Layla Martin: How to Be an Epic Lover

By UPLIFT on Thursday August 31st, 2017

What are the secrets to experiencing, giving and receiving epic sex?

What is the secret to having extraordinary sex? While technically speaking intimacy is not a competitive sport, there is a certain level of pressure we all put on ourselves to ‘perform’ in that area. Layla Martin is a tantric sex therapist who’s counselled thousands of people. She says the key to epic sex and legendary loves lies in shifting our focus from our ‘performance’ and being truly present to the sexual experience.

For most people the focus in sex is on ‘does this person love me, am I doing good enough?’, and it’s literally re-shifting that focus into, ‘what am I feeling in my penis right now, what am I feeling in my vagina right now?’.

By also focussing on conscious breathing, she says you experience a deeper and more meaningful relationship with both sex and your partner. And even if you’re not in a relationship, Layla also has some sage advice.

For me, even just doing a connected breath into my vagina while I am masturbating, that completely shifts the experience, and it can get way more complex than that.

Listen to Layla Martin’s tips for a more connected sex and love life here.

August 31st 2017

About Our Guest:

Layla Martin is a tantric sex therapist and author of Wild Women in Bed and Epic Love: A Playful Guide For Couples

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