Reprogramming Your Subconscious Mind

By Chip Richards on Thursday June 2nd, 2016

How to Shift Negative Thought Patterns

Recently my 16-year-old son bought a bunch of new music on i-tunes and because we share the same account, all of his new music ended up automatically downloading onto my phone. Next day when I jumped into the car and hit play, instead of acoustic surf grooves I got heavy UK rap. I quite enjoyed it for the morning, but got to thinking how he would feel if I loaded his phone up with all my music. Imagine if 95% of the songs on your player were actually downloaded from other people’s playlists without you even knowing it? And what if the vast majority of those came from your parents? Would they match the music you want to hear and create in life?

In a recent conversation with cellular biologist Bruce Lipton, he drew this same comparison when speaking about the subconscious programs that each of us take on during the first seven years of our life – how these patterns and beliefs shape (and in most cases limit) our reality and how we can shift, change and re-write these programs to become more powerfully conscious co-creators of our life.

Conventional belief was that your life to a large degree was determined by your heredity. The new science of epigenetics (“above the genes”) says, no, your life is a result of your participation and your mind’s influence on what’s going on. – Bruce Lipton

Imagine if the songs on your player were downloaded from other people’s playlists.Imagine if the songs on your player were downloaded from other people’s playlists.

The Human Petri Dish and Our Mind as the Master Chemist

The stem cell science Bruce worked on in the 1960s revealed that the ‘environment’ the cells were in shaped the genetics and behaviour of the cell. Put identical cells into three different petri dishes, and by changing the chemistry in the culture medium they are sitting in, you change the actual genetics and behaviour of cells (for example,  one becomes muscle, one bone, one fat cells).

According to Bruce, the human is like a giant skin-covered petri dish of 50 trillion cells. The culture medium in our body is the blood and the “chemist” who controls the composition of the blood, by adding and taking things away, is our mind. The cells receive their information about whether to grow, contract, live or die, based our mind’s perception and interpretation of reality.

The challenge is that each of us see and perceive the world in a different way. If two people are watching the same sunset, one looks out and says, “This is a friendly wonderful place that supports me and I am a healthy happy human. The other one sitting right next to him says, “This is a scary place and I have no idea what my future holds. I’m afraid.” They’re both in the same environment but their liver cells are receiving totally different messages – ultimately affecting the behaviour and genetic activity of the cells!

“Whatever I am perceiving out there I will manifest a physical complement to it in here. So if I have a healthy vision, my mind’s chemistry converts my body into health. If I live in fear… Fear causes 90% of the illness on the planet. And it’s all generated by the perceptions of the mind. The picture you hold in your mind creates the behaviour and biology you express in life.” – Bruce Lipton

The challenge is that each of us see and perceive the world in a different way.The challenge is that each of us see and perceive the world in a different way.

So Who Controls the Mind?

In simple terms, according to Bruce the mind is divided into two main aspects – the conscious and the subconscious mind. The conscious mind is made up of our surface thoughts, wishes, desires and aspirations. The subconscious mind is the realm of our automatic and habitual thought patterns and beliefs – the stuff we do when we don’t even know we’re doing it.

“Right behind your forehead is the pre-frontal cortex – the centre of consciousness. Your identity versus anyone else’s identity. This is your conscious mind. The other 90% of the brain was there before the conscious part evolved, that’s the subconscious. In the subconscious, things happen below your awareness, below (or “sub”) consciousness.”

If we’re driving along the highway talking to a friend in the passenger seat, our conscious mind is the one engaged in the conversation. Our subconscious mind is the one who keeps automatically doing everything needed to drive the car. While your conscious mind is reading this article, your subconscious mind is taking care of everything else – breathing, blinking, taking a sip of tea without burning your lips.

The pre-frontal cortex - the centre of consciousness.The pre-frontal cortex – the centre of consciousness.

According to Bruce, when we are fully present, focused on what we are doing in the moment, the conscious mind is driving the bus. But as soon as we start thinking about something other than this moment right here, our subconscious programs kick in to keep things moving and keep us safe.

Now here’s the crazy part. Because of how much time we spend thinking about something other than the moment we are in, science suggests we are running our default programs about 95% of our waking life. And while some of these programs are positive, empowered and helpful, psychologists believe that majority of the default programs most people run are disempowering, self-sabotaging and limiting.

We are running our default programs about 95% of our waking life.We are running our default programs about 95% of our waking life.

Where do these subconscious thoughts and patterns come from?

Most of our subconscious programming comes from the first seven years of our life. From the last trimester of pregnancy to age seven, we exist mostly in Theta brain wave space (a.k.a. hypnosis), which is the most receptive space for our subconscious mind. We are essentially sponges.

Our model of the world is formed by how we experience our reality, and how we see our parents and other key influences respond to life. We learn subconsciously how to act when we’re happy or angry, what it takes to make money, how best to express love, when it’s safe to laugh, to sing, to shine… and when it’s not. We take these messages in from our surroundings and they become our automatic, under-the-surface view of reality.

We will continue to form new subconscious patterns as we grow in age (think of any habitual movement or skill you have mastered) but the undercurrent of these patterns and beliefs are mostly set when we are young.

The best way to identify what subconscious programs you’re running is simply to look at your life, because, as Bruce explains, it is made up of ‘the program’ 95% of the time. Your life is a printout of the program. The things you have in your life that you love are because you have a program that allows you to accept those things into your life. Anything you work hard at, struggle over, have to put a lot of effort into and it’s difficult, is because your programs don’t support that in your life. Your conscious mind is reaching for it, but something in your program is holding it at bay. The effort and struggle you feel is in trying to override a program. You’re working hard because you want it, but the undercurrent of belief says, “It’s not going to happen.”

Most of our subconscious programming comes from the first seven years of our life.Most of our subconscious programming comes from the first seven years of our life.

So how do we change the programs we’ve been given to create more of what we really want?

Bruce shares four specific methods and one overriding principle:

    1. Hypnosis – We can recreate our Theta state of receptivity and use it to re-program our mind in a more conscious way. And the cool thing is that each of us have access to this state of being two times every day where we can effectively ‘hypnotise’ ourselves – just before falling asleep and just as we are waking up. As we are drifting off, the mind moves from its active Beta state into Alpha and then Theta before eventually dropping into Delta as we sleep. The Theta window is our most receptive state and responds well to the visions and suggestions we hold in this space. Listening to subliminal tapes at this time is one way to begin overwriting limiting programs with the new beliefs and behaviours we want to experience.


    1. Repetition – Here’s an interesting fact: the subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between what’s vividly imagined and what’s real. The second method for reprogramming our subconscious towards positive change is to practice new thoughts and actions, with feeling, and to repeat this throughout the day as though you are learning a new skill or building a new muscle. As Bruce says, “This can’t just be sticky notes on the mirror. This must be felt and experienced. This can be difficult if we are experiencing great contrast to the thing we want (i.e. a cancer patient saying, “I am healthy.”). But even if it looks very different than your current life, repetition works if we can harness the ability to bring ourselves into a feeling space connected to the end result of what we really want. “Motion creates emotion”, and weaving movement and feeling together is one of the best ways to build the energy of a vision.
      Try hypnosis or repetition.Try hypnosis or repetition


    2. Energy Psychology – “Human civilization on this planet has the necessity to rapidly change our behaviour because our current behaviour is leading to mass extinction. Energy psychology is a form of belief change that provokes ‘super learning’ – the ability to synchronize the hemispheres of our brain and download something into the subconscious rapidly.” Bruce shares information about many forms of energy psychology on his website (Psych-K, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Theta Healing, Holosync to name a few) and suggests that different modalities and approaches work for different people so it’s important to find what works best for you. He says that while many of these approaches were initially passed off as “new age”, science is now revealing rapid, measureable and lasting results.


  1. High Impact Events – every once in a while something happens that completely pierces the bubble of our subconscious mind and creates a powerful window for holistic change. These events can come in the form of apparent crisis (a critical illness, loss of a loved one, major emergency) or even a blessing (the birth a new child, meeting a soul mate), and the impact of these moments are so profound that they call forth a completely radical departure from our normal programs and ways of being.  I remember being utterly propelled to quit my unhappy job about one month after my son Josh was born. A totally irrational decision, but one which completely shifted the path I was on and ignited a massive wave of new creative opportunity in my life. The power to create a “spontaneous remission” of any sort is available to each of us when we tap into the power of our subconscious mind.

“Globally we are at this moment of diagnosis on the planet. We are standing in front of the doctor and he is telling us we are entering the sixth mass extinction. The shock of this has the potential to have humanity dig deeper than imagined and write a completely new program, unleashing a rapid healing response across the globe.”

Some things can completely pierce the bubble of our subconscious mind.Some things can completely pierce the bubble of our subconscious mind.

The Golden Key – Being Fully Present

Bruce’s book the Honeymoon Effect shares a compelling argument that there is one time each of us consistently step out of the program and into full conscious co-creation of our life – the moment we fall in love. The reason is that when we are first in love we are completely, undeniably, undividedly present. This pure focus on this moment merges with a deep desire to bring forth our very best and for a time we are fully expressive of our highest self.

When we look at children immersed in play, athletes or artists completely in the flow of what they are doing/creating, we can see that all of these moments are expressions of being fully present in the moment. When we are completely here in this moment, we are consciously creating our life. We can each cultivate this magic and train ourselves to develop these muscles.

We are not victims of anything other than the programs we are operating from. Change the programs you are operating from. If your subconscious programs match the wishes and desires of the conscious mind, your life will be one continuous honeymoon experience for as long as you live on this planet. – Bruce Lipton

Chip Richards

Author, story teller, holistic coach and creative artist across multiple mediums.




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50 Responses to Reprogramming Your Subconscious Mind

  1. Good article, This changes lives!! Have already watched some interviews of Bruce Lipton. I have negative thoughts all the time and I’m trying hard to think more positive. Thanks to the writer for writing a good informative piece.

  2. thisstuff is so very true and i really hope that people really can see it for what it really is! its a great thing to be able to be receptive to such information and not be closed off to it. which in my case 20 yrs ago i would have laughed at such things! but today i embrace these kind of teachings bcuz they are uplifting and generate hope in a world that sadly seems to be filled with “wind up mannequins” instead of human beings! sometimes i struggle myself with the question of why we are here to begin with and where do all these really powerful and heartfelt desries and passions that we have ,where do they really come from and what “level of importance” are they really when were here today and gone tomorrow! we are barley here long enough to learn how to tie our shoes let alone embrace the wisdom that is outthere in abundance. we can barley scratch the surface individually yet we always think we know so much but we really dont know anything!. these teachings are revolutionary and will do nothing but help your life into a more positive outcome. i hope that more people will embrace this stuff and let it change their life for the better, bruce lipton is a awesome man and is very appreciated for sharing his wisdom. thank you upliftconnect for this article!

  3. I laughed so many times reading the comments. I am in the library and others started laughing with me. I am a person with a sense of humor. You guys almost got me in trouble with the eventually he had to come back and get a job, why you talking so so much about meditation and you do not know much about it, someone used flaxseed. Oh my my heart cannot take it. In the end, I learned some valuable things form this article. Thank you all for a wonderful time.

    • Unfortunately, I personally haven’t got any recommendations John, but I’m certain if you did a search on youtube you would find several you could try. Dr. Lipton might even have some on his own youtube channel, or on his website: https://www.brucelipton.com/

      I hope you find something you like 🙂

      Team UPLIFT

  4. This is wonderfull. This changes lives!! Have already whatched some interviews of bruce lipton and this article rightly resumes his ideas on subconscious reprogramming! Thanks for that Chip! God bless ❤❤🙏🏻

  5. Great article…can your recommend best place to find most effective subliminal recordings…thanks in advance

  6. The problem for me is that how does the conscious mind know what will make it happy? It doesn’t. So imagining what you think you want could bring you a life that doesn’t truly fulfill you.

  7. Thank you Bruce Lipton sir for sharing your wisdom. Crystal clearly explained on how to reprogram subconscious mind. I believe i received this information at the right time and will practice these methods and also confident enough to cherish the success and growth out of it throughout my life. Thanks for all the motivation.Thank you UPLIFT Team for all the great work that you people are doing.

    Love and Light

  8. Great read! Wanting things different than they are is easy but facilitating it is another thing. Meditation helps me practice noticing the programming from a vantage point where I’ve chosen to just be still. Only action required is coming back to my breath. I like the ideas offered but acknowledge change requires conscious effort. Over and over again!


  9. Thanks for awesome post,
    I really loved reading your post And its wonderful post
    This line is heart touching “your life will be one continuous honeymoon experience for as long as you live on this planet”

  10. The first step for anyone would be awareness, the second you are aware of life and every day or the day you are going through if you use your conscious mind and know everything that is happening around you, like all the bad and the good. Then you start asking all these questions exp: why are people like this? , why am I like this, then the subconscious mind is 100% going to answer those questions by showing you why people are are like AND why you are like this. so start being more positive ask positive questions exp; WHY AM I FULL OF JOY? the subconscious mind is going to search into your life and bring the joy to answer your question. the reason I said this is because everyone asks the wrong question with negative energy and negative thought, and that’s exactly what’s being answered

  11. My biggest drawback in the first 7 years of my life was abandonement which has controlled the rest of my life, how do I change this?.

  12. Excellent article and exactly what I would have said if I could organise my thoughts better! 🙂

    I’ll link this article from my FindYourFire website..

  13. Can anyone recommed a book related to this article. I am very fascinated by this and would love to read more into detail.

    Thank you!!

  14. We have a creator who designed us to seek Him. We are created in His image and all other attempts to heal past trauma is temporarily at best. Our Lord gave us free will. He calls you to be free from pain and have peace. Become a student of the Bible, it will set you free.

    • To study the Word we need to spend much time intensely meditating on it while inviting Holy Spirit to illuminate it into your heart. Otherwise the Word/bible become a biography about our Creator and other people’s encounters. There’s a BIG difference between knowing about Him and knowing Him. The Word is a gateway to enter into the supernatural ways of our Heavenly Father from knowing about Him to spending time with Him in getting to know Him. When we spend time in His presence and believe what He says about who we are and who He is..this sets us free. After all..scripture says meditate day and night to be prosperous and successful..which is very different from just reading the Word.

  15. This is really very informative stuff i ever go through from other like sites. I never thought like this before. It truly unfolds the importance of programming in our sub-conscious mind i.e. what happens if it contradicts with conscious mind, wishes and desires and what will be the outcomes if we get mastery in re-programming our sub-conscious mind. I am greatly thankful to the author who gave me such a wonderful learning opportunity.

  16. He doesn’t mention much about meditation but praises hypnosis and repetition, which are parts that are used in meditation. Meditation, and there are many forms, as practiced to raise consciousness has a part where you shift your awareness and clear the energetics of the program. We have once major belief to erase in all of us and that has to do with accessing it all. Most professionals believe that our emotions are the key when they are but a projection of our beliefs playing out. In meditation you learn how to interact directly and shift things, and it is simple, not complex. It is only complex to our human ego bit, which is important but has had too m much of the stage in our lives. It needs to be in a balance and my experience is that when enjoined as a friend, it leads and directs our wishes and will, and will act accordingly until otherwise informed. I think we make it difficult and comments like “it’s complex” comes from a limited perspective, not from a meditative interactive experience with spirit, which encompasses all realms. We can learn to navigate it all, just allow and surrender to it. Certainly there are a lot of negative voices, but they are like obnoxious people who knock on our door. We have control over who we let in, at all times; we always allow it, conscious or not. Negativity is our emotional guidance system saying ” Not this way”. When we have those experiences, we feel trapped and not able to shift things and look how to do it. All the tools are present for us to have if we allow it and it has to do with someone else who does know, and they may use techniques to help, but in the end, it is us that allow it, pure and simple, the same way we allow negativity.

    • Meditation is just a tool, and clinging to it means associating to the physical form of the mind. As Eckhart Tolle is saying right in The Journey Into Yourself – meditation at some point should be released, because it only serves as temporary tool. I’ve never done meditation really, but I’ve awakened through active self-awareness during the day of your emotions, thoughts, and directing attention to the inner body. We live after all not 1h hour a day, how long meditation is taking, but all day. So, the best way is to learn how to be the active observer and get the habit of be aware of the thought and emotional patterns and at each moment acknowledge how we feel, and we feel not the way we want to feel, we have the power to reframe the way we think at particular moment in order to feel better, and vibrate differently. That is the way to be an active creator of our reality. Of course, being in the present moment of Now and accepting as it is the key. As the same Eckhart Tolle was saying, we have 3 options if we don’t like what we experience in our reality: 1. Accept as it is in this moment; 2. To remove ourselves from the situation if we can; or, 3. To suffer. I do believe in meditation, but I do not believe that this is key tool in changing self-limiting beliefs. The key is self-awareness – when we become very aware of the structure of negative belief, it just collapse, it can take actually seconds to do that. The consequence or compulsory can and will endure for some time, because it is an emotional habit in the body. But if we will continue to be aware, in the present moment, observer of those thoughts – it will diminish in time. I have experienced this in my life.

      • Wow… You have have so many things to share about meditation with a ‘I have never done meditation really..’. I am sure you have tons of value to share about what you really know. Why sideline meditation?

  17. Really great good stuff. That last key the golden key can be experienced in so many ways but when we get a taste for it super powerful and wonder what we were doing before 🙂

  18. An important thing left out by Bruce Lipton is that the conscious mind can be used in different ways. I don’t believe an eternal honeymoon exists, as those sort of desires come from the ego and therefore will always lead to suffering. Why? Because of the impermanent nature of all matter and phenomena. To go beyond that and achieve a more permanent state of happiness it is essential to let go of any desire and attachment. No reprogramming is needed, instead become empty – this state of emptiness will attract life to you (a vacuum will always be filled) and it will unfold perfectly, better than the limited ego mind could have imagined! It’s a law of nature, we are already perfect, only our limited mind obscures that fact. The seeker is an illusion, we are already there!

    • Frank, I totally agree. But on our path to the state you described Bruce Lipton’s article may be very helpfull. Becoming empty needs a lot of reprogramming

    • I was Being “empty” For many years, i gave up a dream and became a numb person…guess what? I’m not happy at all…I’m depressed

    • Hi frank. I think I recall Gangaji saying that after enlightenment you “come back” and all your baggage is waiting for you. And hopefully you pick it up and deal with it a bit better. Emptiness as an escape is a failure. As one of my friends found out. He became a passionate meditator and achieved amazing states. Eventually he had to “come back” and get a job. eventually he stopped meditating and then all his “stuff” came back. I could see he was devastated that meditation had not transformed his deep conditioning which he still felt powerless to change/transform. Eventually he chose to not be here and died young. Emptiness is a great lure but as someone else mentions further down the thread it can also lead to a numbness. there is no escape. You gotta face the shit.

  19. Great read. Thank you. Most of if I somewhat knew but it was nice for it to be reimplemented in a different style or approach.

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