My Stroke of Insight

My Stroke of Insight

A Brain Researcher's Experience of a Stroke From the Inside Out

One morning, a blood vessel in brain researcher Jill Bolte Taylor’s brain exploded.  She had a massive stroke and got an amazing research opportunity as she actually watched her brain functions of motion, speech, and self awareness, shut down, one by one.

“How many brain scientists have been able to study the brain from the inside out? I’ve gotten as much out of this experience of losing my left mind as I have in my entire academic career,” says Jill Bolte Taylor.

In her case, although the stroke damaged the left side of her brain, her recovery unleashed a torrent of creative energy from her right. Today she is a powerful voice for brain recovery.

This astonishing and potent Ted Talk will open your mind to the power of the mysteries beyond the mind.


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