How to Stress-Proof your Life

By UPLIFT on Tuesday February 14th, 2017

Can We Live a Stress-Free Life?

There’s a huge difference between good stress and bad stress. Dr Mithu Storoni explains how to tell the two apart, and how bad stress impacts our bodies, minds, and personalities. Wellness Practitioner, Dr Oscar Serrallach, shares his top five hacks for reducing stress, and Michael Platow encourages us all to take part in the Global Prejudice Census.

February 14th 2017

About Our Guests

Dr Mithu Storoni is a University of Cambridge-trained medical doctor, who is certified in Ophthalmology and holds a PhD in Neuro-ophthalmology. She speaks five languages, teachers hot yoga, and her first book, ‘Stress-Proof‘ is coming out in August 2017.

Dr Oscar Serrallach is at the cutting edge of wellness medicine. He has been practising medicine for over 15 years and has worked in diverse areas, including Addiction Medicine, Psychiatry, and Aboriginal Men’s Health. He now focuses on his passion, Nutritional and Environmental Medicine (NEM). Dr Serrallach is the co-author of the book ‘Mothermorphosis – Your Revolutionary Guide to Post-Natal Transformation‘, and has been running an Integrative Medical Centre since 2011.

Professor Michael Platow is the Lead Researcher for the Global Prejudice Census. He has conducted and published research in various aspects of social psychology, been recognised with various awards, and has worked at some of the most prestigious universities in Australia and New Zealand, including the Australian National University, La Trobe University, and the University of Otago.

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  1. Thanks for the article writing about where the muscles where stress is stored. It explains a lot. When I do my streches it makes a difference in mobility which lessens my stress. I just never put the two together. Would you post spasific streching exercises for those muscles please.

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