Is this the Best Evidence yet for Past Lives?

By Jacob Devaney on Thursday February 4th, 2016

Do you believe in past lives

How spontaneous children's memories might be a sign of reincarnation

Have you ever had an unexplained fear, deja-vu when visiting a new place, or met someone who felt strangely familiar the first time you met them? Reincarnation is an idea that has existed around the world forever yet many are still quick to dismiss it. Recent cases have built a foundation to verify past lives and shed light on the importance of considering the world through this lens. If you or a loved one has ever experienced these unexplained phenomena then you will be happy to know that you are not alone.

The accepted scientific Law of the Conservation of Energy states that energy can not be created or destroyed but only changes form. That means that the energy that animates our lives was here before we were born and it will be here after we are gone. Some people call this energy our “soul” but the question still remains, can this energy have memories from it’s previous forms?

We shall live again. – Native American Ghost Dance Saying

Alt text hereDo you believe in past lives?

Memories that we cannot explain

Since I was a kid I had memories that I can not explain. Are they manifestations of dreams, my imagination, or actual memories passed through my ancestors genes down to me? I naturally entertained all of these ideas first before considering the possibility of reincarnation. Something about reincarnation just seemed to defy logic in my mind yet whenever I shared these stories with others I was surprised to learn that my experiences were not uncommon. Then I met Carol Bowman.

Carol is a researcher in the filed of past lives who has curated the worlds largest database of personal stories about the topic. She has numerous books including Children’s Past Life Memories: How Past Life Memories Affect your Childwhere she documents peoples experiences that build a case for this important field of study.

Her journey in the field took on an added dimension when her children began telling her detailed stories and accounts of events that happened before they were born. She appeared on Oprah Winfrey with her son who recounted memories from the civil war. On that show a panel of experts confirmed that the child knew things that had actually happened which are not written about in history books.

Alt text hereMany children have memories that cannot come from this lifetime

Are children remembering past lives?

The vividness and emotional maturity with which toddlers relate facts from adult lives—and even tell of their deaths—signals that something extraorindary is happening here.  These children have much to teach us.  Children’s past life memories is a phenomenon with far-reaching implications for every person who is curious about the truth of reincarnation and wonders about their own past lives.
-Carol Bowman

This is more common than you might realize. Children’s stories are often discounted as an overly-active imagination yet thanks to increased awareness about the topic, researchers are able to document this phenomena and study it. One of the most popular of these is about a little boy named James Leininger whose fascinating story has been shared on multiple television programs. Watch below to see how the events in his family unfolded and how they shed light on this emerging field of study.

Airplane Boy

Engaging in the stories and feelings of children’s stories

Focusing on children’s past life memories is particularly revealing for adults as well. Many of us have years of conditioning or have such busy lives that these stories may not emerge as easily. Even if you don’t personally believe in past lives it is still valuable to engage the stories or feelings that emerge for you or your children.

Usually they are not ego-oriented (I was Naploeon, or Queen Nefertiti in a past life) but more emotionally-oriented, irrational and tend to be unresolved (I have a deep fear of wolves, or I feel sick when I hear thunder). Below, from Carols website, is a list of why recognizing children’s past life memories is important.

  • Children’s spontaneous memories offer the best evidence yet for reincarnation
  • Parents (and grandparents) of young children who are familiar with the signs can recognize the memories when they happen in their own children.
  • So that everyone, whether parents or not, will see children differently, as experienced souls who have come to us for a reason.
  • Because children’s memories resonate and legitimize adults’ experiences in past life regression therapy.
Alt text hereTranspersonal realms of the human spirit are being revealed

Being open to exploring the unknown

If you are interested in reading other peoples stories there is an online forum. We live in a time when the various transpersonal realms of the human spirit are beginning to reveal themselves in amazing ways.

Even if you have never had a past life memory or if you don’t personally believe in them, there is good reason to explore the mysteries of your own psyche and share your stories with others. It is this kind of openness along with desire to explore the unknown which will guide us to new depths of understanding and compassion as a people.

How do you feel about this article? Join the conversation.

Jacob Devaney

Founder and director of Culture Collective, creative activist, musician, and producer.




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15 Responses to Is this the Best Evidence yet for Past Lives?

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  2. I believe in reincarnation even though I myself have no recollection of a passed life. I have however met people in this life that I feel sure I knew in another life. I knew the first time I dated my late husband that I would have children with him. I knew somehow that he was a very good person that would love me very well. He did and how did I know this because I just started dating him. I also have a friend who I met in my early twenties whom I felt the same way about. I am now 2 months from my 70th birthday and we are still the closest of friends. We often know exactly what the other is thinking.
    I have a sister who could tell you in high school exactly the type and pattern of the dishes she wanted and said she wanted them from when she was a little girl. She knew she would be a nurse from when she was a little girl. How does a little child know these things. I believe these are people who have a great attachment to a past life.


    • I know what you mean Liz, I have had many unexplainable experiences / connections like this myself. Thank you for sharing 🙂

      Team UPLIFT

  3. Asked by television journalist Chris Cuomo on the ABC Primetime video included in this article, “How do you rationalize a belief in anything bigger than ourselves if you have to fall back on science all the time?,” renowned philosopher Paul Kurtz replies, “Not simply science. On the facts. On common sense.”

    With all due respect to the late Mr. Kurtz, the facts in this story – and in countless others – make an overwhelming case for the existence of reincarnation. And Merriam-Webster defines common sense as “Sound and prudent judgment based on a simple perception of the situation or facts.”

    So, even though not deliberately or intentionally, Mr. Kurtz’ own words inadvertently present a compelling argument in support of the very reincarnation that he adamantly attempts to debunk.

  4. Interesting article.
    I think just calling it the soul should suffice. I would also say that the soul produces the energy in the form of emotion, thought, etc. and is not energy itself. And since it’s not physical, it is quite difficult to quantify but through observation and self discovery (which many people will protest against).
    I can guess that if someone’s past life memories are from 400 years ago but nothing in between, the person waited to occupy a body for that long or the intervening time was not of consequence or disturbing or any number of reasons.
    I have some experience with running into some of the same people again and again. I can only believe that it is on purpose and not a coincidence.


  5. Check out the Newton Institute or Over 50,000 people have been able to visit where soul goes in between lives. I did it myself and it was miraculous. I met teachers there. I got help with some of this life’s issues.
    They have trained over 200 therapists in their techniques and all of them are getting the same results. It is life changing as you prove for yourself that there is a heaven and that you have chosen to come down to earth to learn and teach.

    Michael Newton writes about case histories in 3 different books. He has been able to map out what goes on when we die and where we go. It was the best experience of my life. Condemnation without investigation is not right. Check it out or have a session for yourself. The proof is in have the experience yourself.

  6. This doubt may sound silly but I just want to consider every possibility and to be sure,I do agree with all scientific evidence so obtained on reincarnation and countless lives but can we generalize this to entire human population?or only few people have loved before ?will all of us love again with our soul families?

  7. I have to hold testament that I myself experienced this. When I was 1-3 years old. I had such strange habits. Unexplainable. Like I had a developed full personality and preferences that a 3 year old never could have in the short time he had to live. I knew dances I never saw from anyone. Had the instant urge to get a possy to follow me. And strange familiarities with memories I never had in the house I grew up in. I was a fully developed character when i was 3. And this faded away, slowly, as I became 4 years old. And I changed completely into a normal boy.

    I am more than 50% convinced reincarnation is real. but the memories I had, after much reflection, was from almost 400 years ago. In the 17th century. So my question is, in reicarnation does our soul or being remain idle for several hundred years, before it animates a body again???

    • The key is the universe’s demands for energy. The prelude to this article alludes to this. At death the energy is instantly transferred to the closest organisms in a state of genesis and as such if that is to a less developed species neurologically, there is not enough neural synaptic matter to contain the memories, personality of the recent decedent.
      Consider a fly, cockroach, mosquito or sparrow, they have less or no brain mass but still are vessels for souls. Because of this, and I believe that this the more frequent outcome, our memories are lost. Obfuscated by less developed organic lifetimes. By the time you are human again, your spirit might have fueled hundreds of lifetimes, thus obscuring the probability of reincarnation.
      However, in rare instances statistically speaking, a human to human exchange transpires. This rarity means there is an equal amount neurological material to have some recollection of past life, albeit some information might still be obscured during fetal development.
      This is why past life recollection are still a rarity in relation to population, and there are gaps chronologically. Also i think you can see that in the animal kingdom, larger animals develop very profound human affinities, i cite as examples…dogs, cats, dolphins, whales, elephants.
      I do not ascribe to the idea that there is a dogmatic, religious process to this at all. The universe does not need permission for where its energies are sourced. Its random and needs based so that every life-form is perpetually immersed in a state of consciousness…from ant to a human, you will perpetually experience being alive. With no recall sometimes, or partial recall or Total Recall in time.

  8. Well written piece. Those who do not want to be convinced will never be, and that’s ok, I have no problem with that. And those who are open the possibility might find evidence if they seek it – of course what everyone considers evidence differs from one person to the next!

  9. The conventional concept of reincarnation are based upon time being a linear/sequential function. In this one life begins sometime after an earlier one has ended. The past is over and done with; the future lies only in our imagination and the present moment is the only “time” that is real.

    Science and its understanding of how reality works is changing. Quantum physics, multidimensional/multiverse reality, simultaneous time etc. cause us to look at the idea (possibility) of reincarnation differently. When you look at reality as a complex probability wave matrix with “time” being little more than a type of location with all probables pasts, presents and futures existing at once. It is only our conscious perception and experience of different probable moment points that form the physical reality that we know.

    A corollary would be how all possible physical locations exist simultaneously. We can only experience one of these at a time and most are somewhere that we will never experience. But, NYC and LA both exist at once, even though they are not in direct contact. People live in both and life goes on independent of the other city existing in a different physical location.

    Getting back to the idea of reincarnation that involves simultaneous time, we first need to look at what time is a bit differently. Time is just a different type of location. Just as the two cities can exist simultaneously in different PHYSICAL locations, cities can exist simultaneously in different TEMPORAL locations. As for reincarnation, different portions of your psyche can be living lives in different times simultaneously too. Memories of a “past” life are actually just cognitive bleed throughs from a life you are living in another time Now.

    This subject is a bit too involved to get into all the details in a “comment”, but I hope my comment has given you something to think about.

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