Is Sacred Geometry a Key for Enlightenment?

By Jacob Devaney on Sunday July 17th, 2016

The Mathematical patterns behind nature and physical objects

What patterns do you see in your own life, or in the world that have symmetry and balance? Which ones are asymmetrical and out of balance? Noticing patterns helps us build on them if they are healthy, or break them if they are not healthy. The flux between asymmetry and symmetry is the process of growth and evolution. Sacred geometry gives us a beautiful reflection to contemplate as we navigate life’s challenges seeking balance and harmony.

Mathematics is the alphabet with which God has written the universe.
– Galileo

What is Sacred Geometry?

Sacred geometry involves sacred universal patterns used in the design of everything in our reality, most often seen in architecture, art, and nature. The basic belief is that geometry and mathematical ratios, harmonics and proportion are also found in music, light, cosmology. It is the invisible patterns that animate our physical world much as spiritual traditions believe that the soul animates the body.

Shapes, patterns, and visual compositions have the capacity to seduce our eyes while captivating our imagination. Whether from masterful works of art or in nature, this entrancement can be so emotionally moving and awe-inspiring that people naturally associate it with transcendence, the super-natural, or spiritual. Beneath these patterns are relationships that can be measured, numbered, replicated, and defined. This mathematical yet esoteric realm of inquiry and observation known as sacred geometry will enlighten and mystify you while inviting you to change the way you look at the world.

Spiral tailSpiral geometry in nature

History of Sacred Geometry

The earliest cultures including Christians, Hindus, Greeks and Egyptians recognised the existence of different patterns or geometric shapes that repeated throughout nature. They also worked out that there was a correlation or connection between the various elements found in the earth and the heavens. These sacred geometric patterns were mirrored by earth and sky and ancient cultures believed these patterns existed in all parts of the universe. Modern science has proven these sacred geometric patterns are the very molecular shapes that form the basis of all life in this universe.

Is it Really Sacred?

The subject is vast and though it is spiritually inspiring for many, there are plenty of mathematicians who disdain the notion of correlating geometric formulas to mysticism. For this reason I will not attempt to ascribe meaning to these patterns, or connect them with specific spiritual traditions in this short, introductory blog. The mere observation and recognition of these visual relationships in nature, along with their powerful influence on art, architecture, and music are more than enough to leave you filled with wonder!

MosqueThe influence of sacred geometry can be observed in the architecture of this mosque

I was never good at math as a student though geometry was fun because it involved drawing shapes using graph paper, protractor, and compass. This idea of numbers being represented in visual form, or through music is a very special example of how abstractions (numbers, formulas) can be mirrored in the physical world. In this way, math is an interesting science that flirts in the space between physical and non-physical.

The space between physical and non-physical is usually reserved for art or spirituality. This is why it is interesting to find math formulas spanning the divide. It is also one of the reasons why this geometry is considered “sacred”. If you are interested in getting specific about the numbers and formulas, there is a great website called Math is FunUnderstanding more about the different shapes of Sacred Geometry and how they were used in ancient cultures can teach you how to harness their power.

The Golden RatioThe Golden Ratio

The Golden Ratio

Also known as Phi, the Golden Mean, or the Golden Section, the Golden Ratio was revered as the mathematical law or representation of beauty by the Greeks. It is the numerical representation of infinity and an unreachable approximation. This begs one to contemplate the possibility of a transcendent number. From the Golden Rectangle comes the Fibonacci Spiral which is seen in flowers, snail shells, pinecones, and other parts of nature. The Golden Rectangle and Fibonacci Spiral are used in the crafting of musical instruments like cellos, violins, and the tones of musical scales are created using these same mathematical formulas. These formulas have been used in design and architecture going back at least 4,000 years and are seen in historic buildings like the Greek Parthenon.

The Flower of LifeThe Flower of Life

The Flower of Life

Another very powerful symbol that is found all over the world dating back over 6,000 years and up to 10,000 years is the Flower of Life. This symbol is made of evenly-spaced, overlapping circles with six fold symmetry like a hexagon and looks like a flower, hence the name. It can be found in Egypt at the Temple of Osiris; the Forbidden City of China, synagogues in Galilee, Israel; in temples across India; in la Mezquita, Spain; Turkey, Japan and elsewhere. Leonardo da Vinci spent much time playing with and contemplating the Flower of Life’s form and used its mathematical properties in his art. Just by gazing at the symbol, or trying to count the circles will play tricks on your mind, and there is no wonder that people from ancient times to now are enamored with the Flower of Life.

SacredGeometry-SeedOfLife2The Seed of Life

Within the Flower is the Seed

The Seed of Life is a symbol found within the Flower of Life, as well as many other symbols of great significance including Metatrons Cube. These shapes called polygons are defined by having sides of equal length. This includes the cube, tetrahedron, dodecahedron, icosahedron, octahedron and they represent what Plato called the 5 platonic solids. These are visible within the flower of life when straight lines are drawn to connect the center of various circles within it. It is amazing to see all of this symmetry unfold in one succinct pattern which is created by math. Since many traditions believe that circles and curves represent the feminine, while corners and straight lines represent the masculine, this symbol also shows a divine balance of both.

Spirituality and Sacred Geometry

Higher frequencies of energy and awareness are transmitted through sacred geometry. Sacred geometry reveals that there are mathematical, or abstract patterns beneath everything that we see in the physical world. How might this relate to our own personal journey of integrating science and spirituality? Our internal beliefs create patterns that slowly ripple outward from us and manifest into real world experiences. The invisible informs the visible. Sacred geometry is a visualization and metaphor of the connectedness of all life, the interface between abstraction and physical reality. When we change the mathematical formulas, the relationships, we also change physical form. This is the teaching of many mystics.

Sacred Geometry

The flux between asymmetry and symmetry is the process of growth and evolution. Just like a symphony or a film that uses tension to build for a great climax and resolve, we humans are always moving through this constant state of flux. Spend some time looking at these symmetrical patterns, as a means to strengthen your resonance with symmetry and balance. Maybe even attempt to plot-out and draw some of these patterns in your spare time, or color them in with markers… There is a reason that spiritual traditions have used these mathematical patterns for centuries, and by bringing them into your life you will be well on your way to a more balanced and happy life!

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Jacob Devaney

Founder and director of Culture Collective, creative activist, musician, and producer.




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11 Responses to Is Sacred Geometry a Key for Enlightenment?

  1. p { margin-bottom: 2.47mm; line-height: 120%; }

    Regular vs. Sacred


    The science of
    geometry seethes with magical imagery and symbols. But this is not
    the actual ‘sacred geometry’. Science in the field of geometry
    reveals exciting and amazing things, like Pi, Fibonacci and Golden
    sections. But these are not the sacred geometry.

    The nature of the
    universe, how shapes are formed or fit together, is amazing. But it’s
    not sacred geometry. It’s regular geometry. Ancient buildings like
    pyramids and cathedrals may have some connection with real sacred
    geometry, but they are not THE sacred geometry.

    Amazing coincidences
    in the shapes of things are held up as evidence of sacred geometry.
    But they are regular geometry raising its head once again. After all,
    there are only so many ways matter can fill space. The simplest is
    the sphere which we see in the Earth, the Moon, the Sun, an apple,
    and egg yolk, an eye-ball. A stretched sphere produces a rod or a
    trunk, as in tree branches, arms and legs, pine needles, insect
    antenna. Producing the trunk (as one might unroll a blind) gives a
    plane. These are found in wings, leaves, eyelids and the palm of the

    So when someone
    points out that there are similar spirals in galaxies and sea shells,
    this is not sacred geometry. It is the regular type. After all,
    matter can only fill space in certain ways.

    So what then, is the
    sacred geometry? It is a two-dimensional drawing of the paths of
    life, that has come down through various traditions as chakras,
    tree-of-life, stars, crosses and other symbols, usually closely
    associated with religions. The definitive model is an analysis and a
    synthesis of all these, and more. It’s all in my book, which is
    available on Amazon Kindle – ‘Planar Enlightenment’ for under four
    dollars. More info and video links on facebook page Planar
    Enlightenment, all welcome.

    • You are wrong, sir! That is not sacred geometry! The picture of my dick is more of a sacred geometry then whatever is in you book!
      Nothing and all is sacred, nothing and all is geometry… rest is just comparing the sizes of our dicks.

  2. My own particular interests within the vast field of what we call sacred geometry include higher dimensions, and the use of geometry to accelerate the evolution of the human heart, mind, and spirit.

    Would you care to review on your website my book
    ‘Understanding Sacred Geometry and the Flower of Life –
    a Higher Dimensional Perspective on an Ancient Wisdom Stream’
    the online flipbook of which can be read read for free at ?

  3. Key for Enlightening is lightening up
    You kill yourself. You eat yourself. You love yourself. You hate yourself. You venture to other parts of self just to find more of yourself.
    Everything is a reflection of self as All is One.
    Therefore Everything is just a matter of perspective.

  4. This is a bunch of fucking nonsense. You would better spend your time learning actual geometry out of something like Euclid’s elements so that you can learn to think logically and rationally.

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