Dr. Michio Kaku: What is Déjà Vu?

Dr. Michio Kaku: What is Déjà Vu?

A Theory of Déjà Vu and Parallel Universes

Ever felt certain you’ve been somewhere before or experienced something, when you know for sure you haven’t? Déjà vu is one of life’s great mysteries, experienced by most people at some point.

Theoretical physicist, Dr. Michio Kaku says we can actually induce forms of déjà vu in subjects in experiments. So is deja vu just a part of our brain function? He says there’s a theory that déjà vu elicits fragments of memories we have stored in our brain which can be elicited when we move into an environment similar to a stored memory.

However, he also says that in Quantum Physics there really are parallel universes surrounding us. Science believes there are multiverses existing in our living rooms but we can’t enter them. So, is it ever possible to flip between different universes, and could this also be the cause of déjà vu? Here’s Dr Michio Kaku’s take.


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