How Changing Your Beliefs Actually Changes the World Around You

By Gilbert Ross on Saturday October 7th, 2017

Change Starts Inside of You

I always notice a basic fault when I hear people talk about hoping for change in the world. It’s the idea that we see the notion of change as something happening outside of us, driven by some faceless group of elite scientists, inventors and leaders coming up with some revolutionary idea that would set the world on a different course.

The fault with this notion is that it comes from the same mold which gave form to the problem in the first place–separation. We feel that we are separate from all the atrocities happening in different corners of the world; separate from shady global deals done in the interest of the few; separate from the marvelous work done by selfless peacekeepers and volunteers; separate from the bloodied hands of our previous generations and the problems of the next generations.

We think that we are helpless, innocent and powerless in the face of all this and that the change we expect ‘has’ to come from others, individuals, collectives or nations.

The Pain of Separation

When we look at the world outside, we constantly see problems. We see real world problems such as overpopulation, energy crisis, water scarcity, the destruction of our environment, health hazards, etc. We also see degenerative and auto-destructive patterns of behaviour such as greed, materialism, madness, over-consumerism and the general disenchantment with the world and the universe. In short, we see modern man as having lost his soul and disconnected with his spirit and the natural world.

Separation from outer problemsWhen we look at the world outside, we constantly see problems.

When you think of it, in fact, all of these problems we see are rooted in separation. Humanity seems to be off course because we have separated ourselves from our ancestral wisdom, our enchantment with the magical universe, with ourselves, with our being. We have increasingly ingrained in us the false idea of individual freedom at the cost of community welfare. We feel that we have the freedom to be separate from our global community and affairs that affect the millions. So the recurrent theme is separation.

Wearing the Inside Out

On another level, we fail to see that our outer world, with all its blessings and problems, is merely a projection of our inner world, both individually and collectively. Wars, atrocities, eco-destruction and restlessness are nothing more than a projection of what is happening internally, on a deeper psychic level. The state of the world we are in is nothing more than the state we are in internally, on a collective level. Once again, we feel there is a separation between our internal and outer reality which is basically nothing more than a mere illusion. On a positive note, the good change we are starting to witness is also a reflection of our nascent change in consciousness, first on an individual, then collective, scale.

Re-programming Your Reality

I feel that the idea to work with is that before we expect any mass changes to the afflictions we see in the world around us, we should start experimenting with changing the immediate reality around us, equipped with the idea that we can bend our personal reality by shifting how we face the world and interact with it. As the iconic quote from Gandhi goes:

Be the change you want to see.

We can change the worldWe have the power to transform ourselves and the world around us.

We start shifting our reality not by gaining anything new but by releasing and letting go of years of conditioning and self-limiting beliefs. Here are some beliefs we ought to start adopting, while letting go of their complete opposite, if we really want to start seeing the change happening around us:

1) You are Always Part of the Equation of Life

When we feel disconnected we lose our real power. That power is the feeling of being one with life–of being an integral part of the equation. Again, the human ‘dis-ease’ is that we feel separate from, and powerless over, the currents of our life stream.

When we realign ourselves with the belief that we are part of the whole eco-system of life with its subtleties and magic, we create a powerful inner conviction that enables us to trust and have faith in whatever is happening. This is the magical ingredient for staying in tune with our highest potential and unblocking those obstacles that keep us from moving forward and changing our reality.

2) You Can Empower Yourself to be the Change You Want

We are embedded in a system that is programmed to disempower us and conditions us into believing that change happens outside of us. Yet, when we listen closer to our heart, we realise that this empowerment or disempowerment is only in our hands. If we allow ourselves to be ground down by the machinery of the system, then that is what we create.

Releasing self-limiting beliefsWe shift our reality by letting go of conditioning and self-limiting beliefs.

If, on the other hand, we take charge of our life and destiny and encourage ourselves with the idea that only we have the power to make the change, we are turning the tables on the system. We start becoming free hearts and free thinkers. The shackles no longer bind us because we become masters of our own destiny.

3) You are a Co-Creator of your own Reality

It’s a simple but powerful truth really. You are the co-creator of your own reality. Look at your life, the state you are now in–whether good or bad. You had a big say to create all that, whether you are conscious of it or otherwise. Since we are agents in our own life, we make choices, interact, dream and act, we are undeniably co-creators of our own reality. The more we catch up with the idea and consciously take hold of it, the more we can co-create and change our life positively.

4) Healing is Losing the Sense of Separateness and Fear

If you consciously look deep into yourself, you will find a constant yearning for healing; for restoring your being. This is a constant spiritual quest that we look for in different ways, at different times in our life. What this healing really means is remembering who we really are–our real power, our humanity and divinity at the same time. Most of all, healing is transcending fear and our sense of separateness.

Remembering who we really areHealing is remembering our real power, our humanity and our divinity.

It is important then to always remember that we can heal ourselves by moving away from fear and the belief that we are disconnected and alone in a hostile universe, to one where we have faith that no matter how our life fluctuates, it’s all fine, since we are supported by an infinite source of love and power.

5) Others are Allies to your Co-Creations

The sense of separation continues to be reinforced by the sense of ‘us and them’. We feel that others can be a threat to our own wellbeing and happiness. We see them as possible competitors in a limited pool of resources. We enter into the survival mindset.

This is all very counterproductive at best. The more we let go of the sense of fear and separateness (thus being healed), the more we see others as potential allies and contributors to our own co-creations. This cannot be otherwise if we start from the premise that everything is interconnected and that we are an integral part of the equation of life (see point number one).

People who have become conscious co-creators of their own destiny know the true value and power in this. They understand the importance of helping, sharing, trusting and giving out, while getting in. They understand human nature more intimately, knowing that each and every person, no matter how his or her outer behaviour can be off-putting, carries the same potential for healing themselves, others and the world around them.

Be the changeBecome the change you want to see in yourself and the world.

6) You can Always Change the Channel you Tune into

Another fundamental truth that has been echoed in various forms, is that everything is ultimately energy and vibration at different levels of frequency; from very low, soul-wrenching vibrations to elevating, exhilarating frequencies of love and bliss. You have the power and freedom to choose which channel to tune into. Negative self-talk, self-limiting beliefs, fear, cynical friends, etc., will keep you stuck in a reality that vibrates at low frequency, so to speak.

On the other hand, opening your heart to new experiences and adventures, doing more of the things you like, being grateful, surrounding yourself with exciting people, and not being afraid to love, will help you shift into a frequency bandwidth that will make you attract more of the same goodness and excitement. It will literally make you become the change you want to see in yourself and the world.

It’s basically about tuning into and attracting the energy vibrations you would like to see more of in your reality. Thus, while you are tuning into higher frequencies and tuning out of the lower ones, you are co-creating a meaningful and positive personal reality which ultimately is projected and manifested in the world. The result is that you would be creating the change you want to see in this world. On a collective level, this would be the beginning of a new earth.

Words By Gilbert Ross

Gilbert Ross is researcher, writer and author of Soul Hiker.




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  1. Love it…Always thought this way,but we often get side tracked by the rat – race & go off course. Thanks for steering me back on track & into a more positive mindset!

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