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Prince Ea: Why I Love Terrorists

By UPLIFT on Monday July 17th, 2017

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How Love Can Solve Any Problem

For poet, filmmaker and speaker, Prince Ea, words are important. They’re the tools of his trade and he’s particularly passionate about the language of love. It’s why he’s released a new film called Why I Love TerroristsIn it he shares his thoughts on the power of language and how it can fuel either war or peace, depending on the words we choose.

The words that we use shape our reality that we see….. If I go into a building and somebody says you know this used to be a church…..the entire feeling in my body changes.

He says a similar process happens when we use the word ‘terrorist’.

That word compartmentalises the human. It reduces them to an abstraction. To one thing, but we humans are multi-dimensional, we’re multi-faceted.

He believes that the language we use contributes to unproductive responses to many of the world’s greatest challenges.

When we see these events happen we can fall into a trance of unconsciousness and react to the ‘enemy’ in a way that is unmindful, in a way that is unproductive.

Listen to Prince Ea talk about the power of the language of love here.

July 17th 2017

About Our Guest:

Prince Ea is a rapper, poet, filmmaker and inspirational activist.

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