How to Make Stress Your Friend

How to Make Stress Your Friend

Oxytocin, the built-in stress mechanism for resilience

Stress makes you sweaty, your heart pound, your breath come faster, and sets off an army of hormones around your body.

Stress has been touted as public health enemy number one, but now new research suggests that stress may only be bad for you if you believe that to be the case. Health Psychologist Kelly McGonigal says our stress response has a built-in mechanism for resilience and that tool is connection.

She reminds us that oxytocin is a stress hormone, and is as much a part of the stress response as adrenalin, and this cuddle hormone motivates us to seek support, or to tell someone how we feel instead of bottling it up.

Discover how choosing to view your stress response as helpful you can create the biology of courage.

Image: Radu Florin


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