I Am Not a Monster: Schizophrenia

I Am Not a Monster: Schizophrenia

Putting a face to schizophrenia

Some days life can be extremely challenging and painful, but imagine adding into the mix hallucinations about clowns that are following you, or a dark faceless girl who tries to attack you.

Cecilia McGough is a courageous young woman who has endured schizophrenic episodes since she was a little girl. Today she is speaking out to the world, and sharing her journey with schizophrenia and how she’s overcome it.

This incredibly bright astronomy and astrophysics major, is breaking down the stigma around schizophrenia through her willingness to share her story, exploding the myth that you can have a mental illness and not be mentally strong.

Cecilia says that one out of ten people who have schizophrenia take their own life through suicide.

“1.1% of the world’s population over 18 has some form of schizophrenia.  That’s 51 million people worldwide.”

A powerful and moving Ted Talk from a young woman who is putting a face to schizophrenia and and who is empowering college students through her non-profit, Students With Schizophrenia.


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