How To Respond When Life Gets Real

How To Respond When Life Gets Real

The Extraordinary Power of the Human Spirit

Imagine losing your sight and then later becoming paralysed after an accident where you fell out of a high window … Faced with life’s toughest circumstances, how should we respond: as an optimist, a realist or something else?

Some people become extraordinary in the face of immense difficulty. No stranger to challenge, Mark Pollock was the first blind man to race to the South Pole. Here he shares his moving and inspiring story, of coping with life’s deepest curveballs, together with his partner Simone.

In an unforgettable talk, explorer Mark Pollock and human rights lawyer Simone George explore the tension between acceptance and hope in times of grief – and share the groundbreaking work they’re undertaking to cure the paralysis that impacts over 60 million people worldwide.


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