I’m Starting with the Man in the Mirror!

By Paul C Pritchard on Thursday June 4th, 2020

Image: Brad Lloyd

Who Will Bring Forth the New World?

Sometimes the hardest part isn’t letting go but rather learning to start over. – Nicole Sobon

I wish I had a dollar lately for every time I hear the words, “The world has gone crazy!” But is it really any crazier than before? Before the COVID-Crazy took hold there was still all sorts of crazy. As Pompeii was buried under molten lava someone said this. When Julius Nepos and Romulus Augustulus were arguing who was the last Roman Emperor someone said this. When the Qing Dynasty fell many Chinese farmers said this. In 1914 as soldiers marched from many countries into bloody fatal battle many people said this. In 1939 more soldiers, more gays, more Jews, more gypsies said this. In 1989 in Tiananmen Square many people said this.

Yes, every nation in the world seems to be for the first time ever in history watching and experiencing the same ‘drama’. This is for sure unprecedented (I’d also like a dollar for every time I hear that word). And I don’t want to negate the severity of what’s happening. I don’t want to minimise the pain and the loss and the suffering that this monumental world event is creating. But I do want to emphasise that there have always been planetary micro dramas of varying severities and consequences within each relationship, home, town, city, state, country, continent … we just haven’t had a macro one for a very long time.

History reports global catalytic changes in glossy textbooks with immaculate illustrations and mind-blowing timelines. We learn of the rise and the fall of this or that Empire or Dynasty. And isn’t it always this way? We hear of the Earth in ice-age or flood. We stand in meteorite craters and look up at the stars saying a little grief prayer for all the dinosaurs now gone. We use DNA to date and time-stamp and verify theories – some we win and some we lose.

This is the first time in the Earth’s history that we have global science, accurate data, physics predictions etc. We can see further than we have ever seen … backwards and into the future. We know more. We have satellite perspectives and instant communications. We have live video feeds … every human is a recording machine. In effect, we are watching and recording this transition in real-time … joining the dots, mapping the data, illustrating in the now. Never before have we had the ability to literally self-reflect and self-analyse the demise of a particular global era. That’s what is exceptional — that’s what is paramount. It feels so staggeringly huge because we are having the direct experience and we are aware of it. We have the tools to weather this storm and then full throttle thrive and be truly alive.

 alt=Never before have humans been so aware and equipped for the challenges we’re experiencing. Image: George Gvasalia

The world is recalibrating – the birth of the New, the endless New, the always New Earth …

Reforging Our Identity

I too feel that the world is indeed reforging its identity. I know in the core of my being that something new is being born. It’s palpable. Underneath every thread of conversation at home, at the store, on the News, there’s a double-edged sword of anxiety and exhilaration. There’s a recognition, one we all feel, that something has to give, we need a shift. There’s the slog of our current reality and there’s this rampant hope. This hope, that will bring forth a new day, a new light, a kinder world.

No matter what side of the fence we sit on: climate change or no climate change, pesticides and fertilisers versus organic farming, 5G and radio wave damage or is it safe? God or atheism … There is so much debate; so much noise. But one thing again and again that everyone agrees is that a change is needed, a change has come and we’d better be ready for it.

Man is suffering. Man is awakening. Man is caught in endless egoic dramas, the Samsara – the cycle of death and rebirth to which life in the material world is bound. The cycle of suffering is relentless. Same script, different theatre, backdrop and cast. But as a species … we are repeating the same mistakes over and over again.

So who or what brings this glorious new age … who heralds the arrival?

In all the static and complexity, there is a very simple answer:

It’s YOU. Yes, YOU. It’s me and we and us and them. It’s everyone with their unique and miraculous human hearts. It’s time to collaborate for Unity, Peace and Love. It’s time to give up the old ways. It’s time to settle into the astounding quality of emergence. It’s time to get wide-eyed and curious as we participate in this emergence.

You can only lose what you cling to. – Buddha

But how do we do this with all the noise and fear-mongering and anxiety-driven machinery of social-media and news? Again, that’s a simple answer. We start with where we are at. With honest self-reflection. We look in the mirror. We stop pretending that the dirt is on the mirrors and realise it is on our faces. We dig deep and ask how we clear up our celebration of difference, our integrity, our hearts, our compassion, our generosity, our acceptance, our tolerance, our boundless capacity to nurture, nourish and support. Then our reflection will be truly authentic. We will see in the mirrors who we truly are. We will rest after all that deep cleaning is over with a sense of collective pride and self-worth.

Alt text hereThe change starts with you, me, with each and every one of us. Image: Laurenz Kleinheider

When we finally make contact with our true nature, our true ground … then we truly have the potential to aim for the stars. Or perhaps we won’t need to as we may be satisfied, even blissfully happy, with this Heaven on Earth.

Trust the Darkness by Jeff Foster

If you are lost
If nothing makes sense anymore
If all your reference points…
have collapsed

The old life is crumbling now
If the mind is foggy, tired, busy.
If the organism is exhausted
and longs to rest.

This is a rite of passage
not an error.

You are healing
in your own original way.

Contact the ground now
Breathe in, out
Make room for the visitors:
The sorrow, doubt, fear, anger.
An ancient emptiness –
That just wants to be felt
They just want to pass through.

You are a vessel, not the separate self.
You are the sky, not the passing weather.

The old life is falling away.
A new life is being born.

Others may not understand

But trust anyway
Contact the ground.


We’d love to hear how you are taking baby steps or even great strides in working towards a beautiful reflection. What works for you in shedding your tired and old ways? How do you feel stepping more and more into the essence of who you truly are: a spark of the one Light, a paradoxically significant and insignificant part of this wondrous whole – this glorious Oneness? Please leave your resonance and inspiring comments below.

Much Love

Paul for Team UPLIFT




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58 Responses to I’m Starting with the Man in the Mirror!

  1. I really enjoy this site with effective and useful information. This includes a very good post with many of our resources. Thank you for sharing. I enjoyed this post.

  2. I have been saying since covid happened that this is the beginning to the end. A new beginning. NOTHING will ever be the same. No matter how we try to go back to our comfort zones. We will have no place to go but to find the new more peaceful way of life.
    Money won’t matter, material things won’t matter, the outdated school system will crash and burn like it should have a long time ago. If you bully you will be shamed. Love is and will always be the most powerful force.
    Hate, jealousy, fear and anger will be squeezed out of society.
    You can chose to get on this bus without resistance or you will be forced into this by having these limited outdated beliefs overrun by a loving force.
    I was forced out of my outdated limited way of believing and brought to see how love will out power any neg force of nature there is.
    I didn’t ask to get on the bus… a series of events over a 6 yr period happened to me. One event by one event slowly stripped me from what I knew as “normal”.
    Love fills my body more and more every day. For this journey I am beyond grateful.

    • May your bus give you a comfortable ride and may your destination be as worthwhile as the journey itself. Much love to you Nik God’s speed!

    • You’re very welcome Ziane … thank you for your beautiful participation in Unity Peace and Love … Much love to you, Paul

  3. The new world is already here. I have been working on it for a long time. By changing my food and my habits. LOVE is the keyword. I am the drop in my ocean.

  4. The truth is that all of the Life I have been given is part of My Masterpiece. I have been given brilliant reds, vibrant blues, sunny yellows and lots of dark, velvet blacks to create this work. I have not always known how to make this creation but somehow, I can see that never stopped me from creating it anyhow. All the suffering I survived, has given me the contrast I needed to make this Life uniquely mine. It has been mixed in with glorious sunshine and spread with agents of Change which inspired my growth as a Life Artist. People, places, situations have all allowed my creative endeavor, my Life, to become fully realized.

    I am in my 70’s now and have encountered tremendous personal challenges, which have forced me to grow as a creator. Born in a refugee camp, poverty, education, motherhood, career, political unrest, sickness, health, uncertainty, all are now part of the Masterpiece of my Life. I no longer fear the unknown. I look at the not-knowing as part of the grist for my evolution as a creative artist. Without these challenges, I can see that I would not have evolved as a human. Without challenges, I would have stayed in the security of something that I already knew. Instead, I boldly, for me, began to agree to navigate through and with the Challenges.

    Today’s world is filled with Challenges: COVID, racism, bigotry, unemployment, corruption, climate change, Fear and Uncertainty. All of us are experiencing one or more of these challenges personally. What if we let go of the Fear and looked at what we need to change within ourselves to allow bright, new shoots of Hope and Love grow? The Macro world cannot exist the way it does right now if the Micro, you and I, refused to act in Fear. What if we embraced the Changes as the next big adventure in the world we are creating. We get to be the Hero, the Adventurer, the Artist of our Masterpieces. Or hide under the bed! We choose.

    If you only have one Life to create this story of who you are, you MUST let go of the Fear and Let Go! You are being called to be extraordinary using whatever tools you came equipped with. Do all the little things that you can do to be heroic in your daily actions. True heroes, like Mahatma Gandhi, started with those small steps in the direction they want to go towards. The small steps may or may not become giant steps that the world will observe or they always may be small steps which lead others to the future. A mother who dedicates her life to being a mother, may not be a national hero, yet, her dedication leads to her children who achieve those giant steps. Without her, the future heroes may never materialize.

    All of us are being called to take action towards becoming Co-creators in our Lives. This is only possible when we let go of Fear and take a leap into the Unknown. With Faith, Hope and Love supporting us, we will transform the world into one we want our children to live in. We are the Change we want to see.

    • This sooo beautifully written.
      I loved each and every line of this piece. The optimism is amazing it charges us.Since 8m a mother I loved the l8nes
      ” A mother who dedicates her life to being a mother, may not be a national hero, yet, her dedication leads to her children who achieve those giant steps. Without her, the future heroes may never materialize”
      It’s beautifully penned.

    • Thanks for your beautiful sharing. We’d love to publish it in our community contributions section … please email me at [email protected]. Thank you. Again, it’s beautiful. Much love Paul

      • You took my breath away….Beautifully said and you made me feel stronger on a day when I truly needed it! Love to you and THANK YOU BARBARA.

  5. You are a vessel, not the separate self.
    You are the sky, not the passing weather.

    We are One, and awakening to our oneness, in caring for one another…whether we wear masks to protect the community, or feel moved at George Floyd’s eulogy, or offer loving kindness to all beings.

    You are not the wave, you are the ocean!

    Peace and love…many thanks!

  6. The way that works for me with regard to self-reflection is the practice of Centering Prayer and daily journaling. This prayer is transforming in a loving and gentle way. It takes time and commitment, but it is worth the investment.

    • Thank you Linda … May we all be worth the investment. Thanks for your beautiful commitment and light. Much love Paul ❤️

  7. A lovely and inspiring article I am feeling totally overwhelmed at the moment and just pray to god, something good can emerge from me and the whole of humankind .

  8. For years I have longed for us all to wake up, and have seen and contributed to it in small seemingly insignificant ways. Change is most definitely coming on a global scale as each person begins to feel the need to look at themselves.
    Thank you for sharing your inspiring article xx

  9. I shared to a group the same call that this is a macro event. I don’t know if anyone has also seen, the guerrilla in the room training video from within the field of Behavioural Science. It is where a group in a room pass a ball, we were asked to count the passes. I myself remember counting, to have revealed after that there was a man in a costume walking through & none of us noticed.
    To help illustrate the change of perspective, as it is tricky if you have not had a crisis significant enough from your own life. I have had an emotional crisis that facilitated a break down, it was not my first & I have practised my practices eaten nutrition. I am on my feet again and I have sense of wonder, I can stand my ground, it does not yet feel that safe & that is where I think because I Have been using bad coping strategies since July last year, because I could. I understand, how to move forward now & I am grateful for my understanding of how things are.

    • Thanks for sharing your micro healing journey. When you heal: we heal. Big love and support. Always holding your hand. Much love Paul 💓❤️💕

  10. Paul,

    Thank you for your article, it truly resonated with me as well as the poem. Beyond this fear there is the new, and yes, we need to listen to the youth and their stories, more collaboration and less criticism…each one of us can do what we can do, moment by moment.

    Goodwill to all and Thank you.

    Caroline X🦋🌈

  11. Thanks for your words Paul. I feel like sending you a hug in appreciation for so clearly articulating how I’ve been feeling! thank you love Bronte

    • I think you’re right … it’s challenging for all of us … passive perpetrators and passive participators. We all need to take a closer look. Happily we can do that kindly and lovingly and consciously 🙂 big love to you brave heart. Paul

  12. Thank you Paul! I’m finding a new level of honesty with myself, for example noticing that the familiar lunch at a nice familiar place doesn’t (honestly) feel quite so nice seen under a brighter light a more compassionate light, of what effort and from whom has gone into that nice lunch landing on my plate. What tastes nicer to me, or starting to, is the humble creative renewal in my life, aspiring to be and have much less and feeling so like I am a bit ‘more’. It feels like in baby steps, I’m getting nearer to the more grounded me. Thank you so much for what you wrote! Marie-Helene

    • Baby steps are tantamount to revolution when over 7 billion people take them ! Big love to you Paul 💕

    • Bring your love … bring your flaws … bring your peace dove and bring your wars … All
      is welcome here ! ❤️🙏❤️

  13. Breathing in
    Breathing out
    Embodying my truth here now
    Feeling the Earth
    Embracing the Heavens
    Excited to be here now

  14. Thank you for this Paul. Your words resonate and echo my own sentiments of this momentous time in our history.

    Be well,


    • You too Denise … May we all be well. I mean really well. Back to nature … back to human-kindness-nature 🙂 Much love Paul

  15. On all continents, today’s youth is making a big difference. They are creative in helping the most vulnerable in their communities. They communicate digitally and get involved in critical issues with zeal and dedication. This gives me hope for change.

    • I wholeheartedly agree … we must lean into the youth wisdom more as well as elder experience – Collaboration is the key Much love Paul

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