Natalie Isaacs: The Power of 1 Million Women

By UPLIFT on Thursday November 30th, 2017

From Cosmetics Manufacturer to Environmental Leader

She might be just one woman but as the founder and CEO of the global movement 1Million Women, Natalie Isaacs, is helping to change the planet for the better. The United Nations has even awarded her for her efforts to combat climate change. Just a few years ago she was a successful business woman and cosmetics manufacturer who had trouble recycling rubbish. Now she’s convinced hundreds of thousands of women to take a pledge to reduce their carbon footprint. Her epiphany came when she decided to reduce her own energy bills.

What I never realised at the time was that once you become an empowered woman it cannot stay contained. It spills over into every aspect of your life and you find your voice and confidence on levels you could never imagine.

She realised that the power to change things doesn’t lie in the hands of government but with ordinary folks wanting a better world.

At 1Million Women we don’t wait for governments. We rise above politics and everything we do is about reaching women beyond the green belt.

She says women have more power than they realise and that it’s incumbent upon them to utilise that power.

If women and children of the developing world are the most vulnerable to climate change then women of the wealthy countries have so much to contribute.

Listen to Natalie Isaacs journey to becoming a powerful changemaker.

November 30th 2017

About Our Guest:

Natalie Isaacs is the Founder and CEO of 1Million Women.

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