Let’s Try Emotional Correctness

Let’s Try Emotional Correctness

Can you be politically right, yet emotionally wrong?

We live in increasingly polarised times, with people from opposite ends of the political spectrum finding it more and more difficult to understand each other. Progressive lesbian Fox News talking head, Sally Kohn has been at the fiery furnace with an incredible amount of hate mail each week.

And, she’s learnt something extremely valuable. Her views and comments have raised the ire of viewers who hate what she says and even object to her very existence. She says it’s time for liberals and conservatives to put aside their political differences and really listen to each other,

“Our challenge is to find the compassion for others that we want them to have for ourselves.”

“Emotional correctness is the tone, the feeling. How we say what we say.”  If we can start to find compassion for each other, then we have a shot at actually find common ground.”

In this optimistic talk, she shares the powerful lessons she’s learnt and how by making the connections with those who disagree with us, we can really start the conversations that lead to change.


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