Papaji: Call Off the Search

Papaji: Call Off the Search

Returning to Our Own Heart

India has long been the home of great spiritual teachers and ancient wisdom. Seekers from all over the world find their way to this land of spiritual mastery, searching for awakening and peace. Many found their way to a man in Lucknow who was sharing his wisdom with visitors from all over the world. Sri H. W. L. Poonja, known as ‘Poonjaji’ or ‘Papaji,’ was a teacher of self-inquiry and direct experience, as advocated by his guru, Ramana Maharshi, one of India’s most famous and respected gurus. He spent much of his life helping others to dispel the illusions of the self through his satsangs or ‘meetings of truth.’

This documentary film, shot and produced in Lucknow, India, includes interviews with Papaji along with rare footage of Sri Ramana Maharshi. There are also testimonials from some of the many people who have attained freedom through Papaji’s presence and grace.


Feature image: Design Ecologist


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