How To Be A Steward of the Earth

By UPLIFT on Saturday February 25th, 2017

Can You Create Sustainable Change Where You Live?

More and more people across the globe are yearning to be part of a movement of change that creates a way of living, where all beings can thrive together.

Jamaica Stevens, author of Reinhabiting the Village: Cocreating Our Future, is the founder of a global social movement for living a more regenerative lifestyle, based on resilient and interconnected communities living in harmony with the earth.

This planet’s future is in all of our hands and we have to find a way to be one human species and celebrate where we are diverse and unique … We need to make sure the way we treat the earth, how we use resources are all for life-giving purposes instead of life extracting purposes.

She sees stewardship as having response-ability. Her project provides an inspiring roadmap and blueprint for building the foundation of an innovative future for a bright tomorrow.

We are caretakers and have an incredible gift to have a thriving planet… It isn’t so much to say ‘well let’s just step out of the way.’ Our time for stepping out of the way, and being in symbiotic simplicity with nature, is over. We need to do so much more.

Here Jamaica Stevens explains how:

February 25th 2017

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