Mysterious and Powerful Human Beings

By Richard Henry Whitehurst on Monday August 24th, 2020

Image: Caique Silva

Everything is Light

In the ineffable essence of all experience as pure presence, everything is light. – Longchen Rabjampa, Drimé Öze 

In my three decades of doing deep therapeutic-trance work with thousands of people, two things have become clear: 

  1. Each human being is an utter mystery … and                                            
  2. Each individual possesses vast powers that go largely unrecognized. 

Most people, it seems, simply have no idea of their intrinsic magnificence nor of the full extent of their creative potentials. Many live their lives on the hard surfaces of ‘concrete-reality’ and often complain about boredom – or as Thoreau put it, they, “… lead lives of quiet desperation.” 

What is the mostly unrecognized, untapped essence of the human being? For starters, and directly stated; each human being is an inscrutable intersection of infinities. You, me – everybody!  Consider this: 

Contexts of Reality

Like tiny bugs blown out to sea on great storms, engulfed by the immensity of sky above and black depths below, we, with our self-reflective consciousness, are able to consider our presence within three vast arenas: 

  1. Temporal; past times, and future times yet to be –
  2. Spatial; of ‘inner’ and ‘outer’ spaces –
  3. Numerical; of the inconceivable numbers and relative sizes of things: atoms, microbes, cells, people, seas, mountains, planets, stars, and galaxies.

Recognized or not, these realities contextualize and intersect within each of us. Such disturbing vastness, when deeply contemplated, can for some bring on a sense of nausea, and thus the scientist Teilhard de Chardin metaphorically referred to each of these immensities as a kind of ‘malady.’

Numbed and entranced by all the dizzying demands of modern living, few people ever scratch the surface of their basic high school science. We mostly miss the staggering circumstances in which we are embedded. Philosopher Abraham Heschel counsels us,

Under the running sea of our theories and scientific explanations lies the aboriginal abyss of radical amazement.

Alt text hereContemplating the vastness of the temporal, spatial and numerical realities. Image: Sasha Freemind

Cosmic Grandeur

I remember being at the Byron Bay lighthouse on the east coast of Australia a few years ago at sunrise and getting smashed by the naked fact that the sun is actually a star, just like all the brilliant white pinpoints of light seen at night; though instead of a distance of light-years, our home-star sits a mere hundred and fifty million kilometers away. Standing there looking out over the ocean, I was immobilized by the reality of my solar relationship and couldn’t move for some fifteen minutes – double the time needed for our home star’s light to reach my eyes … light from a somewhat ordinary star amongst hundreds of billions in our home-galaxy – The Milky Way. 

Now astronomers have concluded that there are one to two trillion galaxies in the known universe, meaning that in the cosmos there are more gigantic thermonuclear balls of gas (stars) than there are grains of sand on all the beaches on Earth!

Objective and Subjective Intersections

Yogis and mystics throughout the ages have told us that what we consider the ‘inner-universe’ is just as immense as the outer. Each human being is situated between these truly ineffable immensities, wherein words are incapable of adding meaning to the sheer fact of it all. 


Again … we exist between a deep past and a deep future – measured in billions of years … tottering precariously, briefly, just on the edge of now. Our modest life-spans seem to blur into what some have called … ‘time out of mind.’

Scales of Reality

And then there are also the scales of reality – the relative sizes of things. Humans seem to be medium-sized – in the middle – between galactic clusters and quantum particles. Thus, in these three ways (temporal, spatial, numerical) … we are truly, each one of us, an intersection of infinities. Miraculous! 

We traverse our days and nights, having our unique (and often undervalued) experiences as glowing self-aware mysteries, moving – hopefully evolving (perhaps inevitably) – toward greater Self-Awareness. Life is amazing!

Unrecognized Potential

So, being actually poised between all these immensities, what then are our creative capacities? Maybe consider this example:

To a tribal hunter-gatherer who has never seen a car, it would be intriguing to simply look at a car – to walk up to it, tap the roof, prod the tires with his spear, and if he were bold and a door were open, maybe get in – perhaps sit in the driver’s seat, or even turn the steering wheel. But from only this much experience does this individual know what a car really is? And how might his understanding intensify were a driver to get in, start it up, and drive that car away? 

Alt text hereFrom only this much experience does this individual know what a car really is? Image: Gabe Hyde
How much do we really know about our potential as human beings? Have we ever truly plumbed the depths of our intrinsic powers? Hints can be found in cases of the acute dissociative condition commonly known as ‘multiple personality disorder.’ In this extreme affliction, a human being has more than one centralized identity. 
About ten years ago, I worked with a woman who had fourteen distinct personalities – each with a different name and unique personality traits. In scientific studies of this condition, it has been verified by blood sampling wherein over thirteen hundred highly complex biochemical changes occur in the human body in a matter of moments as each of the personalities comes to the fore. 
Food can be deadly for one personality who has a severe allergy to that food – yet in the same physical body, a different personality can eat that food without any adverse reaction. One personality could be a diabetic with all the intricate biochemistry and needs of that condition, but a moment later, as another personality emerges, that diabetic biochemistry disappears and the condition of the body becomes completely normal. This kind of modulation of the physical body seems to border on the supernatural. 
The biochemistry of love is vastly different from that of anger. Yet, we can let go of anger and feel love – or feel love and then experience intense anger – each state radically transforming our body’s biochemistry, posture, facial features, resonance, and behavioral repertoires. 
The good news is that emotional states can be modulated consciously, and renewing-emotions like gratitude, compassion, and joy are only a choice away. It’s like we’ve heard so often … ‘Just choose love!
And the power of love? Any browser search for mothers lifting cars off trapped children will give examples of how love trumps the impossible. Mystics, yogis, top athletes, and thank goodness, mothers, have given us many demonstrations. 

Enter the Placebo Effect

We mostly hear derision when a profound healing experience occurs after someone has taken an inert substance thinking, believing, and expecting it to be medically active. 

“Oh, that’s only the placebo effect.”  

Alt text hereThis kind of modulation of the physical body seems to border on the supernatural. Image: Pawel Szymanski

Only! It’s a case of mind over matter if there ever was! Something of the inner-mind has brought about a real and often dramatic change on the physical plane – and to the physical body. The medical literature is filled with case histories of what seem like miracle cures. 

One of the most well-known and medically documented placebo-response cases was of a ‘Mr. Wright’ that occurred in Long Beach, California in 1957 when tumors the size of oranges melted overnight when his physician, Dr. Philip West, injected him with the serum, Krebiozen, that was later proven to be completely ineffective against cancer. 

The essence of this research is that human beings are generating the measurable changes; not some inert substance! We have powers and potentials that slumber within, and yet, all too often fear and doubt induce a repression of that magnificence. Let’s skip to the big stuff. 

Critical Mass!

One of the supreme attainments of all our human potentials occurs when we ‘re-cognize’ our way into an ‘awareness of awareness.’ This explosive, iterative, sweet-spot of ‘Self being consciously aware of (It)Self’ – Self-realization – happens outside of time. 

The ‘little-self’ gently evaporates. 

Linear time evaporates. 

Verbs evaporate.

 … and then:

‘… the always-already-present Unified-Reality beyond all the conceptions of the thinking-mind …’

‘… bliss, compassion, wisdom, love, infinity …’ 

‘… just … THIS !’

Spiritual teacher Marianne Williamson, by her prescient nudging, shines a light onto this dilemma of the small self, its fear, and its associated potentials when she says,  

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.

And sometimes the linguistic residue of this realized wisdom consists of moving poetic pointers: Again, from Heschel,

Each thing is a surprise, being is unbelievable. We are amazed at seeing anything at all.


Beloved UPLIFT family … How are you travelling? These are strange times. And yet times are always strange. Perspective and folding into the mystery can really help. We would love to hear some of your insights and realisations in the comments below. Thank you for journeying with us each week.

Much love as always


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40 Responses to Mysterious and Powerful Human Beings

  1. I am a Quantum holistic kinesiologist my name is Dr Rich Richman I’ve been working with people for 30 years my first patient UCSF that we treated for cancer in 1972. We have put together the ability to break into full conscious awareness. The program is simple and straightforward step by step taking 15 minutes a day for 1 month. Two weeks of installation of a neuromuscular Hardware Highway. And then two weeks of programming Hardware. At which time you have joined your body and your mind. Joining your mind and body enables you to literally talk to Spirit through your top your crown chakra. This is all stabilized by Vedic energetic medicine based on God’s highest truth. Full conscious awareness is our next evolutionary shift in humankind enabling us to feel energy! And increasing your frequency because it’s based on truth ascending into the 5th Dimension that now will be stabilized by your higher frequency. Being able to feel energy you are able to monitor every aspect in and around your body.

    • This sounds fascinating Dr. Richman, thank you for sharing this information! And for sharing your passion and gifts with the world 😊🙏

      Team UPLIFT

      • Glad you enjoyed Richard’s article 🙂 If you click on his name in the article, you can find more of his work.

        Thanks for reading! 🙏

  2. Posts with uncountable insight and well-structured. I actually have visited your web site. It’s terribly attention-grabbing and spectacular. Thanks for sharing such an excellent article.

  3. I endeavor to impart awareness to people in my workshops. Only a few, though, are ready for some of the leaps:

    Experiencing ourselves and all around us as simply relationship. Experiencing our unimaginable vastness. Experiencing physical reality as just our interpretation of vibration, an outpicturing from ourselves as vibrational beings. Experiencing our entire makeup, interactions and relationships as just the attraction, co-mingling and shifting of vibrational resonances. Experiencing thought as holographic (or holigraphic, or wholegraphic) rather than linear. Downloading totalities of information and codes. Experiencing our past, future and parallel selves as all existing now, and totally intertwined and accessible. Experiencing outside and inside as the same; the entire Universe as being within us. Experiencing ourselves as simply an aspect of the entire Universe – Omnipresent, Omnipotent, and Omniscient. Accepting total freedom and total accountability.

    What lies without is paled by what lies within.

    • Wow David, what rich and transformative work you do! Even if only a few are ready, this is such important work… and those few will surely impact others they cross on their paths. The awakening is happening! Thanks so much for sharing and being here 💜

      Team UPLIFT

  4. Blessed are we the Messengers of Peace, Kindness, Compassion, Forgiveness, Tolerance, Justice for Sentiment Beings….We are not separate…Share your life…Know thy self to be a miracle give it freely and teach it to others with a smile, a bow of Love…Give your Best and receive the Best…the world will unfold in perfect innocence before your eyes…Look into the eyes of Love and know thy Self…All is good, all is right, all is whole to those who can sit quietly in reflection allowing the intervention of Knowledge of the true message of this Planet that loves us and gives freely to those who watch for it and listen to its song of Peaceful reflection…Namaste’

  5. Beautiful, almost poetic description of the journey of truly discovering the truth of absolute consciousness/presence. Beginning with the somewhat abstract aspects or workings of the human mind (space ,time and perceptual description) and our dance with these, to the essence of the journey which could be described as freedom from self to realization of Self. I so enjoyed your writing gift and your message, one more well stated truth to join with the other beautifully stated words of truth.

    • Wow, thank you for your kind words Saladin 🙏 We’re so happy you enjoyed the article 🙂

      Thanks for reading, and for being here!

      Team UPLIFT

  6. I spent a lot of time with animals and nature as a child and by focusing on, or becoming into their reality I found a connection to the Divine that I have not experienced with humans. There was no baggage, no dogma, no concern about doing the right thing, as they were living free from all that, as God intended. By laying in the grass and listening to the chickens clucking as they pecked through the grass I could relax and feel the oneness with the chickens, the grass, the sunshine, everything, and I was not separate from it. I was nourished by this. I have learned so much from animals and nature. I hear how one of our biggest problems now is our disconnection from nature. I have found God residing in the trees, birds, the wind, the sunshine and shadows, etc., but I’ve never been able to sense God in a shopping mall. I can recognize that God resides in each of us, but there is so much disconnect in people that it seems God is buried very deeply. I have seen this same thing in animals who have been abused and shroud themselves with fear. It is through articles such as this one, and other people willing to reach out to help clear our vision and our hearts that we can grow into our potential. Thank you.

    • Thank you Lou, for this truly beautiful share. Nature is absolutely a divine gift! It’s so nice to hear your insights and the connection you have forged with God through it. I agree that, as creatures of nature ourselves, we need this connection to the great Mother. I hope you can share this wisdom you have found with others as you journey on this path.

      Much love and thank you for reading 💗
      Team UPLIFT

    • Thank you for sharing your story. It was beautiful to read. I truly wish that one day every one of us can live in such purity and freedom and have no fear of anything, just being. Thank you.

  7. Hmmm
    I was drawn to this, but find it too new-agey for me; and also profoundly misleading re the emotions: for anyone who is truly alive and awake, we know -always – we do not and cannot ‘control’ feelings – they happen from many conditions, and trying to manipulate our reality is part of the human-problem not the truly and only sane way to be. This can be seen, extrenally iwth our extreme climate cirsis we are in!

    Sure, a positive attitude is great, and kind of necessary – an is about the only thing we hav control over; but the whole trick is to be alive and brave enough to stay with the whoe of reality as it is and as it is Felt… Then something Wholly New can come into being, that is truly a Miracle, as J Krishnamurti said ‘not of this world’…

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts Julian. Indeed, we can control our attitude and responses to our feelings. That, I believe, is what the writer is eluding to.

      Blessings and thanks for being here 😊
      Team UPLIFT

  8. Yes, times are always strange, or so we have made them. Getting caught up in the whys and wherefores of the strangeness of any time is a distraction: the current strange times only make sense to me if I step right back and see them through the much wider lens I hear described in this article. Remembering we are so much more than we have got used to assuming we are and that instead of running round in circles, tying the knot ever tighter, our true selves can see the circles and knots from the outside. How am I travelling? Sometimes with this faith, sometimes with less faith and more frustration or anxiety about the stories we seem stuck in. Sometimes okay to just be and at others desperately seeking allies, feeling insecure, or wanting to get away from it all. It varies a lot. Thanks for asking, dear Uplift team!

    • Helen – I hear you and can totally relate to so much of what you describe. I have been trying to simply rest as awareness in those times of betwixt and between – not trying to force anything and trusting in the birthing process that is well under way. May we each guard our personal resonance and may we all remember the Love. Thank you for sharing!

  9. I am reminded, reinforced and greatly enriched by this article… i look forward to reading and watching more of your splendid work. Thank You!

    • Lynn ~ I’m happy to hear that you have been enriched by this article. Some of these themes are the stuff that animates my soul and are certainly glowing facets of my ‘bliss’. I have a lot more items to share with the awesome Uplift community. Kindly keep an eye out. Thank you so much for sharing!

      Love – Light – and – Blessings. Richard

  10. Posts with lots of insight and well-structured. I have visited your website. It’s very interesting and impressive. Thanks for sharing such a great article with us.

  11. The miraculous is in the seeking!
    Long ago as a child i understood the wonders of being human. Also introduced at a young age of life as it was to be filled with senses which needed to be opened.senses which we encapsulate, the brain the mind. The place of all memory past present future. Learning the seer had knowledge of game for food the hunter had belief n faith within to find the food for the community. These bits of wonder need to be found within each of us to understand we are far beyond the flesh mind n body. We are spiritually endowed intelligent beings. This my friends needs to be relocated and opened n welcomed as a living miraculous sentient beings we are.
    Akosi pitumah…in Plains Cree this translates to thats all for now!

      • Thanks for that share Delford. I remember hearing that many of the Native American tribes lived in and through and from the 3 miracles. 1. That anything at all exists. 2. That living things exist. and 3. That living things exist that are self-aware and know consciously that they exist (like nearly all humans). And we have Einstein who said that there are 2 ways we can live our lives: one is as though nothing is a miracle .. and the other is as though everything is a miracle. The great poet Walt Whitman completes this little romp in these miracle fields when he concludes, “I know nothing but miracles!” Thanks again for sharing! May we all rejoice in the miracle of existence.

  12. The miraculous is in the seeking!
    Long ago as a child i understood the wonders of being human. Also ibtroducedvatvabyoung age of life as it was to be filled with sebsescwhich needed to be opened.sensesvwhichvencasulate the brain mind. The place of all memory past present future. Learning the seer had knowledge of game for food the hunter had belief n faith within to find the food for the community. These bits of wonder need to be found within each of us to understand we are far beyond the flesh mind n body we are spiritual beings. This my friends needs to be relocated and opened w welcomed as a living miraculous sentient beings we are. Akosi pitumah…in plains cree this translates to thats all for now!

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