The Gentle Power of Highly Sensitive People

The Gentle Power of Highly Sensitive People

Understanding the Gifts of Sensitivity

Nearly 20% of the population are Highly Sensitive People, or HSP’s. Sensitivity has often been maligned, has been seen as an Achilles heel, an over emotionality, or something that people should ‘get over.’

Elena Herdieckerhoff, Founder & CEO of Entreprincess, is a mentor for highly sensitive and empathic entrepreneurs and an HSP herself. In her Ted Talk she explains why we need to change the prevalent cultural narrative around highly sensitive people.

Highly Sensitive people are not all women, or introverts and they have incredible gifts of high awareness, empathic wisdom and intuition. Some of the greatest sensitives shaped the world with the most beautiful and passionate art, music and words.

Elena says we need to urgently start to accept and appreciate sensitivity for the temperature regulating effect it has on a hotheaded world.


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