How to Shift Self-Sabotage

By UPLIFT on Wednesday February 22nd, 2017

You can halt your limiting patterns

We’ve all encountered those invisible walls that trip us up just when we think we’re getting somewhere in life. And, if you’ve ever tried to bash them down, you’ll know that it can be extremely difficult. Why is this so?

Cellular Biologist, Dr Bruce Lipton, says it’s because we’re operating out of our default subconscious programming 95 percent of the time. Basically, we’re all living on autopilot, controlled by this program. A most sobering thought! But, there’s hope.

The author of The Biology of Belief has devoted his life to understanding human biology and behaviour, and through the science of epigenetics, Bruce Lipton says we can reprogram our minds.

So, if ninety-five percent of our subconscious is programmed before the age of seven, how can we change negative behaviour? Here Dr Bruce Lipton explains.

Read: How to Change Our Self-Limiting Programs

February 22nd 2017

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