Kitten Therapy for Stress Relief

Kitten Therapy for Stress Relief

The secret remedy that cures stress

They say laughter is the best medicine and that being playful is a great antidote to stress. But when you’re in the grip of tension, and everything is falling apart, it sure is difficult to find something to laugh at.  We’re all desperately trying to relax, yet the strain of modern life seems to keep on rolling in like a tsunami,  leaving in its wake a world of anxious, strung out individuals who take themselves way too seriously.

Could the purring of a happy kitten relieve this? This group of creatives believe it can. They came up with the perfect de-stress solution, and offered stressed out city dwellers a quirky opportunity to relax.

Watch how the strangers entered a glass therapy box and enjoyed an unusual and hugely effective journey that washed all their stresses away.


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