How to Create Real Change

How to Create Real Change

The Story of Interbeing

Too many people feel they can’t change the world because they are powerless.  But what if we actually have unlimited power, but haven’t yet realised it? Visionary author and speaker, Charles Eisenstein, says this is not a transition we can make by ourselves, because we are not separate selves.

If we want to make a transition to a new world, we have to create a new story of interbeing. If everything that happens to you is happening to me, then my wellbeing is attached to your wellbeing.  Any action creates ripples through a matrix of causality that we can’t really see.

It’s important to validate the small acts of love each individual gives every day and to understand that the lonely journey is now over.

Here Charles Eisenstein explains how the real power we have to create change comes from alignment with the web of being.


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