How Romanticism Ruined Love

How Romanticism Ruined Love

Unravelling the Romantic Myths that Taint Love

Relationships can be tough at the best of times…so adding the notion of romanticism to love makes it nearly impossible to keep a relationship solid.

Romanticism, and its lofty ideals, has put forward an entire mythology of how love should be. From proposing that true love should put an end to loneliness, to ideas that sex should be great forever, and that our lover must be our soulmate, best friend, household manager, spiritual guide and more…it seems the romantic template has been disastrous for relationships.

Could it be time for a more psychologically mature vision of love?

Enjoy this fun video that encourages some more unfamiliar, but useful, attitudes to love that will ensure successful, long lasting, happy – and realistic – unions.


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