A Sneak Preview from the Film ‘Water is Sacred’

By Azriel ReShel on Saturday March 19th, 2016

Prince Ea and Dr. Bruce Lipton share their insights on why Water is Sacred

UPLIFT and UNIFY, in alliance with other global partners, have initiated a Global Synchronised Meditation to bless the world’s water, for World Water Day. We are also launching the amazing film ‘Water is Sacred’ featuring Prince Ea, Dr. Bruce Lipton and many other luminaries from around the world.

Join us for the the Global Meditation and Premiere of the full film at blessthewater.com on March 19 at at 5pm Pacific/ 12am GMT. In the meantime, enjoy these exciting excerpts!

Prince Ea

Famous American rap artist, poetic spoken word artist, activist and free thinker, Prince Ea says that water is that which brings life, embodies life, gives life and sustains life. It is vital to protect water and make sure we all have clean water. In this video he shares his message to us all, to respect and appreciate the irreplaceable and  precious resource of water.

Watch: Prince Ea – Water is Sacred

Dr. Bruce Lipton

Water is not a background issue, it is essential to life. When humans search for life on other planets or for the possibilities for resettlement, they seek water first. Water comes before life. Water is life. Stem cell biologist and bestselling author Bruce Lipton says water molecules are not separate, but communicate with all of life. In this video he reminds us that water holds energy and when we offer a prayer and intention into water, our thoughts which are energy, actually move into the water.

Watch: Bruce Lipton – Water is Sacred

Join us!

Join with thousands around the world on the equinox this Saturday, as we unite in a Global Synchronised Meditation live from the banks of the Ganges River India, to Bless the Water and launch this amazing and important film ‘Water is Sacred’.

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Azriel ReShel

Writer, Editor, Yoga Teacher & Healing Facilitator



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Christine Trionfetti

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