Noam Chomsky on The Responsibility of ‘Intellectuals’

Noam Chomsky on The Responsibility of ‘Intellectuals’

Using your privilege to help others

Noam Chomsky is a household name. The globally respected academic is known for his intelligent and rebellious opinions and is a major figure in analytic philosophy, as well as the father of modern linguistics. An activist, author of over 100 books, a political theorist and outspoken speaker on all things political and social, he is a global expert on politics, and world events. He is a paradigm shifter who sparked a revolution in the human sciences.

Here Chomsky is speaking to University students on the responsibility of intellectuals. Chomsky loosely defines an intellectual as someone who is in the position of relative privilege, training, resources, and opportunity and has an ability to be in a position where they can get involved in some fashion, with affairs that matter to human beings.

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