Kimberly Reed: An Inspiring Story of Love

Kimberly Reed: An Inspiring Story of Love

Being between worlds and coming home

As we go through life, we each discover our soul’s voice, which guides our unique life path and expression of who we are.  Sometimes it can be tremendously difficult to follow your individual path without hurting others, or facing rejection. Our families, those we often feel closest too, can be the ones we fear disappointing or who can hurt us the most deeply when we choose to follow the path we know is right for us.

Filmmaker Kimberly Reed started off life as a man and is now a beautiful transgender woman who shares her courageous story through her art.

After her father’s death, Kimberly came out to the rest of her family as a woman and returned to her home town, where she was a star footballer and one of three sons. In this wonderful story, she shares how her mother had a tea party for her friends, telling them her middle son who had all but disappeared, was actually now her daughter, and her child who she loves deeply. She then told Kimberley: “Even though your father has died, you’ve been reborn.”

A touching story about love and acceptance, life and death, and the love of families.


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