Is this what the New Economy looks like?

Is this what the New Economy looks like?

Rethinking our relationship to Resources, Work and Culture

There’a s a lot of talk about the economy these days. The words “the economy” have almost become a bit of a curse. But what does economy really mean? Eco means home, and so economy means the management of home. Yet this management of the resources on our home, the earth, in the form of modern production, is based on extraction from the planet, and modern finance is based on extraction from the many for the benefit of the very few.

What would a new economy look like and how can we rethink our relationship to resources, work and culture? This short video beautifully unwraps the terms “economy,” “ecology” and “ecosystem” to help us look at the role that our current economic system has in our society and the environment, and how we can move towards a more sustainable world.


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