How To Deal With Being Hated

How To Deal With Being Hated

How to distinguish between the Hater and the Critic

It can be extremely alarming to learn that someone hates us, especially when we feel we have done nothing to provoke this hatred. In today’s world of social media, we have more opportunity than ever for negative interactions, not just with the people around us but also on a global scale.

In our panic at being hated, we often fail to ask ourselves the one most important question: Is there is any truth in the attack? But, even when criticism is correct, we should ever surrender our self love to anyone who delivers it to us drenched with contempt? Is it true that anyone who deliberately harms us must be a highly damaged and an unreliable witness?

In this insightful video, learn how to cope with being hated and distinguish between the hater and the critic.


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