heal myself, having read your article, I think I now have a clearer idea what to do. Thanks so much!

  44. to me Yoga is a complete science by itself, eventhough we have a rich heritage and legacy, very little has been done to elevate it. Those who need Yoga will approach Yoga and get benefited by it. Thats the charm.

    • I feel commenters who try to disprove this kind of thing are very unwise. Look, it’s only a matter of time before there IS tried and tested proof. Why not just go with the flow till then and be satisfied that people are healing…. who in their right mind would want to debunk something that works?!

      • You are right. But my question is why do we need proof?? Going by instinct like all of nature goes one can fine tune and believe the heart and body. no???
        What we know is never the ultimate.And we know so little compared to what we are yet to know.

        • I hear you Mohini. The reason we need proof is because until we have it, we will NEVER have an effective collaboration with practitioners of allopathic medicine.
          I love your last sentence – you are right, “what we know is never the ultimate”.

    • Just because scientists rejected his findings, doesn’t mean his findings or others are ‘silly and debunked’. Many kids and adults reject peas, which doesn’t make peas any less good or healthy. Scientists often reject that which they don’t as yet understand.

      • The history of science shows that visionary people are met with disbelief and anger but they stick to their ‘guts’, they continue to do their experiments and with time they are proven correct and it becomes mainstream. Science rejected acupuncture but it is still here and is now being incorporated into practice at many hospitals around the world.

    • Actually, if you YouTube myth busters plants have feelings you will find the results consistent with the information in this blog. Whoever wrote the wiki article claiming myth busters concluded this to be a myth is spreading mis information. Here’s the YouTube video.

      I would also like to add that science doesn’t have all the answers, there’s so many gaps in what we know and so much that has yet to be discovered, it can’t test what it doesn’t see. I’m sure that before the placebo effect was recognized, any healing due to the placebo would have been discredited and disregarded. There are countless examples of scoentific theories being put to rest in favour of new discoveries. So, imo just because there isn’t a plethora of evidence and way too much of ‘it can’t be real it hasn’t been proven’ doesn’t actually make it false. If nothing else I’d say its better to stay optimistic and hopefully heal (be it legit or placebo) than to disbelieve and suffer or worse!

  45. I am a French lady now in her seventies, having lived a spiritual life since decades thanks to the Integral Yoga developed by Sri Aurobindo and The Mother. It was in 1976 that I got, quite unexpectedly, my first conscious contact with my cells’ consciousness, their thoughts and feelings (including the way they felt about me at that moment!), etc. It totally stunned me, and moved me tremendously, so I devised my own way to keep this new communication between us open … and forty years later, it is still happening, with ever more benefits, physically first of all but spiritually too, to the life my cells and me share all the time, being together in this one body.
    In 1996, after twenty years of keeping all this to myself, in a certain situation it became known to the other people also living in Auroville,(the experimental, international new city founded in 1968 near Pondicherry, South india, for conscious collective evolution towards Human Unity – the place where I had been living since 1972). After a while, in 1998 some of them asked me to put together a workshop to help others start a similar communication process with their own cells. I did, and since then I have been called a lot also outside of Auroville or India, to places not only in Europe but even in the USA and South America, for giving that workshop. Now I prefer to stay put in Auroville and rather let the people interested discover this unusual possibility while they are also exploring Auroville at large and its fantastic diversity. I still reach out to the larger world through the blog I started in 2011, ‘Lab of Evolution’:
    On this blog one of the main categories is of course ‘Cellular Consciousness’, and as all my posts get automatically published as well on my Facebook Page (Bhaga d’Auroville), quite a few people all over the world are following what I write, some with a particular interest for the ‘cellular news’ I often give. I of course love to be able sometimes to include cellular news from other sources, and I’ll be delighted to put the article above on my blog after I am finished adding this comment to the very interesting other ones I have been so happy to read. My smiling thanks to all for this wonderful sharing that has been so encouraging for me and this aspect of the work I do in Auroville I happen to be also a total fan of Tolkien and his Middle-earth saga, so don’t be surprised if I sign here in the Elvish way to greet people!..:-)

    • Thank you so much. Your words were just what I was looking for at this very moment! I frequently talk with my ‘Muse” in a similar way, and it brings me these kinds of synchronicity! I love it! And now will look at your blog and dive deper into the lab of Evolution!

    • Bonjour Mae!
      So glad you posted. I always wanted to visit Auroville and now I have one more reason to go – to meet you! Bless you, this blog is great news to me. Always felt like my body was a spiritual laboratory. J’habite Chantilly si tu es en France/Paris un jour.

  46. some how when I was young I new the to be a reality. I was born with a heart condition aortic stenosis I was told my aortic valve was one tenth the size After my second surgery I focused on the problem area and when I had my 3rd surgery I was told much to my surgeon’s surprise that my aortic artery was of normal size. . And also experienced other healing threw visualization and fasting . What kind of meditation do you do that helps you to train the brain to enter alpha and theta brain wave states?

  47. yes , I think it is possible,there must be communication in all living and nonliving objects.
    I am interested in it , in future I will surely share my experience about this type of communication.

  48. I was tempted to post some long-winded sarcastic comment, but suffice it to say that for me this cuts it. One too many pseudoscientific post for my liking. You want to create some fantasy universe to live in? Help yourself but I’m not wasting my time reading this stuff anymore.

    • I would first, invite you to ask yourself why you are discarding this information. We all create this “fantasy universe” in which we live. How you wish for your creation to appear is up to you. We do it every day and in every way. It is called your life. Yet we have been conditioned to believe that we are under the control of some outside force. Hypnotherapy and meditation would not create the amazing healing benefits that they do if these principles held no truth.

      • I don’t discard what is useful.Fantasies can be fun and rewarding but I wouldn’t want to feed my cat with one. Its true we all see the world and ourselves through our own unique and limited minds , education, experiences and guides good and bad. Luckily we don’t have to start from scratch every time we approach a problem though. We have a wonderful self correcting and improving body of science to draw from. That is where I would first look for help in understanding what a cat or myself might add to my diet Hypnotherapy and meditation have there uses, and like everything else they have there limitations. Reality is what is. Believing that your path is clear and perfect will not keep a rock from stubbing your toe !

      • The “outside forces” are the laws of chemistry and physics which last I looked are independent of anyone’s belief system. That said, the placebo effect is very real and operates in a manner that we don’t yet understand.

    • If you leave yourself open to possibilities you may be surprised by what you find. I personally know this is not psychobabble and my understanding came from applying what came to mind . which was to visualize my desired outcome . peace upon you . Always know that we really don’t have a clue , so stay open

      • This is all wonderful news to my ears, loved the article.

        A friend of mine practices what is called, attunement.

        It’s all based on the same ideas… There is a divine spark of life in each of us, a little piece of the Creator. I name no names. Semantics are irrelevant. Truth simply is. There is a medical pharmaceutical industrial complex, yes, the one responsible for hooking so many people on prescription medications that are often dangerous, including vaccines, which have increased the autism rate tremendously. This complex of criminals would deny each of us the opportunity to learn how to connect with our bodies to be able to heal ourselves. In addition, so many natural remedies exist, including CBD, and many herbs and Foods out there, which are very helpful and overall well-being and health. I wish you all the very best.

    • It is okay to feel this way. Nobody can accept a truth until they are ready to hear it. A person’s ability to accept a universal truth hinges on many things: where and how they were raised, their circle of friends, their friends’ attitudes, the ambient beliefs of their time, their own ability to ‘think outside the box,’ and their willingness to be open to new ideas – to accept things that are not immediately apparent.
      If you believe in God, a Creator, a Higher Source, or even, just, that there is a spark/energy that keeps the body animated while it’s alive and has left when the body is declared dead, the coming to believe in these truths is a natural evolutionary progression of the soul/belief system.
      Children believe that certain things are not true when an adult knows that they ARE true (and the reverse of that), many adults ‘know’ that no person has ever gone to the moon – that it’s all a hoax, some people believe that there is no God or anything that could be described as a higher power, but people HAVE gone to the moon and there is a God.
      I feel sad for anyone who doesn’t believe in anything they can’t see or know through their five senses; they are limiting themselves. “There are none so blind as those who WILL not see.” Just because someone REFUSES to see something doesn’t mean that it’s not there, not real. It only means that they are not ready to accept that reality yet.
      The good news though is this: just as many of your taste in foods, friends and activities change over time, many of your beliefs will change, and just like we all mature to one degree or another, your spiritual journey (if allowed to progress) will go to a deeper level, and you too may come to a point where you can see truths that were not visible before.
      The earth is not flat even though at one time EVERYBODY ‘knew’ that it was. Sometimes the truth is slow in becoming apparent and accepted.
      Please try to remain neutral instead of adamantly against something that you don’t believe in at the moment, you’ll have to eat your words less often that way.
      If your mind is open to possibilities when others around you are closed, then when the truth is becoming obvious YOU will look like the enlightened one of your group. If for no other reason than being able to save face later on, ponder a while on these thoughts.

    • It does seem a little pointless. It seems that when one crosses over to believing in magic or convenient ideas diverging from reality, their “open” minds can be quite closed to rational debate. I like the vibe of the sight but this article ; although being of good intent , is a blatantly obvious regurgitation of old wu .

      • I’m not sure where the rational debate was started, and refused, by those believing in this issue? Perhaps, I have missed some posts. There are many many many things in this Universe of ours, that we are yet to find, learn, embrace. Your opinion is respected, just as the opposite opinions deserve. Each opinion deserves that respect.

    • noone said you had to read it . And if you haven’t tried it, you cant say its fantasy, thats just a judgement, not and informed (or scientific) opinion. The nature of a scientific mind is to explore reality and observe cause and effect with an open unbiased approach.
      Science is still young, and has a long way to go to catch up with ancient knowledge and instinctive wisdom that actually doesn’t need science to ‘approve’ it, because it works. If its not your bag … don’t read about it … simple 😀 don’t just trash other peoples direct experince. That is just ignorant.

    • Sarcasm is not helpful, so glad you valued yourself to write a post. I see it is a long time since you wrote it and you probably never visit this site again. I think it is good to be sceptical and scientific, but science is not stagnant and develops all the time , and quite fast , so I always keep an open mind. I don’t know how you found this site , and I hope that if you were seeking advice on health I try hope you have found it

  49. I began earnestly listening to my body and talking to my body at age 50. Think I always did this on a sub conscious level. But on a conscious level I began asking my body to accept the good things and discard the bad, while trying to eat healthily, minimize negativity, and put my attention of positive things. I am now 75 years old and in good health. I have my own eating cycles, sleep cycles, and my diet varies from meat, in moderation, fewer carbohydrates, greens to include algae, asparagus, artichokes, and lately arugula. I follow my body’s guide as to sugars. I started using coconut oil on my body in the early 80’s when in Belize and the owner of the hotel made coconut oil. Cook some with it, especially popcorn. only use olive oil, otherwise. I read profusely about nutrition, positive spirituality, the body’s abilities..which brings us to your article. I hug trees, walk barefoot on the beach with the conscious intention of connecting with the earth’s rythms. swim and float the Caribbean Sea almost daily, try to minimize plastic which is hard since it is everywhere. I send love to the earth and all it embodies every day and I ask her to heal herself as we heal ourselves…Thank you!!!!

    • I am very appreciative of your sharing your experiences and would be very interested in anything else you have to impart.
      You speak of the Caribbean and Belize, where do you live now? I’m on the western coast of Florida.
      I’m in the process of overcoming fears brought on by traumatic events (which have left me apartment bound) and I’m looking forward to walking in the sand again like the images your message created in my mind.
      I also use coconut and olive oils, but I use coconut oil whenever there is heat involved, because heat destroys olive oil making it less healthy. My rule is, if it’s to be used cold, use olive oil, but if there’s any cooking/baking/heat involved then use coconut oil.
      May your journey be always an enriching one.

      • do you know the children’s story ‘we are going on a bear hunt’? Well there is a line in it that goes like this- I’m not scared , it’s a beautiful day !
        When the children were anxious I asked them to sing or say this to them-self while walking , repeating in their mind, softly or loudly singing
        Then I tried this with anxious new mums who had trouble leaving the house …
        People still tell me how something so simple (at a bit silly) was so effective in achieving their goal step by step

    • Thank you for your comments. I’m from Belize and long for coconut oil from Belize. I currently live in the States. My desire and intention is establish a wellness center that is holistic and integrative. I’ve been listening for many years, but recent years of meditation have upped my game significantly. I appreciate this article and your response.

    • You are amazing!!!It’s not just our body we can and must talk to. The universe,Trees,plants, animals…even things…listen when we speak to them…we need to learn to listen in return!!We in India believe everything has a spirit …including non living ones. Of course most Indians have lost this belief over the years but its a wonderful experience to become connected….love n light to u !!

      • Don’t forget to use this same medicine with people! This is how we connect with and heal the world.The same dynamic applied to all energies fields and flows. Beautiful.

    • I love this! I do these things too, except for floating in Carribean water and having coconut oil specifically from Belize! ?

      I talk to and with many things – a conversation, an asking – and they most often listen.

      However, with my body I’ve often only talked At it… withmy heart and emotions, affirmations…. I have yet to truly open the doors to conscious communication WITH it. I have autoimmune disease – which many of the peopleI know consider to instead be a shamanic illness. It has taught me so many things, and brought me closer to Source… but I think I have learned enough to help my body evolve past needing it in order to Listen. ?

      This may just be the step I need to make that shift.

      Thank you for commenting. And to the author of the article, thank you for writing and sharing. ?

  50. YES ,IT HAPPENS…i often talk to my body ,and am currently healing my eyesight.Number of ailments i have self-healed..it works!!! sometimes it takes a while but the ailment goes!!!
    INFACT i even talk to my food to give me energy and to my body asking it to accept the nourishment…..i am actually trying to reverse diabetes!I did regain 2 kgs weight over 2 months but lost it because of food poisoning!! now im back to trying to get my body to heal!!!

    • How is the problem with your eyes progressing? I have cataracts that are causing me to lose my eyesight yet I am reluctant to have surgery. It doesn’t give you perfect vision and it CAN go horribly wrong.
      There is a fungus, the Chaga Mushroom, that grows on the birch trees in northern climes that can stop and even reverses cataracts (as well as other problems), but as you know it can a very long time to be approved of for treatment use. It’s my belief that it’s easier for big pharma to get new medicines approved than alternative treatments that have been proven to work over the millenia. Or maybe that’s just my cynicism showing.
      My belief is that God has given us everything that we need already and that we just have to figure out what and how to use them.
      I send my love to you in hopes that it will aid you in your self-healing efforts.

      • I had the cataract surgery in 2012 and went from extreme myopia to my current 20/20 vision, without glasses! Highly recommend it. It was minimally invasive with only a one day recovery. I had a fast advancing form of cataract which was going to leave me almost blind without treatment, so I’m very grateful. Also, no more contact lens, no more paying for solution and worrying about losing them or swimming with them on. It’s wonderful to have perfect vision without glasses or contacts. I had one eye done for reading and the other for far vision, so i don’t need reading glasses, either. Go for it!

      • Sorry !! i took time acknowledging ur reply!!i’m sure u can get rid of the cataract but it all depends on ur communicating and exercising your eyes.There is a lot of literature available.I am told people who work in indian wayside food joints peeling loads of onions never get cataract.i plan to try mixing little onion juice with rosewater in larger proportion and put in my eyes …lets see!! i have a feeling it will work! but NOT SURE. i TOO HAVE A CATARACT SURGERY THAT WENT SLIGHTLY WRONG…I NOW SEE COLORS VIBRANT IN HUE AND SEE DARK BLUE FOR BLACK WITH MY OPERATED EYE!!NO ,WILL NOT GO FOR SURGERY AGAIN!!

      • My mother is 80 she had both her eyes done last year. We are in the UK. Surgery was via Moorfields (specialist eye hospital) the NHS.
        I’m pleased to report that she now has better eye sight than me and only wears a very low prescription for reading. She no longer wears glasses to watch TV. She came through the surgery which was carried out on one eye then after a couple of months the second eye. Hope this gives some reassurance

      • Yes. And their are people out their who can guide you down this path. Big pharma deceives and has the love of money in mind.i personally believe their are many people in the medical perfession who have good hearts and good intentions. But their are also so many that are clouded by the love of money and power. Check out the natural alternatives for real,and keep your faith and hope and prayer in God for sure because he is real, we are by Devine creation. I know it in my heart and soul and this system of things is coming to an end and the glory of God most certainly is coming. ?️

    • Type 2 Diabetis is curable by losing weight, the easiest way to do that is dont eat WHEAT products, (bread, pasta,etc) Ive fixed 2 friends with type 2, in 2 weeks, using that.

      • not only eliminating bread, pasta, etc, but anything with corn or corn syrup, or high fructose syrup, these all convert to sugar making it extremely difficult to manage or overcome type II diabetes successfully. always check with MD and dietitian for full medical workup and lab to see if this is the right plan for your management.

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